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Thank you Dennis Rubin! More than three-years later former DC fire chief confirms’s reporting was accurate.

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Rubin says reporting not true – July 3, 2009 June 2009 reporting on this issue here & here

Some background from Dave

On the morning of July 2, 2009 I was tuned in to the most listened to radio station in the Nation’s Capital when the city’s fire chief told an interviewer that some of my reporting on a major news story was not true. Something like that gets the attention of a reporter.

While I was taken by surprise, like most people in the news business, it’s something I’ve dealt with before in my career. I did what I always did when such a claim was made. I rechecked the facts and tried to do as honest an evaluation as possible to see if I was being fair to all involved. The next day I posted all the details as I knew them, including the chief’s comments and an on the record statement from the fire department PIO, who also heard the broadcast. The spokesman directly contradicted his boss.

Now, more than three-years later, the same chief has written his own column about the news media and that same incident. In it, the chief now verifies most of what his PIO said and what I reported, in direct contrast to his words in 2009.

I fully expect some will accuse me of trying to settle an old score and others will find this absolutely boring. But I think it’s important to my credibility to once again place the facts as I know them before you and let you be the judge. It should also give you insight into how sometimes decisions are made about public information during a crisis, based not on good policy, but on a political leader’s ego.

The chief’s new column

Dennis Rubin, the former DC Fire & EMS Department chief, posted an article on Wednesday about managing the flow of information at large-scale emergency incidents. It relates his experience with the press at the crash of two Metro trains on June 22, 2009 that left nine people dead and scores injured. Chief Rubin wrote that two important lessons were learned:

1. Keep providing the information to the media, even if it is “stale” and already discussed items. Shutting the “news tap” off altogether is never a good idea.

2. The local media felt shut out when the national folks arrived (typically from their parent companies). I should have made extra efforts to include the local folks in every aspect of the media presentations. Remember that when the national and international press go home, you are left with the media locals, and they are always watching your department. Adding the local folks to a discussion wouldn’t have taken anything away from the reports and would have allowed the hometown media to feel a part of everything.

You will get no argument from me about keeping the information flowing and taking care of the local news media. I also made those exact points on the very day Chief Rubin’s column was posted while leading a class for a group of visiting officials from Southeast Asia. The topic was handling the press during critical incidents. In fact, I used the Metro crash as an example of how not to do deal with the news media. The incident has been a part of my presentations around the country during the last two years.

Better late than never

I need to thank Chief Rubin for writing this column. For the first time, in a very public way, he has acknowledged that some of what he said about me, my blog and his own public information officer 11 days after the crash was wrong.

In his column, Rubin now confirms that an anticipated press conference by Mayor Adrian Fenty completely stopped the information flow in the second hour of this developing incident. This, despite the public being hungry for details due to much of the region’s transit system shut down at rush hour and many people worried about the fate of their loved ones.

Chief Rubin also now admits it was wrong for the mayor and chief to provide interviews and information to CNN’s Larry King and national fire/EMS publications without also taking care of the local news media.

Above, Chief Dennis Rubin on WTOP Radio, July 2, 2009.

What Statter reported & the chief said in 2009

These same two issues were brought up in my TV and reports in the days immediately following the incident (here & here).

I also had many discussions about these concerns with the DC Fire & EMS Department’s media team of Deputy Chief Kenneth Crosswhite, Billy D. Hayes and Alan Etter and left a message on the chief’s cell phone. All of them heard an earful from me that Rubin and his command staff talked about the handling of the incident with Fire Rescue Magazine,, and, but were under orders to turn down interview requests with local reporters.

Rubin went on radio and TV July 2, 2009 to say what I published wasn’t true. He told WTOP Radio’s Mark Segraves, “I don’t think that information ever shut down. At least I am going to say that.”

Here’s more of what Chief Rubin said on WTOP:

I know Mr. Statter had described that fact and that just simply isn’t true. The other side of it is, though, if we were to shoot from the hip, I think instead of being here today saying why did it take a bit to learn the number of folks, to have some notion as to what occurred here. Instead of that, I think we would be under the gun, why did you give us such inaccurate information?

I know there were some comments made about the number of cell telephone calls that were made. I never received a one from Mr. Statter and I know he is the person that’s complaining the most. But I would have to give us a very high mark, that of course is, the mayor’s management consequence team that worked at that event providing accurate timely and effective information.

Rubin now admits there was a 45-minute gap in the flow of information and that it was done because “the mayor’s office directed the fire department PIO team to prepare for a mayoral press conference.” If you look back at my reporting you will see I also wrote the order came from Mayor Adrian Fenty’s office but that the gap was about 70-minutes long.

We’re getting closer. Our only disagreement now is 1525-minutes and some specific instructions with that order.

Above, Chief Dennis Rubin with WUSA-TV photojournalist Keith Williams, July 2, 2009.

I reported the mayor’s office said there were to be no further interviews at the scene until Mayor Fenty speaks. Rubin said that was not correct and told my Channel 9 colleague Keith Williams right after the WTOP Radio appearance, “There were no restrictions or controls placed on fire and EMS by anyone.”

But Rubin’s own PIO at the time, Alan Etter, who was in the process of leaving the department, contradicted the chief. Here’s what I reported:

Etter confirmed, on the record, that it was accurate. Etter said at about 6:10 PM, 70-minutes after the crash was reported, he received a page from Mayor Adrian Fenty’s press office ordering that he give no further interviews about the collision. According to Etter, the page indicated Mayor Fenty would be speaking at 7:15 PM.

Until that page came Etter had worked very hard in making sure the local news media and the public were being informed about this important story. Then suddenly there was a news blackout along with later orders not to upstage the mayor with local interviews in the days following the crash.

The mayor and the fire chief talking with the press at the Metro crash scene from

In conclusion

For the record, we have never indicated the stopping of the information flow came on orders of Chief Rubin. It wasn’t his style of handling information at or following a major incident. But it certainly was the style of his boss, Mayor Fenty. The Washington Post made note of that two days after the Metro crash in an article by reporter Nikita Stewart titled, “D.C. Mayor Tries Too Hard to Control the Message, Critics Say“.

In the old articles you will see there were other missteps in handling the media that day, including a bit of a heavy hand from the police department.

It’s sad that any of this even became an issue, because it distracted from the expert job Chief Rubin and the men and women of the department did that day in handling a very high profile and difficult mass casualty incident.

And a final word

When you read Chief Rubin’s article, which I urge you to do, you may note he has the Metro crash occurring a week after the date I am using. For the record, June 22, 2009 is accurate.

I can tell you even a small error involving details of a rail incident is very uncharacteristic of Dennis Rubin. During a panel discussion we both participated in at the National Fire Academy a number of years ago I just happened to mention the 1987 Chase, Maryland Amtrak collision. Off the top of his head he rattled off all of the pertinent facts and figures of that incident, including the exact date. Quite impressive. I believe Chief Rubin told me his dad was a railroad man.

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  • The Fire Critic

    Does this mean that you two can be friends again?


    Dave…Im shocked that you would have to write this inorder to clear your good name…..after all…Rule #7 of Rubes Rules is “Tell the Truth” – Always


    If you would just be as impressed with the Rube as the Rube is impressed with the Rube, you would get along just peachy.

    • dave statter

      I’m not even impressed with me. I always dissapoint myself.


  • Anonymous

    DR’s starpower has flamed out…no pun intended

  • Steve in NJ

    People still read “Fire Engineering?” That magazine has become pretty stale and (IMHO) Fire Engineering has lost most of its credibility. It’s not like it was in years past. I blame this on the leadership of the magazine. Specifically Bobby Halton. I lost all respect for him when he blacked out the 20009 FDIC keynote speech because it wasn’ “PC” enough for him. Its been down hill ever since. The fact the Rubin wrote (and FE published) an article that basically says “do as I say, not as I do” simply adds to my case.

    • dave statter


      I think you may be mistaken about Bobby’s reason for taking down the Ray McCormack video. While it is not my job to defend either of these men, the video certainly was not removed because Bobby Halton didn’t think it was “‘PC’enough for him”.

      There is also no reason for Bobby or anyone else at FE to know the background and local political and press battles surrounding an incident Dennis Rubin is writing about. And that I can see, there isn’t a reason for them to care. I don’t believe what I wrote is any kind of justification to hold Rubin’s work from the rest of the fire service. In fact, as I said in my post, I even agree with his general conclusions (though I believe a couple of his statements about the press aren’t very accurate).

      What Adrian Fenty/Dennis Rubin did in 2009 involving this incident is not at all unusual or surprising. They aren’t the first elected official/department head team to act this way and won’t be the last.

      Let me sum it up for you this way. During a major crisis in the community an elected official put his own need to be on TV in front of keeping the citizens informed. When called on it by the press, a department head covered for his boss, the elected official. The department head then went on the attack and blamed the reporter. Happens all of the time in DC and elsewhere. But I believe it’s just bad public policy.

      That said, I really wasn’t all that personally offended by it then or now. Though I do think it’s important to answer charges like that when they are made. Overall, it just comes with being a reporter.

      I actually find it somewhat amusing. But at the same time it is sad for the public that priorities are so out of whack.

      I only wrote about it because I happened on Chief Rubin’s article and realized it spoke directly to a story and issue we covered extensively on

      While some like you Steve apparently believe it speaks to their credibility, most people won’t care. In fact, I believe most people are just happy that someone put a reporter in his place. Damn press.

      As always Steve, I thank you for your support and appreciate your insight and comments.


  • Brooks

    70 – 45 = 25 minutes. Where’s the 15 minute disagreement from?

    • dave statter

      Yes, you are correct. Thanks.

  • JW

    Rubin – We had him on his stepping stone tour thru Norfolk. Didn’t think highly of him. Once a politician, always a politician.

  • Charles Smith

    Dave, funny I was looking at Rube’s new book. Chapter 7 “Tell the Truth – Always!”

  • Doing It.

    We didn’t realize what a good thing we had in The Rube, until we got the current fems administrator.

    • xray

      At doin it, Are you f@@king or what, please tell me that was a joke.If he was so great (Rubin) why isn’t he still here.

      • xray

        nobody miss Rube or his side kick shultz unprofessional f@CKS.Well As I can tell by these blogs there are a few that do.

      • dave statter

        Not here to defend Dennis Rubin, but the main reason he isn’t there any longer is a change in administration. The new mayor brought in his own fire chief, someone he has known for a long time.

        That said, unlike the very popular police chief, who was and is a holdover from the previous administration, Rubin did not up build that much political capital with anyone except the outgoing mayor. For example, as I previously mentioned in a comment, Mayor Fenty used Chief Rubin in some very public battles with City Councilman Phil Mendelson who, unlike Fenty, easily won re-election. Mendelson is now the chairman of the council.


        • xray

          Well Dave, this is a real treat I wasn’t expecting you to reply.You beat me to the point I was going to make regarding Chief Lanier.Yes she is a carry over from the former administration but, ive heard she managed her department soundly.I realize sometimes in politics changes are made inspite of an individuals favorable accomplishments or lack of.Rubin ran the DCFEMS budget into the ground making it that more challenging for the in coming administration.No rubin did not humble himself nor extend himself to make alliances with some members of the council. I didn’t make my statement for you and I to go back and forth.This was primarily for the Rube’s worshipers who thought things were better when he was here.He’s no hero.

  • http://none Engine 5er

    Come on Dave, don’t know Rube like many do, but it seems he has a long history of self serving and self preserving. I would never buy his book or read his articles. I think this is just a way to show his completing missing human side.

    • dave statter

      Me showing it or him showing it?


    Do you really believe Rubin wrote his recent FE article differently because of how he reported it back in 2009, because he’s trying to make amends for placing blame on you for allegedly reporting something that wasn’t true or do you think he forgets his own lies which were only to protect Dennis at the time, to only say something different a few years later because he’s no longer employed there……there’s a huge difference when people like Rubin knowingly lie versus an honest mistake made by an honorable and ethical person….

    • dave statter

      I am reasonably certain the article was not about correcting the record. I think it was simply an article on media relations at a major incident and he highlighted a couple things they could have done better. I guess I highlighted them back in 2009 when they weren’t true.


    And it also sounds that what Rubin said about your reporting had bothered you enough that the reporter in you that you’ve stated you no longer are, came out in full force to defend your name…..the quedtion I have and you pretty much said it yourself, nobody cares, why would you bother to go to the lengths you did to report on what Rubin is now saying….why didn’t you just leave it be and say to yourself…i knew i was right the entire time and leave it that or did you feel that wasn’t enough relief, so you decided to share your newfound findings with the entire Statter911 groupies….better yet…if you caught Rubin in a lie, why didn’t you address your concerns with Bobby Halton rather than telling us…from the comments here, its not shocking news to hear about a self serving person like Rubin lied….tell us something we dont know….i know this is your site, but it seems your the only one allowed to report, even though you don’t report anymore, but you’re going to be right one way or another….im pretty sure if you didn’t point this out to your audience, nobody would go out of their way to concern themselves with a washed up has been chief….

    • dave statter


      Why would I want to notify Bobby Halton or anyone else Dennis Rubin writes for about anything? I wasn’t wronged by Dennis Rubin in what he wrote. If anything, I was vindicated by what he wrote. Even if he had mentioned me or was critical of me I can’t imagine contacting the people who publish his work.

      Dennis Rubin hasn’t wronged me any more than many other people I have covered. It goes with the territory of being a reporter. Do I think it was a bit ill-advised of him to say my reporting was not truthful when it, in fact, was? Sure. But, as I have said in previous comments, he wasn’t the first and won’t be the last public official to do such a thing on behalf of his boss. To me it was an error in his judgment. Something we all do once in a while. Even fire chiefs. I never lost any sleep over it.

      That said, the reason I wrote about it, is that the details of Rubin’s column on Wednesday caught my eye in a way it wouldn’t likely have to anyone else. It answered some questions that were brought up on this very blog at length in 2009. I was interested in how this evolved. I thought it interesting insight into the public statements of a public official on the job and then after he has left the job. And finally, yes it doesn’t hurt me to show that what was said about my reporting turns out not to be accurate. I admit the last reason was self-serving. But hey, as you pointed out, it is my blog and I have that right.

      Remember Hookman, there is a big difference between our motivations. I don’t have anywhere near the passion you do on the subject of Dennis Rubin. To me, he was just someone I covered extensively while I was a reporter, because he was the DC fire chief and that was my beat. For you he was the chief you had a very public run-in with and who fired you. Two very different animals.


      PS (added later) I failed to address your concern about whether I am acting as a reporter or not. I truly appreciate your continued interest in this matter. I will assume you are looking out for my well being and the well being of my business. That is very kind. I have explained this to you before and probably have not made it clear. That is my fault. Let me try again.

      Because of work I do outside of it is important for people to know they can tell me anything they want and it will not end up on the blog. For that reason I gave up doing original reporting after taking a buyout from WUSA-TV in June 2010. Instead of being populated with stories I have covered or originated, the blog consists of articles and videos from others. Things that are already in the public domain that I think will be of interest to those who read In addition, I do provide commentary on things that I think I know something about (usually media matters).

      That I see, the column in question fits directly into all of this categories. It includes videos, links and article excerpts already in the public domain (the recent FE column and my coverage from 2009). And it has my commentary (as self-serving as you may find it) on media matters. In this case, I was the media. I don’t think you will find any facts in there that I have been made privy to personally since June 2010.

      To put it another way, you or your former chief could send me the juciest of stories about each other, complete with documents, sworn statements, secret video and pictures and all I would do about it is look at with great interest. None of it would end up on If that same story was covered by the mainstream news media, I would likely run it.

      Have I cleared it up for you?

  • Pingback: On traffic cameras, relief or retreat?()


    Dave…that was very well written….I understand that even if you were at the slightest bit reporting, it would not be reporting and it would like you said, fit into one of your categories associated with this blog….I know how hard it would be to say, yeah HOOKMAN, I was doing a little bit of reporting, but I wanted to make things right, because I was right the entire time…..

    The point, if I made one at all….was that you did the right thing and cleared up your name, because what you reported back in 2009, was said to be incorrect by Rubin…..I got the impression that you couldn’t wait to get it out to the Statter followers, that you were right and Rubin was wrong…However, it was only you that has brought the issue up and cleared your name as a former reporter, but at the same time, you justify what you did and downplayed it at the same time…..

    Whether this was done to not step on Rubin’s toes, so as to not make him an enemy and have him tell you you’re story is innacurate again,I’m not sure….In this politically correct and sensitive world we live in, I’m sure it would be difficult to call Rubin out as being less than honest and ethical only once in his career….After all, I did not see in Rubin’s FE article where he admitted two different versions of the events back in 2009 and in his recent article and apologizing for what he said about your reporting….When you tell as many lies as Rubin did, you tend to forget what you said a year ago, let alone what you said in 2009…..

    So you have cleared your name in this report and I’m sure its not the same feeling as I would have if I were to have been you, but lets not say this won’t be the first or last time someone like Rubin will call a reporter out on a story….Dennis Rubin’s ego won’t allow it to happen….

    • dave statter


      We can have a semantics battle all you would like about reporting. You are not completely wrong by any means. You could make the case that everything I do on is reporting. I am reporting on what someone else is reporting. The important thing you may be missing is I am no longer using information that comes my way from any number of sources in the fire service and elsewhere to originate reporting. I only use what is already in the public domain. And I provide commentary when the mood strikes me.

      While, as you know, I am always glad to explain what I do and why I do it in regards to, I have failed to see what you are getting at with your constant concerns about this point. It really is going over my head.

      And no, it wasn’t that I couldn’t wait to get the word out that I was right and Rubin was wrong. This is not something I’ve even given much thought to for three years. While I have used the Metro incident in my talks, I could be wrong, but I don’t believe I have ever mentioned that Dennis Rubin went on the radio and blasted me. In fact I had pretty much forgotten that whole episode (as I have said, it wasn’t that uncommon with public officials who didn’t like my stories). My memory on that part was jogged while reading Rubin’s column and seeing the contradiction to what he said in 2009.

      Again, my motivation has nothing to do with the former DC fire chief. While I have opinions about some of his actions (as I do other chiefs I have dealt with) I hold no grudge against Dennis Rubin or pretty much anyone else for that matter. It is not my nature. Getting even isn’t what I am about (though I am sure there are times that I have done that). Trying to find the where the truth is in a life full of shades of gray is something I am interested in.

      And, once again, Dennis Rubin didn’t come out and admit in the FE column he was wrong and Dave Statter was right. I made that connection based on his comments from 2009 that are now contradicted by his column of 2012. I also pointed out where our versions still diverge (the time of the information gap and the motivation behind it).

      Hook, I really do my best to be as open as I can about these things. It’s not something I have to do but I feel it’s my obligation. But your problems with Dennis Rubin are your problems. They aren’t mine. You are wasting a lot of time looking for hidden meaning and hidden agendas in what I write (though I admit every once in a while I throw in an inside joke or two to entertain myself).

      This idea of playiing gotcha, trying to catch me in some contradiction of my policy is really pointless, because in the end, as you have said, it is my site and I can do with it as I please. You would be better served by starting where you can blast Dennis Rubin, Curt Varone, Kenneth Ellerbe, Mike Brooks, Billy D. Hayes, Pete Piringer, Bobby Halton and Dave Statter to your heart’s content, under your own set of guidelines.



    Oh Dave…it seems that you’re bothered at times by what I say and misunderstand what I comment about….I can’t possibly read all your comments or occasional commentary (not reporting)on your blog, but from my observation, its hard to imagine many people on here who tend to disagree or question what you do on here……

    With that said, it seems that I might be one of few that question you on here and I’m not sure its because I tell the truth (always have proof of what I let out on here or other social media sites), whether or not you would say the same thing to someone else, if you were being questioned about what you wrote…

    In the case of this article on Rubin, its not a game of gotcha with me…I was simply trying to understand that if nobody cared(your opinion) and you weren’t out to prove anything to the Statter911 world or Dennis Rubin, why didn’t you just acknowledge to your ownself that you were right and Rubin was wrong??? There had to be some motivation on your part to publish what you did, because Rubin certainly wasn’t going to acknowledge it….BTW…i never said Rubin admitted to saying one thing in 2009 and another in his recent FE article…I already made that clear in my previous comment…

    Maybe ill start a blog of my own where people can openly discuss things without the fear of retaliation like thewatchdesk seemed to provide….it seems its fallen to the wayside and is too much stress on an individual to keep it going, but its definitely needed for alot of us that speak the truth and aren’t concerned about pleasing our audience….

    Aa far as the people you’ve mentioned, I don’t have a problem with Billy Halton, Curt Varone or even yourself….Now the other twits you mentioned, I do…I have a problem with people that like Piringer who’ve stood in front of a microphone and lied to the listening audience to whatever news station is broadcasting him, because they’re yes men to the fire chief….Could you be a PIO and know something is not true, but inorder to keep your job you do what your told…

    Billy D. Hayes….what a joker that guy is…ill refrain from posting what he was doing and where he was supposed to be living when Rubin hired him as an excepted service employee from Georgia, because no matter what, I couldn’t be right….Unethical people are not friends of mine and people like this clown are phonies….

    Mike Brooks….another clown…Volunteer Chief from Burke, Va…anyone who claims Dennis Rubin is one of the best Fire Chiefs next to Brunacini, needs to their brain evaluated…

    Ellerbe and Rubin are two peas in a pod and have done their own part in destroying the morale of the DCFD….Dennis Rubin in the eyes of a few, is the lesser of 2 evils, therefore, he still continues to act concerned about the DCFD and its members, when in fact he did JACK SQUAT (other than change a patch, let members wear shorts and tshirts, hold babies for the camera etc…) He continues to act like he’s part of the DCFD brotherhood, but in his 4 years here, did he bargain in good faith to get the brothers a contract….NO

    So call or think of me an outcast because I say what I do and its normally not the popular opinion most tend to give, but I am who I am and will always speak the truth…when Rubin spews lies on his Twitter…guess what…im gonna spread the word….when he makes derogatory and defamatory tweets about me…guess what…well I can’t tell you what will happen…just wait…they did their own holes and provide more than enough negativity for people like me to talk about….

    • dave statter


      As long as you are clear on this reporting thing and we don’t have to discuss it again, I will be pretty happy. I just would like to put that one to rest.

      I am not really bothered by what you say, but I do think a lot of times you are wrong and use the wrong tactics to get what you want. But all of that that is your right.

      It does get tiring and I am sure boring for the other readers debating policies when the only policy that matters in the end is it’s my blog and I can do what I want with it. But I do, at least in my mind, try to be fair to all. Even you Hookman. The comments section requires a lot more subjective decisions than I would really like. The line gets blurred on hard and fast guidelines by the creativity of those commenting.

      In answer to your question, while you may think it was a wimpy way to operate (my words, not yours) I tried to write that column in a manner that I felt would still be fair to Dennis Rubin. It isn’t about me saying I am right and The Rube is wrong, it’s about the reader drawing their own opinion based on the facts or arguments I present.

      Even though I wrote that the column would be boring to some and that I might be accused of being self-serving or trying to settle scores, I also figured there would be some people interested in it. Either because they were aware of the issues surrounding the media at the Metro crash or because of the insight it provides into the relationship between a fire chief, a mayor and the press at a major incident. That has proven to be the case by some of the retweets I saw.

      I am glad you don’t have a problem with Bobby Halton or Curt Varone. Neither do I. Curt and I are doing a webinar next week on social media. Maybe we will mention you.

      My assessment of Pete Piringer, who I’ve know since 1976 is, as you know completely opposite of yours. He is a very close friend and I hope he always will be. Same with Mike Brooks who I first met about 30-years-ago. And you will not find me saying anything bad about Billy D. Hayes. While I don’t feel it should be my role to provide the details, Billy has shown some personal integrity in his relationship with me that I’ve seen few people put in that position have the guts to do.

      It isn’t always easy being my friend. All three of these guys know that first hand (and this is a good example of that … I bring up their names and the let someone tear them apart … some friend I am).

      Can we now give this a rest? I think we’ve exhausted this one. At least I am exhausted.



    Goodnite and sleep well Dave….im glad i can still put someone to sleep…

  • volunteer for life

    Curious Dave now Rubin has been gone what did you think of his time in DC? As far as leading why trying to walk the political line at the same time? He was hammered by guys on the job. Of course the clown now makes him loook like A rockstar. Curious on your thoughts.

    • DStatter

      My thoughts on Rubin have been posted many times. First, not writing his book would have been the best move for him. All he had to do was sit back quietly and let Ellerbe do his thing. That would have been the best thing to happen for The Rube’s rep.

      My opinion is that Dennis Rubin had a very good first year. Starting with the Sosua fire truck giveaway disaster, the focus shifted to doing the mayor’s dirty work. That became the priority over everything else to the detriment of the department and ultimately Dennis Rubin.

      One of the best things Rubin did was the very honest transition report that left a blueprint for Ellerbe showing the real priorities for the department. Ellerbe chose to ignore that, setting up the disaster that became his administration,

      • volunteer for life

        Thnx for sharing.Feel the same way DC politics always seem to get in the way of fire and ems deliveryto the public. In many different ways. He seemed like the kid that came to the big city and was ruined in 18 months to politics.

        • DStatter

          It may seem that way, but I don’t think he was naive. Just hitched his horse to firmly to the wrong wagon. You need to be loyal to your boss but there are ways to do i without alienating the entire council and others. In addition there was a consistent theme of an uneven disciplinary process. That opened him up to allegations of racism. Personally, I don’t think that was the case at all, but I understand how some got that impression. To my knowledge he has been on the winning side in every lawsuit, but you have to ask at what cost to the department and him personally. That said, it is a bit unfair to even put his name in the same sentence as Ellerbe. I have yet to find anything Ellerbe did well and that wasn’t motivated by an agenda that had nothing to do with public safety.