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Two we missed from the Nation’s Capital. Videos from Vito.

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While we’ve been butting into the affairs of Detroit and showing you videos from around the country, my old friend and fire buff extraordinaire Vito Maggiolo reminds me I’ve been neglecting my first due. In other words, he’s asking how come I haven’t run any of his videos lately?

For a man who has reported and produced stories from war zones and other trouble spots around the world for CNN we certainly understand what a thrill it must be for Vito to have his work showcased on such a classy site like But as much as I hate to admit it, Vito is correct. I did miss some good local stories.

The video above goes way back to October 4. Here’s Vito’s account for the website

A worker dangling from his safety harness after a scaffold collapse was rescued by Tower 3 on Thursday afternoon, October 4th.

The incident took place around 3 PM in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue NW, on the side of the massive Department of Commerce building.

When firefighters arrived, they encountered a scaffold that had dropped on its left side, leaving the victim hanging in midair about three stories above ground.

Included in the high angle rescue assignment was the aerial tower. They raised their bucket, and after cutting off some interfering branches, reached the worker and hauled him to safety.

The man was brought to the ground and evaluated by EMS for any potential injuries.

The second video, above, is a more recent apartment fire in Northwest Washington. Also from

An occupant hanging out an upper story window was retrieved by firefighters thru the interior of a burning Columbia Heights apartment building late Saturday afternoon, October 13th.

The blaze engulfed an 8th floor apartment at 2900 14th Street NW. As box alarm companies began an interior attack, a panicky female was seen at a window on side D of the building. Other firefighters in the street below encouraged her to remain in place, yelling that help was one the way. She was taken to safety a short time later.

The fire was controlled by a box and working fire dispatch assignment. Two civilians suffered smoke inhalation and were transported to the hospital. 

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  • another loser

    Another well kept secret: 93 K St NW. Multiple rescues and injured FF’s. Good thing DCFD has such a top rate “communications director.”

  • DCFD

    I agree, our PIO is really on top of things.