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Caught on video: Another firefighter flying kick halts suicide threat. Man on windowsill in China was holding a baby.

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For the second time in a week there is video of a firefighter dropping down from above with a flying kick to push someone threatening suicide back into a building. This one (above) occurred Tuesday in China where a man was sitting on a window ledge holding a baby. The attempt ends when a firefighter suddenly rappels from the roof and kicks the man and the baby back into the apartment.

A few days earlier a firefighter used a similar technique to stop an attempt by a teeanger in Russia (below). I am guessing this is a great technique and the firefighter is a hero until one misses.

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  • slackjawedyokel

    sweet -buy that man a beer

    • Lance

      Hell buy him a few. If we were to do something like that here we’d get sued quicker than the blink of an eye lash.

      Stay safe!

  • Anacostia County

    DC Rescue 1 will be practicing that manuver next week at the Training School.

    • Hoof Arted

      Crying on the window ledge?

      • Doing it

        They don’t need to practice that one. Just drive down to A15 and watch the crying in action.

        • Anacostia County

          The flying rope kick part, not the other.

  • No.1 Statter Fan in Virginia

    Raw. Man, those guys are awesome. They got skills. Alot of people talk the talk but they walk the walk.

  • jerome smiff

    That is actually pretty cool. Looks like a sceane out of a movie!

  • peak