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Pre-arrival video: Residential structure fire in Norwood, Pennsylvania.

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Photos from Frank Wesnoski at

Above is pre-arrival video from  and below is later video from Frank Wesnoski () of a fire Monday afternoon on Chester Pike in the Borough of Norwood, PA (Delaware County).

Eight people were displaced after a fire broke out Monday afternoon in a building housing a single-family dwelling on one side and apartments on the other, police and fire officials said.

About 50 firefighters from six departments responded to the blaze in the 200 block of Chester Pike, where a building fire with entrapment was reported at 2 p.m., Norwood Fire Co. Deputy Chief Michael Bierman said.

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  • Really

    The story line says that people were reported trapped, how about a sense of urgency by the responding companies. Light smoke on the prearrival and fire out the roof on a later video. Also a great park job by the police suv. I know its hard to get the whole picture in only a few minutes but the common theme in a lot of these videos is the lack of fire ground urgency and task completion.

    • Steve in NJ

      Agreed. And yet another video of a company officer getting off the rig unprepared to go to work.

      • CHAOS

        Yeah, what the hell? Just because you’re dispatched to a structure fire, and there are PD and at least one Chief there confirming that there certainly appears to be some type of fire event occurring, why bother getting there ready to get to work.
        Expect fire.

  • Truck167

    I have to agree “REALLY” i have always been taught to take a second and get your bearings but come on guys put a little bounce in your step. Maybe it was just the distance away the video was taken but this is why smoke detectors save lives light smoke showing and didnt hear one detector. From the inital arrival of the video there doesnt seem to me to be a reason why it progressed that far, but its hard to tell what they ran across when the streched.

  • APU

    It was nice to see that the PD left room for the truck for once.

  • Anonymous

    You can have all the Powercalls in the world and still not be able to put out a fire…

  • Engine 5er

    There is NO WAY those two videos are the same fire. No way. Wait . . . chief in shorts, officer on engine gets off with no SCBA. Nevermind, that explains the FFs with no urgency . . . and the flames from roof in second video.

  • Rudedawg

    Can anybody post a video of the first in engine laying a supply line? Anybody. Anywhere. Just please post a video of an engine company that is first due laying its own supply line like those old guys in the 50’s and 60’s used to do. A little hose on the ground in the begining eliminats alot of hose on the ground in the end.

  • Anonymous

    Is it Pennsylvania state SOP that the Chief Officer buggy always gets there first?? Seems to be a recurring theme in all these videos. Command is necessary but so is handlines with water. Fire SUV gets it done!!

  • Anonymous

    Truck arrives first and no can man, grab the can and put a quick knock or keep the fire in check until the engine can stretch the line.

  • Bpurdy

    As a firefighter on the first arriving truck company, i can tell you that as we were the only apparatus on the street and on location, we had to divide our already small crew to perform both engine and truck company duties. This was difficult due to the low manpower which is common EVERYWHERE during mid-day work week fires. I was on the first in handline and we discovered heavy smoke conditions in division 3. However, very little heat. At which time, we opened the celling to discover a large amount of active fire. At that time, i called for the roof to be opened and that the exposure to be checked. The other half of the split crew had already attempted to check the exposure as we were making our stretch. They were told by a local police chief that the exposure was clear prior to even being able to enter said exposure. However, said police chief was incorrect and that exposure was actually the point of origin for this fire.

  • JonM0513

    Its nice to see Monday morning quarterbacks on all these posts. As the Officer on the first arriving truck, I can say that what you see from the video is a poor view of what was done. As the first video shows we split our crew the FF walking back to the truck was stretching a line because yes ” Truck arrives first and no can man, grab the can and put a quick knock or keep the fire in check until the engine can stretch the line.” but a wet ladder has lines so why grab a can when you can pull a line? They fire went out the house was saved and no one was hurt please explain to me where we didn’t do our job?