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Raw video: Firefighters taking cover from exploding ammunition at war college.

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From the amount of hose on the ground it appears firefighters in Santiago, Chile were operating for a while at the Army War College last Tuesday when they were forced to abandon those lines and take cover. The problem was exploding ammunition from one of the buildings. Here’s the only news coverage I could find about the incident.


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  • slackjawedyokel

    looked like the bystanders had bigger b@lls than the fireman. Maybe I am missing something, but I never had any fear of loose smokeless (modern) cartridges. Now black powder cans and a shell in the firing chamber – different story. Mythbusters maybe ?

  • Anonymous

    @ SLACKJAWEDYOKEL SAYS…. Its not about having big balls! Its about going home to our family @ the end of the day! Life before property……. Always!

  • MichiganFF

    Sounds like they were having a blast!


    Exploding ammunition though startling to some…will do absolutely nothing….a propane tank for your grill will have far more serious impact….

  • Dickey

    Most people do not understand how ammunition behaves in a fire. The gunpowder inside explodes, very similar to a firecracker. Remember, in a gun, the exploding powder creates pressure that builds up inside the gun barrel which pushes the bullet out. Without a barrel, the pressure doesn’t build up. You can only get hurt if the ammunition is in your hand and that would be from shrapnel of the cartridge itself. Nothing more than fireworks and not lethal without having a gun barrel to create that pressure.

  • Gastón

    Dickey, you are right, but remember, you don’t know what else are inside the building. I think is better take extreme measures to keep safe, than a accident or maybe a injured or dead firefighters.