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Raw video: Large Pennsylvania publishing company destroyed by fire.

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A large fire Tuesday morning filled the air with thick smoke and a pungent odor of ink, and it continued into the early afternoon. 

Sky 4 video showed thick smoke billowing from Creps United Publications, just off Philadelphia Street in White Township, Indiana County.

“There was black smoke pouring from every corner of the building. We did make an initial hit, but the ceiling temperatures were over 1,200 degrees,” said Ron Moreau, of the Indiana Fire Association.

Paul Peirce,

The 75,000-square-foot facility manufactured retail advertising inserts and brochures for newspapers and commercial publications across the country.

“I was here within eight minutes of the initial fire call and smoke was already pouring out everywhere. And our chief (Mike Kelly) was here before me and he saw the black smoke already pouring out when he crested the hill approaching the plant,” Moreau said.

“Inside it was like a hot box with fire rolling through various parts of the building. … There was no ventilation,” he said.

Moreau said one employee reported that workers heard an explosion and then saw a fire near one printing press in the production end of the facility, which had offices and a storage area.


The plant is located west of the borough on Christy Park Drive, just off Philadelphia Street in White Township.

Indiana County emergency management coordinator Tom Stutzman said ink used at the plant isn’t flammable because it is soy-based, but the large volumes of paper stored there fueled the fire.

No workers were hurt, though at least two firefighters were said to be hurt, one from a hose and another from an unspecified medical condition.

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  • Scooter

    WTF was this. Wagon pipe really? come on man, how about running a line and putting the wagon pipe on the ground close to the fire where it would do some good and saw the bay doors open. Train, Train and Train somemore. You never know when you will be on youtube… Strike Da Box ! K

    • BH

      LOL, there’s a new slogan: “Train like you’re on Youtube.”

  • slackjawedyokel

    Gotta agree with scooter ———-did someone steal their street set ?

  • slackjawedyokel

    And I guess they also stole their k saw. I mean , you know you are tasked to open a garage door, why would you walk over there with just a pike pole?

  • BackStep

    I was really shocked to all the fog nozzles on master streams. For a building of this size, stacked tips are the way to go. You get reach and gpm at a lower pressure, which might come in handy when you tap into so many hydrants.

  • OldCityCaptain

    I’ll bet if they were assigned to set up the BINGO board, and get some BBQ chicken goin’ for the fundraiser,….they would have that done in a jiffy!
    A bewildering performance.

  • Still Smiling

    Would the result have been any different if the local nice guys didn’t show up? I bet they have some badass t-shirts and stickers.

  • pete mitchell

    your tags hanging on your helmet,smacking you neck, aren’t doing you any good.

  • retired medic

    and one might also wonder if such a building had sprinklers installed? Probably not- save a little $??? And now what did they gain????

  • Anonymous

    Put the wet stuff on the black stuff?

  • FLFF

    It just goes to show you… with you or without you the fire will go out all on it’s own and even more so when you’re a center-line fire dept.

  • mark

    So did the fire go out?

    I fell asleep from pure boredom. I’m guessing that’s why the fire went out too.

    They did establish one heck of a collapse zone, I’ll give them that. Not sure being in the next county is really necessary, but it was a collapse zone.

  • D Schaefer

    Useless, if they did not show up would it have really make a difference I think not my wife could have a better job than these guys.

  • Anonymous

    Fire prevention/code enforcement exist in PA?

  • Fire Marshal Bill

    There is there is a 100+ year old device that saves firefighter injuries, saves lives and saves property! Its called Fire Sprinklers and this building with paper and ink needed a sprinkler system!

  • Scott

    Much the same thoughts. The 6 or 7 standing by the engine might as well go back to the station for the next one.
    Also, yes, why didn’t they take a saw to those doors and open them up. Hard to get water through those little windows. Also the same w/ the metal on the building. Take a saw and open that mother up and get some water in there.
    Yes, that was a pretty sad show. A lot more could have been done that just standing there.

  • A

    I was there. (not ifa) What you guys aren’t seeing is the rack of 30 propane tanks right next to the burning tractor trailer. Do you want to advance a hand line on that? They cooled them with the deck gun before advancing. K12 was used on the doors with no success. They used a tow truck to pull the doors and instead of using the 3 hand lines that were in place a tower was used instead (that Pissed me off). There was a lot if confusion and it was a cluster for a good 20 minutes before anything got done. This was taken at the very beginning. That side of the building was a total loss. Behind those walls is 800lb bales of paper stacked to the ceiling all on fire. Nothing could be saved there. Operations were defensive, you had to be there to see how things were collapsing. I will say this fire was HOT. Tic was reading over 1000 degrees at the ceiling away from the fire. Interior crews got the shit kicked out of them so they pulled put. You can all say how it should have been done but at the end of the day we all went home and that’s what matters.


    It is amazing all the negative comments made from individuals that weren’t even there fighting the fire. Let me remind you, that this page is seen by everyone, including those that are not medics or a firefighter. While you are going on and on about how things should of been done, WHERE YOU THERE? Did you know the ins and outs of what was going on? These firefighters were exhausted. The fire wasn’t completely out to 4am the next morning. I am NOT a medic and I am not a firefighter, but I was there and saw first hand how much effort these people put in. NO, there wasn’t any sprinklers, but even if there were, it still wouldn’t of mattered that much. THINK before you post. Did it ever occur to you that 200 people are without jobs?