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Raw video: Firefighters searching for woman in strip club fire rescued by RIT. Watch collapse of building in Trenton, Ontario.

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In Trenton, Ontario two firefighters ran into a burning strip club searching for a woman believed trapped and ended up needing rescue themselves. Both firefighters were injured (another report says neither firefighter was hurt) and were brought out by a rapid intervention team. The fire was reported around 9:30 this morning. As you will see in the video above (at :43), the building collapsed about 90 minutes after firefighters arrived.

Ernst Kuglin,

The three-story Sherwood Forest Inn collapsed just after 11 a.m. A series of explosions kept firefighters back and sent chunks of the building crashing onto several streets.

Two firefighters who ran into the building to find a woman believed to have been trapped on the third floor were later pulled out by fellow firefighters.

After the firefighters were rescued, officials interviewed residents of the building to try to determine if there really was a woman trapped inside the building.

Police later located the woman in question, safe and sound.


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  • Legeros

    The first set of firefighters who attempted to rescue the woman were a TIT team…

    • dave statter

      Somehow I knew that Mikey would surface on this one. You can always count on him for the naked truth.

      • Legeros

        I thought Bill was always first down the pole with strip club stories?

        • dave statter

          No. Bill is the one with all the singles in his pocket.

  • Puzzled

    Must have been some really HOT dancers.

  • Anonymous

    Dave, thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation.

  • Agates1272

    If there were crews inside, I have to ASS a few questions about the exterior defensive tacTITS they were using.

    Glad everyone made it out. You don’t always get lucky in a strip club…

  • Spongebob

    That is some nasty green smoke….