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Helmet-cam: House fire in Kansas City, MO.

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Video from  posted yesterday of a house with fire in the attic in Kansas City, Missouri. No further information.



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  • Will

    You can tell those guys see some fire, good job. It’s amazing how good common sense like this always prevails.

  • Anonymous

    Spell Check “attic”.

    • dave statter

      It’s a lot closer than the fire video I saw a few days ago that called it an “addict” fire.

  • Chief 62

    Wow wasn’t that house an old girl, knob and tube wiring,I am sure there are many younger ones on here whom only have heard the ol timers like us talk about this good shot. In our locale I have seen plenty of that in the old pre-post war era houses. Excellent questions asked by the company officer, I will assume they completed a 360 during their sizeup. We can even learn a lesson here and remind ourselves animals need to be secured immediately by their owners and gotten out of the way, they get excited and don’t always listen but the owners need to step up even though their house was on fire.

    Excellent approach and attack, great teamwork from obviously seasoned troops, pleasure to see compared to the other version.
    Always amazed at the clarity the helmet cams give and while fire is our enemy, we all have to agree watching the rolling overhead is a pretty sight, even I have one on my helmet now, properly used as Dave will tell us they make an excellent training tool. Best Regards to all our Firefighter Veterans.

  • Cappy


  • livindadream

    FYI, Its “ATTIC”

  • Sharppointy1

    Am I the only one who finds that rolling undulating kind of fire mesemerizingly beautiful?

  • East Side Pride

    Very nice! Awesome to hear the question “Is there a basement, are you sure there is nothing underneath us? Why is there smoke on the first floor with a fire in the attic.” Great job!!!!

  • Pipeman27

    Good job

  • bcr

    and i finally see someone with a TIC. good job