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Early video & fireground audio: More from four-alarm fire in Mount Carmel, PA.

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This is quite interesting and worth the time to take a few minutes and watch. It’s video from  of a camera locked down showing Side A from last Wednesday’s four-alarm fire in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania (Northumberland County). In addition it has the real-time fireground radio traffic on the video. It’s in four parts.

Notes from indicate the audio is Channel 5 traffic that starts 10 minutes after the first alarm was sounded at 8:27 AM. This audio does not contain the tanker task force traffic.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • massjake

    no T.I.C. lots of firefighters and no T.I.C

  • He

    Chief 3, non NFPA compliant, full beard, no turnout gear. I find it very hard to believe no one could, or can, get Chief 3 into the game. It wasn’t until 07:05 in the last video that I got a good view of Chief 3, and how out of the game he was.

  • Crowbar

    Fly on the wall viewpoint.

  • Anonymous

    I ger the impression that there’s a lot of activity that we can’t see…

  • County Yahoo

    Personally the large man in brand new black turnouts walking around with a white leather made me smile….as long as he keeps pacing around that fire is sure to go out

  • 8truck

    It takes one guy to throw a ladder. I see plenty of people standing around outside 5 minutes in and not one ladder thrown. Very few guys have a tool in hand as well. I see a truck on scene but no truck work until later on.

  • north chief

    Just from a very limited point of view, this seems like a difficult fire for the interior crews. It appears to be in the walls and attic. We have all been there, chasing the fire from room to room. Takes a lot of good truck work, open the roof, pull the ceilings. Probably skills that these small departments don’t get to practice very often. It’s great to have that $900,000 beautiful ladder truck full of tools, now teach the guys how to be a truck crew.

  • Anonymous

    “Hey Chief! This isn’t like the burn building I burned my leather helmet up in! I can’t find the fire in here!” It’s ok though… I am sure they tried really hard…