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Homeowner on green line tasered by police. Pinellas Park, FL cops say they were trying to prevent man from getting hurt.

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In Florida, Pinellas Park Police say they were just trying to protect a homeowner when an officer tasered Daniel Jensen last Thursday. Police say Jensen was putting himself and the officers in danger by failing to follow the orders of law enforcement and instead grabbing a garden hose trying to prevent the fire at his neighbor’s house from spreading to his own.

As you will see in the videos above and below, Daniel Jensen and a number of his neighbors think the cops were wrong. Police Captain Sanfield Forseth told reporters they could have charged Jensen with obstruction but did not.

Isabel Mascarenas, WTSP-TV:

Daniel Jensen wasn’t running from the law, he was trying to protect his home from burning up. Yet, Pinellas Park Police tasered him in the process. Jensen and his attorney say it’s an excessive use of force.

Jensen was still shaken and visibly emotional as he retold what happened last Thursday evening.

He said being tasered by police has not only impacted him, but it also impacted his children- who saw it all happen.

He described the Pinellas Park Police officers actions as “brutal; he said they showed “no compassion.”

“All I remember is laying in water being electrocuted for saving my home,” said jensen.

Burns on Daniel Jensen’s body four-days later mark where police tasered him. He says they tasered him as he was doing what any father and husband would do protect his family’s home from an out of control grease fire.

Kameel Stanley, Tampa Bay Times:

Police ordered Jensen to get back, and he complied.

But after a few minutes passed without firefighters arriving, a frustrated Jensen stepped forward and leaned down to grab the skinny gray garden hose once again.

That’s when he heard the order.

“Hit ‘em! Take him down! Tase him!”

Within moments, Jensen was on the ground. He felt electric.

“It was all over me,” Jensen said. “Crawling all over me.”


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  • Jay

    Is this guy serious! Crying on national TV. Someone take his man card away.

  • Former Chief

    We weren’t there to see exactly what happened, or what the conditions were, but, with that being said, I can see no justification for Tasering Mr. Jensen. Unless he was threatening the officers, or in a physical confrontation, the PD was wrong on this one.

  • Anon

    Tasers were designed to be used in place of “DEADLY FORCE”. So I am guessing the brave Pinellas Park police officers would have shot him if they did not have the Taser? Really brave cops.

  • 8truck

    Was the taser excessive? Maybe. We only have one side of the story here so I’m not gong to point fingers. He was told multiple times to back away. Yes, he comlied at first but then he ignored police. I feel the situation could have been handled better but who knows how the victim was acting.

  • Old School

    Sounds like someone is going to get some money from Pinellas Park. He has a right to protect his property.


    Dave, I want to thank you for the valuable public service you’re providing for those of us who haven’t retired yet.
    Between this story, the previous MiamiDade one and previous Lehigh Acres debacles, you are helping us whittle down the choices for our future retirement paradise.

  • Scooter

    Cops screwed up on this one…. They should have went out and directed traffic while the guy protected his house or helped him until the FD arrived… Strike Da Box!K

  • He

    Ya mess with the bull, ya get the horns.

    • dave statter

      What is interesting the overwhelming majority of the LEO audience commenting on Law Officer’s Facebook page think the cops were wrong in this case.


  • Dave

    They could have charged him with obstruction. Obstruction of what? If they could have charged him and knew the charged would have held up in court they would have charged him.

    • RJ(in florida)

      Dave this is just up the road from me and PPPD screwed this one up. Obstruction is one of those charges which is more “contempt of cop” than anything else

      i have first hand expierence with this by being threatened with arrest for taking pictures at a fire because the cop “didnt think it was right for me to do so” i went to IAB and they swept it under the rug but i hope this guy collects bigtime because unless he was trying to make entry, the cops didnt have a point

  • He

    If the man had stayed there and something had happened to him, the police would have been sued. It is a no win situation. I can understand the impulse of the man, but it is no fundamentally different than a life guard knocking out a drowning person for their own safety if they are non-cooperative. There are a lot of dicey incidents, but this one does not bother me so much.

    • Frank in Spokane

      “The police would have been sued”? For WHAT, exactly? Not tasing him for his own good? Pull yer head out. The donut-burners should have either pitched in a helping hand (grab the neighbor’s garden hose, maybe?), or simply backed off if they were worried about their safety. But tasing a homeowner with bigger stones than theirs? So much for the stalwart boys in blue.

  • Truckie88

    Put your self in this guys shoes, your off duty and the neighbors house fire is exposing yours – I’d use the garden hose too. Never ceases to amaze me how Cops somehow believe a fire is going to hurt someone a distance away. I always laugh at Cops clearing the sidewalk across the street from a house fire!


    Of course this is only one side of the story but… I can’t find a legit reason to taser this guy. Unless the police attempted to back him up and he took a swing at them. I do find that some guys are quick to go to the taser….

  • retired medic

    Tasers are actually classified as “less lethal” items for LEOs. Deaths are documented from the use on some citizens. I would find it hard to use such force on a homeowner defending his own property from damage or destruction. If he is on his own property, he places himself in peril at his own risk. Look at folks who stay to protect their property from damage or looting after a major weather event. They place themselves in peril- even though emergency services may end up having to “rescue” (a subjective term) at some point. Those homeowners have made a decision to act on their own best interests.

  • Rick

    It does also say in both stories that he was putting water on a grease fire, he may have been making the situation worse unknowingly.Citizens fighting fires without training is almost always a bad idea. They shouldnt have tased him, but he should have complied and let the Fire Department come in and do their job.

    • Frank in Spokane

      Story I saw said he was hosing down his own roof and the wood fence between his property and the fire, simply trying to keep the fire from spreading. It also said that after he obey the donut-burners the second time, sparks/flames kept on to his roof, and that’s what drove him to pick up the garden hose the third time.

  • OH BOY

    By the way this nanny boy was crying, you would think a cop would have no problem picking him up by his pull ups and carry him out to his mommy and daddy. Grow a pair sissyboy!!

  • LFD Capt

    The police were wrong for tasering this man by all means, as for the crying he is just happy about the check that is getting written to him as we speak….

  • Frank in Spokane

    And to all you “real men don’t cry” posters:

    Dude or his family coulda been injured or killed, or they coulda lost the house. And rather than help (or stay the hell out of the way), Pinellsa Park “To-Protect-and-Serve” P.D. attacks him.

    Were I telling the story on camera, can’t say I wouldn’t have gotten emotional, either.