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Off duty FDNY/Long Island volunteer makes solo rescue at house fire. Smashes window with bare hands to grab 93-year-old woman.

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(Thanks to FDNY Incidents for help on this story)

Kieran Crowley, New York Post:

A Long Island firefighter who’s also one of the FDNY’s Bravest smashed a window of a burning Bellmore home with his bare hands and dragged an unconscious 93-year-old woman to safety yesterday.

“I broke the window with my bare hands — not recommended,’’ laughed volunteer firefighter John Curley, 43, who works full-time for the FDNY.

“The fire was in the room, on the far side, and I could see her on the floor about five feet away from the window,’’ said Curley, who cut his face on the glass and burned his fingers on the hot window.

 Julie Mansmann,

Bellmore fire officials said that the elderly homeowner, who was rescued by a former department chief, was in critical condition after she was taken from the home.

Vincent Scaduto, the Bellmore department’s public information officer, said that the woman’s son managed to escape from the burning house. He and a neighbor placed a ladder on top of a file cabinet to try to reach his mother’s bedroom window because she was trapped inside. When the Bellmore F.D. arrived, ex-chief John Curley was able to get her out of the house. County officials said that Curley was taken to a local hospital for treatment of lacerations and burns.

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  • Sharppointy1

    Fire Fighter Curley shows the true definition of a hero. What a brave man. I hope he heals quickly, and I hope the victim recovers.

  • Chief Rodney May

    Way to go Chief Great work for some Fun for the Brave!!!

  • Mack Seagrave

    Great job Brother. Your actions reflect the great traditions of the American Fire Service. Because of you, a person is alive today. Speedy recovery for FF Curley and the fire victim.

  • Former Chief

    Nice job Brother.

  • ontheoutside

    I’m a little confused. The PIO says the FD was on the scene when the rescue occured. The only way to break that window was w/his bare hands? Yeah, I’m impressed.

    • Crowbar

      That’s why you’re ontheoutside.

  • 95%er

    hey outside..WTF? the FD was on the scene in the form of…the FF who rescued the lady. How about this, Mr. keyboard commando, you tell us about the heroic acts you have performed and how you would have done this better. i’ll wait…..

  • Brian Haggerty

    Nothing but praise for a brave man….