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Raw video & radio traffic: Miami-Dade handles mobile home fire with wires down.

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Video from  of Florida’s Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue on the scene Friday at a fire with wires down energizing a mobile home.

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  • EastCoastLt.

    C’mon Chief really? Arcing wires with hose streams going over them, offensive to defensive back to offensive in less than a minute, no confirmation if interior crews had pulled out prior to going defensive. Camera man has the common sense to bring that fact to his attention. And finally what was his risk vs. benefit thought process? Clearly the entire trailer is F$%#$D so why bother putting your guys in there? Protect the exposures, cut the power at the pole and then overhaul.

  • Retired Chief

    typical South Florida firefighting.

    • Mack Seagrave

      “Retired”: You are condemning the firefighting operations of every fire department in south Floria based upon a video of one apparently bad operation by one department at one fire? Please tell me what department you were a member of, that way I can find a similar video of a department in your state and then base my opnion of your F.D. upon it.

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