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Actor & former firefighter Steve Buscemi makes video appeal for Friends of Firefighters. Plus PA fundraiser for NJ firefighters.

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Friends of Firefighters

As many of you know Actor Steve Buscemi was a firefighter with FDNY in the 1980s. Buscemi, currently the star of Boardwalk Empire (Mr. & Mrs.’s favorite show), has been helping firefighters and others after Hurricane Sandy. His most recent effort is recording this appeal for Friends of Firefighters that was uploaded yesterday to YouTube. Click here to learn how you can help.

Here’s some of what Jen Carlson wrote in Gothamist wrote about Buscemi:

Former FDNY firefighter Steve Buscemi has always kept close to his NYC roots, and when Hurricane Sandy hit it didn’t take him long to start helping out. He’s been spotted in Rockaway several times, helping friends and fellow firefighters there. Of course, he hasn’t the only celebrity to show up, but he is one of the only ones showing up consistently and doing hard work

Of course, there are many other efforts by the not so famous to help out the hundreds of firefighters whose homes have been destroyed or badly damaged.  Here’s information from our friend Robb Ware about a fundraiser for New Jersey firefighters in Delaware County, PA on Saturday night (click here for the pdf):

Benefit Bonfire on Saturday, November 17th for NJ Firefighters and Families affected by Hurricane Sandy

Lenni Heights Fire Department, 312 Lenni Road, Lenni, PA 19052 

Firefighters from Delaware County and the surrounding area have banded together to help their brother and sister firefighters affected by Hurricane Sandy earlier in November. Many of the NJ fire departments have lost their entire buildings including all gear, equipment, and fire trucks. Gear and equipment donations can be made at any time at Yeadon Fire Company, Green Ridge Fire Company, and Newtown Square Fire Company. A benefit bonfire is being held this Saturday, November 17th from 6pm to 9pm at Lenni Heights Fire Department, 312 Lenni Road, Lenni section of Middletown Township, PA. Everyone from the public is invited to attend the bonfire and requests are being made to the public to assist the NJ firefighters and their families on a personal level by donating gift cards, cash, checks, non-perishables, batteries, hand warmers, wool socks, winter gloves, and other related items. Paypal donations can be made to Wawa Markets have already been gracious enough to donate 2700 containers of juice to the fundraiser.

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  • JustSayin’

    Based upon the revelation thru his hollywood characters,
    you get this morally bankrupt individual to spearhead your fundraiser.???

    RIIIIIIIGHT … Sure makes me question the integrity of the organization.

    Oh Wait.!!! He was NYFD.???

    Well, isn’t THAT special….

    Ya’ll need a better Poster Boy.

    • dave statter

      So someone who plays a nasty guy in a TV show or movie can’t be your spokesman? Almost every actor out there has played a killer once or twice in their career.

      Maybe you are kidding or maybe it is difficult for you to separate the two, but I think the general public can won’t have a problem with that. Now, if he’s a killer in his off screen life you may have a point.

      Not winning me over with that argument. I’d gladly taken him as a spokesman for, but I doubt I could afford him.


    • Schmidty

      You know that he’s an *actor*, right? He’s not really the same person as the characters he plays on screen.

      Generally speaking, celebrity + former firefighter = good spokesman for firefighter-related charity.


      Before you unzip and step on your junk next time why don’t you look into the guys life besides fiction. When the towers fell on 9/11/01, Steve reported to his former company in the FDNY (not NYFD) and assumed duty and no body stopped him despte being gone from the Fire Service for years.

    • CHAOS

      Let me guess, you think WWE is all real, too, eh?

      JustSayin’ has said just a bit too much. Logically bankrupt.

  • FOBS

    Now, now, justsayin’

    What makes you think Mr. Buscemi is the same guy he portrays in the movies is his true character?

    Are you that foolish?

    Or did you want to be the spokesman for this fund raiser?

    Morally bankrupt? Really?

    Enlighten us,how is he morally bankrupt?

    Unless you know the man personally, I’d keep my mouth shut.

  • Chief 62

    Excellent comeback Dave. For a Canuck well removed from this disaster, oh but I’m not for I have family who went thru this Sandy experience, trees crashed into their roof, no power, communication,gas etc. just like the rest of the victims. They live in New Caanan,CT in your country,and are served by the great volunteers at NCFD. It wasn’t far off that the young lad was responding who became a LODD in this storm,he was one of us!!. If you took the time you would have found out some 460 FDNY & NYPD members have literally lost everything, and countless dozens if not hundreds more in other Dept’s, never mind destroyed firehouses, apparatus and equipment. I am truly glad you don’t belong in my Dept, we would be talking face to face, its so easy to be a coward behind a computer screen, but then your not one of us are you.

    Prayers and best wishes to the Brothers & Sisters trying to regain their compass of life or at least some semblance of it.
    There are genuine Brothers who think about you every hour of the day. Brother Steve, good on you, you have never forgotten
    your roots, personally some one I am proud of and at least are using your influence to make a difference, eh Just Sayin.

    I don’t very often vent, but will make an exception here. How in the “H” Just Sayin do you get the crap you wrote out of this clip or the follow up story. I have personal friends in FDNY (yes that is how it’s named) and some are dying from 911 as I write this. It is a stretch to even think your a Firefighter, and if so a very jaded one at that whom I wouldn’t want to know. Chief out.

  • East of I-57

    just sayin is should quit just sayin

    • East of I-57

      Im so pissed at this clown I used very poor grammar.

  • ryan nicoletta

    Nice to see a big time celebrity and talented actor giving back to the fire service on his own time. BTW he has played some likable characters in the past… what about the Big Lebowski?!?

  • Sharppointy1

    What a blessing that Mr Buscemi is speaking for the Friends of Firefighters organization. He is a very well known actor and not just for his current role. I’m amazed at how silly JustSayin’s comment is.
    Thanks, Mr Buscemi.

    • dave statter

      Yes, this is the actor you don’t want representing firefighters – From Imdb –

      Showed up at his old firehouse the day after the World Trade Center tragedy in New York to volunteer. Worked twelve hour shifts for a week after the terrorist act, digging through rubble with his old comrades looking for missing firefighters… anonymously.

      What an asshole. He did all that and didn’t mug in front of the camera and say look at me. And then he does the same when firefighters lose their homes. And then he offers his own celebrity to raise money for those firefighters. I am sure Just Sayin’ is going to tell us Buscemi charged them lots of money to do that video.

      I am sure Steve Buscemi isn’t perfect, but he sounds like the kind of guy I would want to represent such an effort.

      Just Sayin’ – I think you might want to change your handle to Just Trollin’. That said, we are always here to offer you a forum for your thoughts, even when they are as bizarre and off the wall as that one.


  • JustSayin’

    I don’t know what is more pathetic or discussing.

    The vile filth that hollywood vomits out upon our country
    which, in no small measure, contributes to the destruction of the morals,
    family values and the rule of law which once made this country great.

    Or the drooling masses who gleefully gobble it up.

    Why would someone would seek to partnership of these hollywood degenerates.?!!
    Birds-of-a feather, I suppose.

    • dave statter

      Oh now Just Trollin’ we are going to talk morals. Do you admit the guy who you said was so awful showed he had the right moral fiber in his reaction to 9-11 and Hurricane Sandy? Or are you just going to gloss that over to push your agenda?


      • JustSayin’

        WOW.!!! If ya don’t agree with Dave you’re classified a “troll”.
        Looks like the birds-of-a-feather are a mite ruffled.!!!

        Look at it this way…
        A broken clock is only correct 2 minutes in 24 hours.
        Just 2 minutes in 1440 minutes…. BFD
        Otherwise, it’s just a defective piece of garbage-trash.

        Anyone who would advocate, defend, patronize or idolize such garbage-trash
        is insane and should reevaluate their moral and spiritual underpinnings.

        • dave statter

          No not at all. You are the very first person I have called a troll on this forum in the more than five years I have done the blog. It’s not just this post, but a pretty clear pattern. I actually like to hear from those who disagree with me. I also like peope who question the status quo as you have done in some of your posts. It’s just the way that you do it that is the issue.

          I am not that into people who just want to incite and say things in such an inflammatory way as to encourage a violent (verbally) backlash. The Watch Desk is coming back. It is usually more tolerant than I am on the inflammatory stuff.

          I don’t chime in often on these issues but when someone says something as inane as your original post on this topic and the follow-up about morals, I feel it is my duty to call BS. But if you truly believe because you are an actor who plays a heavy in the movies or on TV you can’t be a spokesman for a charity and you represent everything bad about Hollywood that is ruining this country, I will let you live in your fantasy world.



  • Buscemi is a beast

    Steve Buscemi is a class act. So what if he plays a bad guy on tv?, it’s TV! In real life he responds when our country needs it. His actions on 9-11 were nothing short of admirable, his response to “Sandy” just solidifies his character. This guy coulda been just a regular Hollywood type asking for cash, instead he roles up his sleeves and gets to work, gotta love that. I’m now a huge Buscemi fan.

  • JW

    justsayin’ needs to go back to justschool and learn justgrammar and justEnglish. He is JustPathetic.

  • JustSayin’

    Chief Troll Here…


    Since you’ve branded me i do not suppose that this reply will mean anything.

    You stated,
    “I am not that into people who just want to incite and say things in such an inflammatory way as to encourage a violent (verbally) backlash.”

    This has never been my method or goal.

    Yes, I’ll admit that I sometimes I’m blunt and to the point
    in an attempt to wake folks from their stupor.

    Sort of like yelling “LOOK OUT.!!” to someone in the path of a bus.
    Or, “FIRE.!!!” in a burning building.

    Always hoping folks will wake-up and repent from their doomed lifestyles.

    Just a hint, aligning yourself with the purveyors of hollywood pornography may
    be choice you regret for eternity.

    • dave statter

      I am all for being blunt and direct. That’s why I have addressed this.

      Again you are free to act anyway you want. When I am moved by what I think is BS, I say so. And your posts on this topic, in my view are BS.

      Good luck in getting this Jew to repent. In the eyes of many I am doomed, but I generally sleep really well at night, and while not perfect am fairly comfortable in how I treat my fellow man (except that short guy from Roanoke). And while I haven’t met the guy, what I have discovered about Steve Buscemi’s actions toward his fellow man seem to be right in line with the teachings of most religions I am familiar with.

      But really, this is not a religious blog. None of us need to be lectured on the evils of sin and where we will spend the afterlife, if there even is one.

      I am all for you practicing whatever form of religion you are into and would speak up strongly if anyone tried to stop you. But this really isn’t the place for it buddy.


  • JustSayin’

    Thankfully, it’s not my job to get anyone to repent.
    That’s the HOLY SPIRIT’S exclusive territory .

    Love to send you a book which you might find interesting.

    BLINDSIDED by Stephen Katz.

    You have my e.mail address .. send me your mailing address.