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Raw video: Four-alarm apartment fire in Madison, New Jersey. Woman rescued.

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(Thanks to FDNY Incidents for help on this story)

Video from  of a four-alarm fire yesterday in Madison, New Jersey (Morris County).

Justin Zaremba,

A four alarm fire claimed a residential apartment building on Park Avenue Saturday morning.

Luis Pinzon, who lives on the first floor of the three-apartment house with his wife, Beatriz, noticed smoke pouring into his apartment around 9:30 a.m. and called the fire department.

Flames and smoke poured out of the windows of the house shortly before 10 a.m.  and later migrated up to the attic.  

Jason Koestenblatt and Mike Pignataro,

One person was hospitalized after being rescued from the second floor of a multi-family home on Park Avenue Saturday morning, according to Bob Landrigan, Office of Emergency Management coordinator.

Three people were inside the building when the call of the fire came in, Landrigan said. A woman, whose identity has not been released, was trapped on the second floor and rescued by firefighters from the burning structure, Landrigan said.


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  • 95%er

    do a quick mental test when you watch these videos. imagine there was a little meter on the right side of the frame and it was showing how many GPM’s were flowing at that particular second of the video.

    for the majority of this fire, there was one handline open into the front door.

    meter pegged at maybe 150-250 GPM (being generous here)

    end result=predictable

  • Scooter

    I guess that fire was not scared of CAFS! Strike Da Box! K

  • DR

    What happened to “all hands working”?

    There are 20-25 guys standing at the front of the wagon for the majority of the video. If they are the RIT, they should take some action when the building is burning out of control. Life safety hazard.

  • 95%er

    all hands…we passed that 3 alarms ago. this is a 4 alarm response.

    i don’t know how many units they have on the box, but i do know they could have been flowing 1-2000 GPM on this place and knocked it out very quickly.

    if you are gonna call the troops in, put them to work.

    put to work=flow water

  • Crowbar

    Hey Chief, jeans and a turnout coat stopped being cool a long time ago. Lead by example.

  • Lived in the area

    A couple of small town FDs that don’t see a lot of fire. I imagine they learn as they go each time they have a job. Good job getting the victim out.

  • Ohio FF

    looks to me like a centry old baloon frame classic… you are not going to win. The fire code has changed alot in the last 100 years. The effort is not co-ordinated at all and this is what makes these guys look bad. The building is gone no matter who is fighting the fire, but the situation looks like a transitional that never made the transition from defense to offense, The fight stays stalled someplace between and goes un-cordinated.

    saved the resident and that is all that really matters. Good Job

  • trucky55-20

    I dont think the one line officer got the memo about wearing full gear ie. turnout pant’s