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Raw video: House fire in Louisville, KY.

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Video in three parts from  of a house fire at 38th Street and Herman Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky. The first part was uploaded to YouTube on November 8 but I could find no details on when the fire occurred.


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  • Fire21

    Nice to see the roof crew do their job, and then exit right away. Too many crews stick around up there…waiting for what?

  • Fire21

    And most LEOs would have pushed that photographer waaaaay back!!

  • Captain314

    At 0:32 of the third video… not sure I would have dropped that AC unit like he did. Could have done some damage to somebody’s head if they just happened to be exiting the structure right at that moment.

    • firefighter Shelton

      This is the fireman that was in roof an that dropped the AC unit. You will notice the other Sgt below standing in front yard. We were in communication and made sure that no one was exiting when I removed it. But you are correct in it being a safety issue. Important to note for those who may have not thought about securing the ground below before dropping it.

      • Captain314

        Excellent. See (lesson to self) I shouldn’t make assumptions. Nice job by the crews on the stop!

  • East Side Pride

    Well look at that! Heavy smoke pushin from division two/attic, the roof gets opened up, smoke stops pushin as fire vents out of the roof opening and seconds later there’s water on the fire and it all turns to steam! Now that’s firefighting at its best! Great Job!!!!

  • Joe

    Nice coordinated attack, kudos

  • Tango3

    Thanks, The LFD has been conducting aggressive interior fire attack operations since 1858.