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Early video: House fire in Guilford Township, PA.

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Video from  of a house fire Friday morning at 191 Highland Road in Guilford Township, Pennsylvania (Franklin County) that left three pets dead.

According to Fayetteville Fire Chief Bill Wishard, the fire was primarily in the garage and breezeway when firefighters arrived after the 10:37 a.m. call. About 25 percent of the house was engulfed when crews arrived, Wishard said. Between smoke damage and extinguishing the fire, Wishard said the home is a total loss.

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  • Anonymous

    Get ready for the “pushing fire” debate to begin again.

  • UwishUwereUs

    What the heck was that? There’s 1:08 I will never get back in my life. Looks like the chief was gearing up, yet not a single other person on-scene with their gear. There must have been at least a half dozen people running around, taking pictures and admiring the flames. Was that the township public works supplimenting daytime staffing? If they were bystanders then I’m even more dumbfounded as to why they are in the middle of the scene.

  • UwishUwereUs

    There’s two less beds in that local hospital due to smoke inhalation for the two “heroes” backing up the chief on the line!

  • Matt

    Attached garage fire. Where does the first line go? Ready Set Go!

  • Fire21

    I take it the people stretching the hose are civilians…even civilians realize the the kinks have to be removed for water to flow properly.

  • Tree

    Welcome to rural firefighting today. Granted, this was in a subdivision, but that doesn’t change the limited staffing, particularly during the day. It appears the first due came from about two miles away.

    All the “help?” Everybody wants to help, witness the video of a well drilling crew trying to help a year or so ago.

  • just a dispatcher

    Yet another classic display of PA volunteers showing how NOT to fight fire. No gear or SCBA upon arrival… no supply line off the first engine (probably because the chief was the only staffing on the rig)… no SCBA even while smoke is still issuing from the structure… and we keep on videoing it, and keep on posting it on youtube for the world to laugh about.

  • confused

    Some depts. in this area give lip service that they have ties to the pg area. I hope they stay away and stop saying that. I know we do not act like this. Typical pa vollies,pay 5 dollars to be a member today,ride tonight.PA will never change! Lay a line,Run a line,Throw a ladder. Some of the guys from this county would never act like this in their metro jobs!

  • Dan

    WOW!! And we wonder why some do not consider the fire service a “profession”. Limited staffing, lack of hydrants, etc.. are all excuses for not being properly trained and prepared. Remember that everytime you go out the door your are being video taped. You are representing the fire service on every run. This Dept. obviously needs to revisit their SOP’s and training. Strive to know your job and act like a professional. Strive to make your Dept. professional as your Dept. is a reflection of the entire fire service to the uneducated public.