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Raw video: House fire in Dickson City, Pennsylvania.

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Video from  of a fire late Monday night at 845 Price Street in Dickson City, Pennsylvania (Lackawanna County).



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  • Fire21

    For those who think interior attack is the only way to go, notice that this place was 95% involved when the video began. What are you going to save? Going with totally defensive ops and exposure protection, because they’re going to come in and tear this place down!

  • East Side Pride

    What’s happening at the 2:42 mark? Looks like PPV but it’s not constant? Whole lot of fire at the beginning of the video and not much at the end! Nice job guys!!!!

  • Anonymous

    First line off was 2 1/2 to exposure 2nd line off was 2 1/2 threw front door. No ppv line was making it’s way up stairs, alot easier for ladder pipe to knock attic then go looking for it so that was the call, crews backed out for a bit. No one was hurt, the exposures are perfectly intact and inhabitable. Job well done

  • He

    Chooch and his dam PPV,,, hahahahahahaha.

  • BH

    That fire was BEGGING for vertical vent…. And never got it. Too bad.

  • Eddie

    Charlie would have pulled the booster.