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Raw video: House fire in Rochester, NY.

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Video by Guy Zampatori Jr. () today on Avenue E in Rochester, New York. Firefighters rescued a dog from the burning home.

Megan DeMarco,

The Rochester Fire Department put out a fire at what appeared to be an empty house Saturday morning.

A neighbor called in the fire at Avenue E and Conkey Avenue, said Deputy Chief Bill Holtz. Two residents were unaccounted for, but firefighters searched the house twice and didn’t find anyone. 

Kerry McKee,

Emergency crews say the fire extended from the first floor to the second floor and roof area.

Deputy Chief Bill Holtz of the Rochester Fire Department said, “It was a difficult fire to fight. With the story and a half houses there are knee walls that the fire gets a pretty good start behind and we have to basically tear the house apart as we get into the attic area.” 

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  • OldSutterOne

    Very exciting footage, glad everyone came out of the attic OK. If their actions were VES based because of possible occupants in the house, its a good effort, otherwise I don’t think the risk was justified.

    • Reader

      “Two residents were unaccounted for, but firefighters searched the house twice and didn’t find anyone.”

  • Fire21

    I was getting very worried about the top floor crew when that black smoke started issuing. Conditions in there must have been better than it looked from the outside. Despite my worries, it looked like a good operation from what we could see.

  • Curly from CT

    They should have thrown that saw into the fire area….piece of junk. Time to graduate to a chain saw for cutting roofs. Ballsy op’s. They look “old school” & there’s nothing wrong with that! Great action!

  • Jimmy

    Imagine that, fighting fire from the inside out! The safety police must be cringing. Obviously no shortage of firemen in Rochester. If this was Northern Virginia or Montgomery County, you’d have a second alarm and a bunch guys breathing air in the front yard, and if there were someone trapped they would be dead. Strong work fellas, keep it up!

  • Cappy

    Great work?….. Really…. A couple of guys killed in an attic space like that under those conditions would have had thousands in the fire service saying WTF!!!!!

    What exactly did they accomplish from the interior of that attic space that could not be accomplished from the access window???

    Can you say and embrace some new vocabulary words and terms like Rational agression, risk verses gain, rit, two in two out, rules of engagement and a whole host of other common sense axioms that keep brothers alive????????????????

    Since no one was killed or injured…. this was a “strong” operation by “real Firefighters” ??? Really?????

    Stop and think before you pile on!!!!

    • 8truck

      Yup! You can search an attic for two unaccounted homeowners from the access window….

    • jim

      it came in as people trapped, what did you expect them to do? If you are afraid to go inside and look for people than give your paycheck/t-shirt back. There was a good amount of guys on scene, lines and ladders stretched and thrown, it was as safe as a fire could be. Rather have these guys coming to my house than a bunch of yard breathers, or does your definition of rational aggression change if its your kid?

      Maybe you’re not from the North East, but where those guys were was as much an “attic space” as the ground floor of a split level is a “basement” or “cellar”. In a one and a half story house like that, the “attic” is living space. I’d put my money that “access window” to the “attic space” is actually a bedroom window to a bedroom.

  • http://none Engine 5er

    Sounds like a solid report of people trapped inside. One crew goes to ground floor to extinguish fire and search. Another crew heads up. That is going to be a bedroom they enter from front window and over the fire which is the next area to search. I see a number of others outside like a RIC crew, Safety Officer and two Chiefs. The smoke is bad but line is charged and things quickly change for the better. Looks pretty rational agressive, looks like they gained a lot for the risk, and it looks like no one was hurt and a host of other common sense axioms. Stop and think about a different job in the insurance business before you pile on.

  • Really

    If you want safety watch the whitemarsh job, lady dies and no firefighters got hurt. Of course they never went in cause its dangerous….Why is there so much effort to reduce this job to cowards. Do you want a risk vs gain on the navy seals? No you want 6 guys to fly a thousand miles away and fight 300 people so you can post on the computer about firefighter risk vs gain. Its why people pay you, take risks, save lives. Some times you die(it can happen when everything is done right).I always wonder why Its okay for king crab fisherman to risk there lives but not a firefighter? Crab fisherman Risk there lives for red lobster, but a firefighter can’t do that because its wrong.

    Your gonna put yourselves out of work fellas. You have one of the most trusted jobs in america and you are slowly lossing touch. People pay you to risk it (volunteers too)simply stating 2 in 2 out and all this other stuff is nutz. We fight fires, its dangerous. Can you imagine cops not arresting people if they dont have four cops onscene. We are trained to mitigate fire and rescue events. If thats tough or more than you want, then quit or dont volunteer. Either way i dont care, this is a simple fire. A crew had a line in the front door all ready and a second line was run up the outside. Its not rocket science. A search team / Ladder crew went in to open up and help get the knee walls open. Had a fire like this recently and it looked real bad from the outside but it was a normal fire on the interior, nothing crazy or too tough.

  • Unreal

    Really is dead on. And Cappy what can’t be accomplished from the window? How about putting out the fire in the void space behind the knee wall where the seat of the fire is. Good job brothers, that’s how it’s done.

  • Anonymous

    Easy…not all NOVA FD’s are curb squirters

  • Scooz

    As usual there are Monday morning quarterbacks like “CAPPY” It’s so called firefighters like you that are turning what used to be a career that we can be proud of into a bunch of scared rabbits that want to call themselves firefighters and tell everyone how brave they are and how smart they are. Unfortunately there are more and more of you entering the job and more and more of you becoming chief officers. When there are reported people trapped the real firefighters go a little deeper a little faster and a little harder to do what we are expected to do. Not only for the citizens we serve but for our fellow firefighters. I was at this fire,Thats me with the yellow lieutenants helmet telling my tip man that we are going up the ladder with the line and telling my Battalion Chief what our tactics were going to be. The first line in the door could not find the stairs to the second floor due to the doorway being covered and loaded with stuff in front of it. Having the back up line, I checked with them twice to see if they found the stairs and the answer was no, I went outside to see if there was an alternative way to the second floor and there was none. I came back to the front of the structure and saw guys entering the second floor to search without a handline in place so my tip guy and I took the line in to protect the rescue team as well as anyone else. When we entered the window there was a bed in front of the window. How is that for risk v/s reward if your kid was on the second floor? Or your guys were searching without a line in place The fire was more impressive from the outside because it was vented and free burning. Hot but not oh shit hot! We opened the knee walls and the fire was out reletively quick. CAPPY do yourself and everyone you work with and the citizens you swore to protect a favor and stay outside and remind yourself you are an “Academic” Not a FIREMAN.