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Pre-arrival video: Explosion in burning RV.

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There is no information with the video about where or when this RV fire occurred. The first explosion is at 2:12 on the video.


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  • Scooter

    And that my friends is why we wear turnout gear and SCBA’s imagine being caught in that fire ball without it! Be safe and Strike Da Box! K…..

  • Fire21

    Excuse me while I move farther from this thing, so no-body sees the wetness in my pants!!

  • doobis

    That is also why ffs should approach vehical fires cautiously and at 45 degree angles, knocking down the fire at a distance before moving in to finalize the attack. This is a principle I learned many years ago in the military when they taught the same thing for aircraft fires. This is in stark contrast to a lot of comments on here in the past that bashed some videos of cautious ffs not getting right up to the vehicals that are burning with their attack lines. PPE is great but will give almost no protection from the blast wave and projectiles from an explosion.

  • Bombeiro Uno

    France Algiers Morocco Monaco – ??? Allee Allee Allee is “go go go” IIRC

  • Anonymous

    Judging by the rate of retreat, my guess is France.

  • willowbay

    I like the guy wearing only a Speedo taking a photo near the end of the video. Looks like the French Riviera? They’re speaking french.