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Raw video & fireground audio: Maydays at two-alarm basement fire in Brooklyn warehouse. Five firefighters hurt.

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Video from  of a two-alarm fire yesterday evening at 124 57th Street in Brooklyn. The fire was in the basement of a warehouse. There were at least two maydays reported and, according to the New York Post, five firefighters hurt.  You will hear on the video attempts to confirm one of the maydays and the order to pull firefighters from the basement for a head count and to regroup.

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  • FMCH

    Um is the Batt Chief(?) using the K12 wearing white sneakers? Oh man……

  • FMCH

    Correction, it’s a Fire Marshal wearing the fashionable white running shoes.

  • FMCH

    While I’m on a rool, you gotta love the two guys with no PPE not only standing in the smoke, but sticking their heads in.

  • Fire21

    Yeah, was that guy not issued a full set of gear? And what’s with the cops and firefighters standing in the smoke without any gear at all? Hasn’t anyone taught those folks about the dangers of being in smoke? And the one guy in SHORTS??

    This sounded pretty good (let’s clear out and regroup), but it looked chaotic. Just saying what I observed.

  • cappy

    This guy dose’nt even qualify for an over educated, over dresses onlooker. The white color must mean he’s a chief office with no foot protection.

  • VolFFinNC

    I really want to know where to get those firefighting jeans at. I keep seeing them on videos at fire scenes so they must be excellent and look a lot more comfortable.

    Seemed like a lot of confusion going on about the mayday and trouble getting par of all units on scene?

  • DMC

    No wonder 5 guys got hurt, they are all running around without using their mask. What use is the tank if you aren’t going to wear the mask? These guys are suppose to be the best

  • MoneyMgr

    Kudos to the IC…. it sounded like there was some confusion about at least one of the mayday declarations and when he couldn’t get a straight answer out of the batt chief, he ordered everyone out for a headcount. There is a leader with his head on straight putting his guys first. Well done as usual, FDNY

  • Crowbar

    Shorts on the scene of second alarm? One thing if he’s at the pump panel, another story in the red zone. SCBA? Probably need long pants for that.

  • Mack Seagrave

    Nice job by the Brothers on a real tough cellar fire in a large commercial structure.

  • jo dkhd

    gotta love the comments about guys not using their masks, maybe in podonk county or disneyland you would use them on the exterior. the 2 members “standing in smoke not wearing PPE” were 2 ECC’s(MPO) that were hooking up a supply line to the siamese, and last but not least, the brother operating the saw wearing white sneakers, while not fashionable, is a fire marshall who was helping out any way he could while brothers were giving a MAYDAY inside. shame on you if you would just stand there and not react when brothers are in need of help.

    • TheBfd

      Jo DKHD is 100% right. I was there. The Marshals have an office right near the fire building and they thought it more important to try and help a trapped member than worry about their boots. And as for the 2 ECC’s that were “standing in the smoke”, if that amount of smoke bothers you, where ever your from, you should prob look for a 2nd career.

  • thefixer5

    Gentlemen … when we watch you hillbillies get off the rigs in bumf#%& with your facepiece on your mug and running around the building on air (outside) we laugh…until i had one of you tell me that you where at a window that a child had been at and when you got to the window and called for the child to come to the window but you did not go in …i wasn’t laughing anymore …keep on coming up and buying our shirts

  • Anonymous

    Well said Jo. I love when goobers tell us how to operate at jobs.

  • Fireman

    You yokels on here are a crackup. Because you are part time vollies who do this as a hobby, we don’t expect you to understand what the pros are doing so I won’t take too much of your time (your pager might go off or something). In short, you save your air for when you need it, not just because you have it. And that would be when when you are entering an IDLH. Not standing outside where there’s plenty of air to breathe. One of our brothers or a fire victim may have needed us to go in and get them. And you can’t do that if you used up all your air outside, bumpkins. Remember, WE go in; YOU cool foundations. So do everyone a favor and stick to brushfires, buffing at our firehouses, buying our t-shirts and sticking your plastic helmets in the oven. You, and the poor population that’s been saddled with you for fire protection, will be better off.

  • Tim

    Glad no one got killed. I hope the 5 guys aren’t hurt bad and recover quickly. I wasn’t there but the short video shows the same old problems…..way to much talking on the radio, slow engine ops, PASS alarms going off all over the place. It’s happening all the time in FDNY and everywhere else. Stay off the radio, turnoff your PASS alarm and pay attention to what the hell is going on around you. Your an adult, if you choose not to wear your gear (pants, gloves, facepiece), thats on you. Just don’t get all messed up inside and make someone have to come get your dumbass.