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Raw video: Two-alarm convenience store fire in Girardville, PA

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Video from JC Kriesher at of a two-alarm fire yesterday at a convenience store in Girardville, Pennsylvania (Schuylkill County). Here’s a description from the site where you will find more info and still pictures:

At 7:25 PM on Wednesday November 28, Schuylkill County 9-1-1 dispatched the Girardville Fire Department to 146 North Second Street at the R&R Quik Mart for a reported commercial building fire. Girardville Police arrived on the scene shortly after the advisory and found a working fire from a convenient store attached to a two story building.

A second alarm was transmitted within minutes of the initial dispatch as crews found heavy fire throughout the building. Multiple lines were stretched into the building as firefighters made entry into the building but they were quickly pushed back due to deteriorating conditions.

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  • My Mom

    Remember,,,,, If you don’t have anything good to say,, don’t say anything. I have nothing to say.

  • Fire21

    Like the cameraman, I kept expecting those two windows to torch off…they never did!

    • OldSutterOne

      Actually I think windows, or something did vent at about the 7:30 mark, the crowd cheered! I don’t ever recall being at an incident with the citizens rooting for the fire.

      • Fire21

        I was thinking it was a collapse of some of the roof…not sure. Maybe they cheered because they have something against the businesses running out of there.

  • http://none Engine 5er

    Hey the excitment expressed at the 7:30 mark was interesting. I wonder if they used pyotechnics to get that effect?

  • charlotte_FF

    nice forcible entry technique… hit it with your shoulder, when you have a bunch of guys standing around with tools. Here is an idea, try using the irons!

  • JW

    I guess they called a second alarm because they needed more people there to not do anything.

  • 95%er

    an old and brave captain once told me his formula for how successful firefighter efforts were:

    “if you hadn’t shown up, would the end result have been any different?”

    in this case, probably not much difference. except a lot of diesel fuel and water would have been saved.

  • slackjawedyokel

    was that guy trying to force the door with a closet hook ?

  • Ship

    Good Ole Pennsylvania!!!!!!

    • 8truck

      Good Ole Eastern PA. Don’t group the west side with them.

  • William Penn

    It’s always refreshing to visit and see the Brotherhood in action here. I’ve always said that the support from firefighters from across the country. Fire companies in that part of Pennsylvania probably recievbe less than $10,000.00 a year from their local government. The fire companies raise their own funds to cover the rest. Many have yearly operating budgets of less than $50-$60,000.00. I’m sure many of you posters have operating budgets in the hundred of thousands of dollars and get things handed to you on a silver platter or should I say chrome and gold leafed platter.

    I’m sure many of you will say start a paid county department…..OK Einstein…please come up and spear head that effort….make the dream come true.

    Volunteers who still have to buy their own trucks, air packs, PPE, hose, fuel for trucks, insurance, fire stations and everything else on $less than $10,0000.00 a year from the local government…..most of you would quit the fire service if you had to do fund raising and fight fires…..these brave men and women do it everyday of their lives with little appreciation, but they don’t give up.

    Oh Yeh..and they’ve all seen your gem videos on this site and others… burn’m down to the ground too…..and they’ll see more of your gems tommorrow and the next day and the next.

    • JW

      Let’s be realistic, what they did, and especially what they didn’t do, required no bravery at all. Face it, they did a terrible job.

  • Truckie88

    Low operating budgets don’t equate to poor firefighting techniques. It is obvious these guys have the equipment and PPE. I’ve trained guys in KY that work entirely off $$ from fish frys and chowder sales that make entry & knock fire down. Don’t make excuses for these guys, it is what it is.

  • 95%er

    william, thanks for that post about the state of fire service funding. great stuff.

    but WTF does that have to do with the fire shown in this video?

    are stating that because the departments are under-funded that it’s OK to not do much of a job of effective firefighting?

    yes, we all agree the firefighters are doing a great job of keeping their departments alive without much funding. GREAT JOB on that.

    But let’s discuss THIS fire and how it was handled. Please tell me that you think this was an amazing job.

  • D. Schaefer

    Mr Penn:After viewing 100’s of videos from this state Im glad that I never had to fight any fires with these hose jockies. Why have these departments in the first place if you can not to the job right. No wonder our insurance rates are sky high this is part of the problem. I was a vol ff in Maryland ( Pg co ) and we had some of the best training and it was the same for everyone (paid ff’s also). We had good equipment but we knew how to use it.

    • 8truck

      That’s the problem. There is no training requirement in PA. The depts are free to choose whether or not they want to train their men. That’s on a Career and Volunteer level. No training to be a firefighter in PA and it’s cleary evident in the recent videos.

    • Oh Brother….

      Oh here comes the PG Gods…wait aren’t you the ones that send firefighters to hospitals?? That must be that “best” training you guys run.

  • smiling

    William Penn… thats the wordiest most worthless excuse i have ever heard.

  • Sentinel

    William Penn, you are an idiot! You don’t need a multi million dollar budget to practice good firefighting techniques. What you do need is disciplined firefighers who know how to use the equipment they aready have and a basic understanding of fire behavior. Again, it doesn’t cost that much.

  • William Penn

    Thank you for setting me straight, you are all my heroes. I will watch your videos of your superior training, your superior apparatus, your superior of knowledge of firefighting techiques, your superior abilities and I will watch you and at the 1st hint of smoke sounding the airhorns to evacuate, calling your maydays and see the resulting smoldering foundation you have saved. Then you will go to the Firefighters book of excuses and pick one to spew to the press..No Hydrants, we had to bring in tankers. Or Building construction prevented us from going in because its too dangerous. Or The fire had a good head start on us, it was gone before we got here. Or The dispatchers did it, they delayed the dispatch by 4 seconds. Or Limited manpower made us wait out front in the yard for additional personnell before we could enter the building. Impressed? NOT! But you can fight a keyboard fire with the best of them. Time to shine your truck in your $5,000,000.00 taxpayer bought station. You are only better in your mind, not your results.

  • Derp

    really guys… why is everyone so negative on this site?

  • DW

    Why am I the first person to be worried about collapse potential? Heavy fire involvement sure to be impinging on structural members, older construction with obvious add on’s (read: void spaces and hidden areas for fire to run), and master streams adding significant weight. Knock tactics all you want. It was time to establish some collapse zones and step back.

  • mark

    Still haven’t watched it, but had a bad feeling which way the comments were going to go.

  • East Side Pride

    Well dang fellas, would anyone who reads the comments on this awesome site have actually entered or gotten on the roof that death trap? Set up go defensive and stay defensive! These videos are great training aids with both the good and bad practices seen; however, unless you are there it really is hard to judge these guys. Lighten up Francis!!!! BTW, nice lookin older and functional ALF ladder!