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Raw video & fireground audio: Port Carbon, PA house fire with pot growing operation.

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Above is video and fireground audio from  of a fire on Wednesday in Port Carbon, Pennsylania (Schuylkill County).

A power overload in an apartment building which contained a marijuana growing operation left four people homeless Wednesday morning after a fire broke out shortly before 7 a.m.

More than 75 marijuana plants, fertilizer, an elaborate irrigation system and lighting system were removed from the second floor apartment at 233 Coal St


Dean Vermeersch, 53, from Port Carbon faces drug charges and is accused of putting people in danger.

The fire marshal said an electrical overload between the first and second floor of the home caused the fire.

Investigators believe some of the equipment used in the marijuana operation was connected to the outlet.


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  • http://none Engine 5er

    Interior lines should moving and making progress. If not, figure out why?
    Fire spreads. Get ahead of it!
    There were plenty of firefighters on scene. Get them to work!

  • Dan

    Why does everyone keep taken their face piece off?

    • Fire21

      Yeah, I quit watching at 4:43 when the guy on the roof, standing in smoke, took his mask off. And those other two guys up there appeared to not have masks on either. There were 32 minutes of video left to run, but I decided to not watch to see if anyone else tempted death!

  • Rudedawg

    Interior to Command: I need hooks and more Doritos. The munchies are impeding our progress.

  • He

    Why do they keep requesting refreshments and snacks to the scene?????

    • Me

      Because it was before breakfast.

  • Bud

    Title of video=”Up In Smoke” Starring Firefighter Cheech & Firefighter Chong

  • FMCH

    Hey, they didn’t take their masks off to tempt death. This is the only fire where SCBA is optional, but the rehab canteen is mandatory.

  • Mack Seagrave

    Attic fire in attached frame private dwelling: Have the cellars checked to make sure the fire didn’t start there(balloon frame). Engine Co’s.: Get charged lines to the top floor in both buildings and knock down the fire after it’s been exposed by the truck guys. Truck Co’s.:Conduct searches (for life and for fire), vent the roof and the top floor windows (remove everything – make doors out of the windows – ya never know if you may need to use the opening for egress in a hurry if things turn ugly quickly), pull the ceilings, if fire is obstructed by attic floor, locate attic entrance so line can be advanced to extinguish fire. Don’t chase the fire, get ahead of it.

  • Gnilbe Werdna

    Thanks Mack for fighting fire out of a textbook. This was not a textbook residential fire. Variables included a clandestine drug lab!!! A residentail apartment turned into a pot incubator. Firefighters need to consider booby traps for the Po Po, abnormal modifications to the rooms to facilitate pot operation, unknown chemicals used in operation ie hazmat, rooms chock full of pot plants wall to wall hampering hoseline advancement, non-approved electical wiring hanging all over the place for illegal grow lights-heating units and air conditioning units to maintain optimal pot growing temperature…etc etc etc.
    Seems to me this FD did OK handling a “Routine?” house fire—-even in a small town like this, there is no such thing as a routine fire anymore!!! Never drop your guard down!!

  • Mike

    Why do we treat a fire that has spread into exposures like a single building fire? There is essensially two dwelling fires now, and our apparatus and manpower should reflect that.

  • Mack Seagrave

    Thank you “Gnilbe Werdna” for accusing me of being a textbook firefighter. Factually though, I spent 21 years as a firefighter in a very busy municipal fire department as well as 17 years in all ranks of a small rural volunteer department. I will stand by my post 100%, as I outlined the basic procedures that are ALWAYS necessary when fighting a fire in attached frame private dwellings. Whether or not a clandestine drug lab was present on the premesis I don’t know, but it would stand to reason that if such was the case, and a potential for explosion existed we would not see the FD members operating anywhere near the burning buildings (as they were). I speak from years of real life firefighting experience, if you want to make believe that this was a good firefighting operation then go ahead. Just don’t expect any real firefighters to agree with you.

  • sam

    If there is a drug lab and you were worried about traps why even put anyone at risk….. When are we going to stop being our own worst enemy…