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Oh, the humanity: Dramatic pictures & live breaking news coverage of plane crash that was part of ‘Chicago Fire’..

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One of the complaints by firefighters about the TV series “Chicago Fire” has been about a lack of realism. Well whatever the producers of the “Chicago Fire” is apparently real enough for TV news.

Huffington Post:

WGN Morning News anchors Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten scrambled to report on helicopter footage of an apparent plane crash near 29th Street and Martin Luther King Drive around 8 a.m. Friday morning. A few minutes later, after considerable ad-libbing, they learned that the apparent wreckage had actually been staged for the NBC series “Chicago Fire.”

Look on the bright side, the producers can take the video of the real news coverage of the fake crash and incorporate it into the story.  That should add some realism.

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  • DS

    “Are you kidding me” Ha ha ha, too funny…”First on WGN Morning News,see the morning news team punked”

  • Andrew E.

    I suspect if it HAD been real, there would have been some scanner activity, and every news room I have ever been in (and that’s a fair number) has a scanner. Although I have to admit, I’m surprised there were no obvious TV production vehicles visible.

    Would the city have issued some sort of traffc advisory that the street would e closed for filming?

  • Mr Crisis

    are you kidding me? !? ?! ? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ! ? they might want to tell the news folks this so we don’t look like bumbling idiots when it comes to “reality” and ohhh ahhh ohh there is a wing, oh looks like hole in the road. . . wow cars hit each other there. See a firetruck, but how about the ambulances. . . I love professionals, but when there is no script all of a sudden we are LOST

  • Fire21

    LOL, I love it…let the media know. But really, they’re right. That was getting some viewers very excited, I’m sure!

  • Satisfied Cynic

    This is an absolute classic! These talking heads were soaking their panties with the idea they were getting the “big scoop” and *BAM*! It was like an Acme anvil fell from the sky and crushed both of their egos simultaneously on live TV right before our very eyes! Thank you, Jesus!!!

  • Dickey

    This is great!! These idiots need to get a reality check when it comes to covering “breaking” news. Don’t try and sensationalize or make stuff up. This is a great lesson, but unfortunately they have not learned.

  • Anonymous

    Chicago Fire is horrible

  • Legeros

    Suitably amusing.

    So how much news hate is there out there? How many of you all are quick to call the media “vultures? ” Sort of curious.

  • Aardvark

    Chicago Fire is the WORST show ever. I couldn’t stomach the premier. ” Remember the scene at an MVA…..” Give me two ambulances and a helicopter ” !!!??? Even the show EMERGENCY is 100 times more realistic….and that was on 40 years ago. The ONLY good thing about Chicago Fire is their soccer team. Put this show back in the can, it’s making the fire service out to be a joke.

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  • Capt Dick

    Chicago Fire is awful and I suspect the fact a large media outlet like WGN wasn’t aware of the street closing and the filming was probably calculated to give that crappy show FREE advertising and publicity. And judging by the above comments, worked like a charm. Like they say in Hollywood , Bad publicity is better than no publicity.

  • He

    Aardvark, I agree 100%

  • RJ(in florida)

    as a floridian that puts disney to shame. now if only the episode can “fool” the public

    as for the quality of the show, remember people IT’S A TV SHOW!

    seriously, did we really think that johnny and roy had the response area they had on emergency? i just watched the episode wher they were choppered out to an island for a guy on the rocks…(the coast guard didnt have rescue swimmers in the 70′s?) and since when did LA run out of lifeguards? ITS A TV SHOW, like it, dont like it, your choice…but did any of us buy into backdraft being real too?

  • Dave W.

    I love how stories like these draw out the media haters. “Don’t try and sensationalize or make stuff up.” This is Chicago buddy, not Hollywood. We don’t usually have aircraft parts laying around on our streets. It was a mistake. Get over it.

  • burned-out medic

    i can’t help but chuckle