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Must see video: Three firefighters struck at crash scene in Orinda, CA.

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Also, firefighter struck & killed by pumper in Bartelso, IL

Two firefighters from the Moraga-Orinda Fire District who have non-life threatening injuries were scheduled for surgery and a civilian is in critical condition after a vehicle ran into them on an Orinda, California highway on Sunday (Click here for press release from Moraga-Orinda Fire District).


Fire crews were investigating a series of rain-related crashes on Highway 24 near the Wilder Road exit when a, “A third car hit the side of our fire engine and then actually rolled onto the embankment and hit three of our firefighters and also the person we were taking the report from,” Chief Randy Bradley said. 

Fire Captain Michael Rattery, and firefighters Kelly Morris and Stephen Rogness were rushed to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek with non-life threatening injuries.

The rollover was actually the third crash along Highway 24. Firefighters first responded to a single vehicle accident and parked their fire truck to shield them from traffic. A second vehicle hit the fire truck. Then, as firefighters were talking to that driver, an SUV hit the fire truck, flipping over and skidding into several people standing on the side of the road.  





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  • old man 1

    My thoughts and prayers are with the firefighters for a speedy and complete recovery.
    Before i retired it seemed as if drivers were becoming worse about not slowing down for incidents on the interstate and making a dangerous job much worse.

  • PenguinMedic

    CLOSE THE DAMM ROAD! Block as much as you need to stay safe. Screw traffic flow, people can wait.

    How hard is this for us to understand. Where I work we often start by blocking all lanes, sometimes by parking our engine completely sideways across the road. Our Admin is 100% on-board with this and tells us to do WHATEVER we think is right to protect the scene. Yeah the cops bitch every now and then, but we are quick to remind them that the 36,000 lb fire truck is keeping their asses safe too. If they press it, the IC will tell them he will move the rig(s)as soon as the police set up and assume active traffic control, not just a bunch of flares tossed down. Talking to the cops in your area ahead of time at the Admin level is the best way to get everyone on-board with overall scene safety. Crap like this should not be happening!

  • JustSayin’

    It’s the me-Me-ME world.

    I’m entitled to go fast.. I have to get some where.!!!

    I don’t have to signal.. I know I’m turning.!!

    That RED light’s not for ME.!!!

    Get out of MY Way, Fool.!!!

    And when I crash into fire trucks, Don’t Touch Me..!!! CALL MY LAWYER.!!!

  • Tree

    By the looks of it this incident went from routine to horrific in seconds.

    The truck apparently was blocking for the first accident. Then the second vehicle piled in, ending up well off the road (if upside down). Theoretically, the scene was still relatively secure. Until a third driver, undoubtedly going to fast for conditions, piled on as well.

    There may not have been much time to move the truck back to block the other accidents.

    It doesn’t take much time for things to go sour, even at a well controlled scene.

    As for closing the entire road – it’s four lanes there (roughly N 37.86721 W 122.20229). They didn’t have the resources on scene, and couldn’t have gotten them there between the second collision and the third.

    • Fire21

      And, as fast as that 3rd vehicle was going, if they’d completely closed the road, he’d have undoubtedly plowed into a pile of waiting vehicles, creating another crash scene, and probably injuring even more people!

      God bless and keep the brothers and sisters who are exposed daily to this kind of crap. We serve the public, but some of them don’t give a tinker’s damn about us or anyone else.

      Prayers for quick healing for those injured.

  • Michelle

    This is just horrifying. Accident scenes are scary enough without adding this to the mix. Drivers need to pay extra attention the minute they turn the key on in the ignition, much less when they are trying to negotiate a accident. Keeping your head in the game at all times keeps all on the road safe, including those who are on the road trying to save someone.

  • ukfbbuff

    Thanks Dave.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the injured firefighters and their friends and families.

    I’ll check up on the firefighters status when I get back up to the SF Bay Area in the next day or so.

  • ukfbbuff

    Hi Dave

    Latest is, all of the firefighters have been released from the hospital.