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Raw video: Apartment fire in Hazleton, PA.

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Video from JC Kriesher at Here’s part of the description of the fire on Sunday in Hazleton, PA from

Around 11:15 on Sunday, December 2 Luzerne County 9-1-1 dispatched the Hazleton City Fire Department and APTS Medic 11 to the unit block of North Cedar Street for a reported residential structure fire. Chief 2 (Jones) went responding and was advised the center was receiving multiple calls for an apartment building fire with children possibly trapped at 53 North Cedar Street.

Ladder 1 arrived and took the front of the building to find heavy smoke showing from a three story multi-family dwelling. Chief 2 arrived and took command and requested Engine 5 be placed in service. A page for additional volunteers was also requested. The chief reported he had heavy smoke and fire conditions on the third floor and all occupants had been located outside the building. 

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  • Fire21

    1. Air pacs are meant to be USED when working in smoke, not just worn.

    2. Hydraulic ventilation should be done with a wide fog angle, not narrow.

    3. Vertical ventilation should be done at the highest possible point on the roof.

    4. Nice use of the aerial for cutting vent holes on a steep roof…but use your air pac!

  • MoneyMgr

    Fire21- I agree with your general points. I got the impression the fire might have been behind a knee wall or something which could be why they cut the hole so low on the A side.

    • Fire21

      MoneyMgr, I did consider that knee wall after I posted my comments. Typical 20/20 hindsight on my part! LOL.

  • Foozeball Champion

    You go….Pennsy FD!!!!!

  • Diggs

    In PG and DC they don’t wear airpacks for roof work. Just ask them.

  • http://none Engine 5er

    Why would you vent on the windward side of roof? Why would you use your hand, instead of the tool in the other hand, to break a window? Oh well, they did get it out.

  • Art of Fire

    Hazleton is in Pennsylvania, right? Seems like these fellas know what they are doing. Guess the whole state isn’t a failure.

  • Damn!

    your kidding right?