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Medical call gives thieves opportunity at Indiana fire station. TV stolen while some firefighters slept.

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Firefighters in Wayne Township, Indiana think a trio of thieves waited for just the right moment to grab a TV from a firehouse. The delayed closing of the bay doors and others in the station sleeping while firefighters handled a medical call was that moment.


The incident happened at Wayne Township Fire Station 84, 7606 W. 10th St., the fire department said.

It was late Tuesday night – nearing midnight – when fire crews left the station for the medical situation. Fire officials said they believe people were waiting for firefighters to be called away so they could steal the TV. Although other personnel were in the station at the time of the crime, they were asleep.

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  • Retired Chief

    That is westside of Indianapolis,IN not Michigan

    • dave statter

      Yes. Rushed it on. Screwed up. Thanks

      • MichiganFF

        Dave, you still have michigan in the tags, fwiw.

  • Anonymous

    This is Wayne Township, Indiana (Indianapolis)

  • Scott

    This is actually in Indianapolis, IN. Wayne Twp. is the township on the west side of Indy. Dave, you may want to change to IN instead of MI.

  • Fire21

    Bad people are bad, and are gonna do their deeds. About the only way to prevent things like this is to post ARMED guards in every building where valuables might be placed.

    Hey! There’s a job for our returning military personnel!! Hmmm, how to pay for them………

  • SFC

    I sure hope karma catches up to these three animals.

  • Scooter

    Welcome to a taste of an urbin fire department. It happens more often than you think. One stretch of time our firehouse or personnel vehicles were broken into 9 times in 5 months. Now there are fences around some of the firehouses and parking lots to slow down the crooks. Be safe out there, stay low, and Strike Da Box ! K

  • ffp20

    one time we had a scumbag break into the firehouse and raided lockers while guys were asleep in the same room. When he got discovered, he slid the pole and ran out.

  • old guy

    When I was at Atlanta 16’s we had the radio stolen out of battalion 2 car during a 2 alarm fire,about a week later someone stole the cable box….. while we were watching tv.And so it goes in the getto…..

  • 8truck

    What a bunch of jagoffs