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More must listen to citizen commentary: This time it’s the antidote to Waldo and friend.

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On Monday we posted some classic citizen play-by-play of an apartment fire in Montreal. Waldo and his buddy provided their own tactical analysis of the fire and mocked firefighters for not carrying out their plan. The clip above is the antidote I am providing for those who took my advice to listen to the Montreal video. It’s from a September 1 fire in Nova Scotia. Take a listen.

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  • Fire21

    GOD BLESS YOU LADIES!! Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  • CLT_FF

    She’s right on and I agree – Volunteers you guys rock and you are true selfless servants that we’re all lucky to have. THANK-YOU!!

  • Steve in NJ

    Bread and butter fire. It was a good knock.