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Private parts: Sex prank at Houston fire station under investigation.

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As we all know, Firehouse pranks come in a variety forms. Rhett Fleitz has compiled a whole bunch of them for through the years, including this very innocent and funny recent dish washing prank from Contra Costa, California.

But a prank in Houston is making headlines and has Jeffrey Caynon, the president of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association, telling KHOU-TV, “We have a storied history in the fire service in terms of pranks and jokes. But I think everybody understands that there’s a limit and where that limit is.”

I am guessing if eveyone really did understand the limit, Houston’s Office of Inspector General wouldn’t be investigating some of the members (or at least one of the member’s members) of Houston Fire Department Station 29.

Details from Rucks Russell at KHOU-TV:

HFD sources told KHOU 11 News that the incident occurred last month at Fire Station 29.  According to sources, it involved a firefighter who allegedly placed his privates or a sex object on the back and neck area of another firefighter.

Sources said the incident may have been intended as a prank, but it prompted an official complaint and an OIG investigation.

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  • Legeros

    Another nutty story…

  • http://msn RetiredInSC

    OMG, BFD sounds like a blanket party for the person that reported this. We have done so meny pranks in the fire house do not even going to go there. But times are achanging. They are hiring a different breed of Fire Fighters today.

  • Former Chief

    Kind of vague information. I don’t mean to minimize the incident, but isn’t this just a simple personnel issue? And I like the statement in the article, “Authorities said it could take weeks or months to conclude the investigation”. Really? What is this, the Benghazi investigation? Houston doesn’t have more important things to deal with?

  • AbsoluteReality

    Back in the mid-80’s I was assisting with the week long LDH/Blitz-Attack Training
    at a large, midwest FD located next-door to Chicago.

    One evening, I was riding alone with the Squad out of a large, multi-company Station. As I met with the day shift ride-alone for pass down, he mentioned that I should be prepared for one of several possible rather gross pranks. He would not say what they might be but my reaction would dictate how accepted I’d be by the crew.
    (Yes, he really used the work “dictate”)

    That evening just as we were bunking down in the Dorm,
    a Fireman in his underwear approached me and asked,
    “ Are you an EMT.?”

    When I replied to the affirmative, he asked,
    “What should I do about this.?”

    He then proceeded to exposed out of his boxer shorts
    what I later found out to be a black, rotting banana
    that was oozing a yellowish liquid. Of course, the entire room of
    of about 20 Firemen were watching for my reaction.

    Without changing my expression I said,
    “Sorry Dude.!!!
    It’s far too late to save THAT.!!
    You might as well cut it off.
    Let’s see if the Captain will allow us to use the bolt cutters.”

    The Actor just looked around and said, “This Brother Will Do.!!”

    At that point the entire room exploded in laughter.
    It was quite a different reaction that they normally got from a ride-along.!!!

    Sadly, today it would probably be a lawsuit maker in a room full of “firefighters”.

    • Legeros

      The fire services wants to be (and benefits by being) taken seriously. Firefighters want to have their “fun.” Can these two states coexist? Should they?

  • Thomas Vern

    Let get the news report correct…. it’s called tea bagging