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Early raw video: Cleaners fire in Haverstraw, NY.

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About 45 Haverstraw firefighters responded to a fire to Broadway Cleaners in Haverstraw village on Saturday afternoon. The 2:30 p.m. blaze was confined to the rear of the building and under control within 20 minutes, Haverstraw Assistant Chief Robert Drexler said. There were apartments nearby but the firefighters stopped the flames from spreading.

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  • Dave LeBlanc

    “About 45 Haverstraw firefighters responded …” Really?

    I am amazed, still, at the lack of SCBA use when we know the shit that is in smoke is killing us.

  • Fire21

    I see nothing wrong with the style of their initial attack…knock the flames on the outside without “pushing” anything inside; then go inside and knock it there. Especially since there were only 2 members there.

    Later, I don’t understand all the entering without masks on. Smoke is deadly and causes cancer. Do cleaners still use various chemicals to do their dirty work?

    I could critique a few more things, but they got the fire put advance stopped quickly. Good enough.

  • TNCapt

    How many safety infractions can you count??…..Rediculous!
    Just sayin’!

  • Ship

    How about bringing your tools with you! So many empty hands and empty backs!!!