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Arrival video: PG dropping hose at a DC house fire in 2008.

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This is a bit of an unusual find thanks to fire buff extraordinaire and personal friend Vito Maggiolo. It was posted to YouTube in August, 2008 (not sure how I missed it then) and shows a pumper from PGFD’s Bladensburg VFD (Station 809) laying out at a house fire in the 3400 block of Bladensburg Road in Northeast Washington (on the corner of 35th Street, NE). It’s a bit unusual because there is no automatic aid between DC and PG and the fire is one block inside the DC line.

I have no details or recollection of this fire. Was Bladensburg dispatched or were they following the smoke like the guy who took the video? It’s interesting to note Bladensburg pulls up to the house on the outbound side of Bladensburg Road (heading toward the county). Did they come up and turn around or were they already in DC on a transfer due to a major fire? As I have indicated, I haven’t a clue (clueless is my usual state), but I am sure there is more than one person out there who knows the answers.

It’s great no longer being a reporter. I don’t actually feel obligated to ask the questions or have any answers before posting and instead just let you sort it out among yourselves. Enjoy.

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  • Bill Carey

    18 July 2008
    Co.9 on the transfer to D.C. E.26 during a three-alarm fire.

    Bill Carey

    • dave statter

      I thought it might be a transfer considering the direction they were coming from. That’s the difference between you and me Bill, I stopped doing research when I gave up the reporting job. Glad you around though to keep me straight.

  • Capt 45-2

    Nice place to park the the friggan police van dummy

  • Fire21

    Sure was glad when they found the off button on that siren!!!

  • Jay911

    Maybe they heard (from their station) the siren left on phaser in the police van and were coming to break the fingers of the cop. I know I would’ve.

  • Pg fire

    I can’t believe that cop you gotta be kidding me !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the full story on the incident

  • Ryan

    Here’s the full story on the incident

  • Anonymous

    They were filling in at 26 Engine. 3rd and Longfellow was that day also.

  • Anonymous

    Same day as the multiple alarm fire on Longfellow St, NW. HOT summer day!!!!!!

  • Mike

    BVFD was on a transfer while DCFD units were on a multiple alarm fire, but I dont remember where.

  • Anonymous

    Do people even read the prior comments? jeez

    • Anonymous

      Dear Mr. Anonymous,

      Most likely, the later comments were submitted before the earlier comments had been approved. So, at the time of submission there were no “prior comments” to read.

      Professor Anonymous

  • Scooter

    Love to see how well oiled the FD’s in DCFD and PG work… lot of quickness with little to no wasted steps, and full filling their assignments… sure not all fires are perfect but they are well ahead of many other departments nationwide. Stike da Box and keep up the good work K

  • Just Wondering

    Any idea why DC’s Engine failed to pick up 9’s Supply Line?

    • dave statter

      While I don’t usually comment on tactics, I believe you will find that’s the job of the 3rd engine according to DC SOP.

    • Pipeman27

      Quit trolling E8 was headed to the rear per our SOG’s

  • Anonymous

    Hey does anyone ever read the comments befor they post. Gosh!

  • Old head

    The last DCFD video had over 70 comments. How many will this one get?

  • Anonymous

    Fire’s Just outside the PG line as well. If it was Still PG 9 would of been second due possibly first arriving

    • dave statter

      Could have been, but wouldn’t have been.

  • Will

    Oh Dave a good one. The police van with the phaser siren trying to alert possibly sleeping occupants or slow the fire’s progression with sound waves. The two jurisdictions working together for the common good. Most importantly the clean powered natural gas bus delivering citizens to their destinations. Oh the humanity of if all!

  • Shhh…

    Now if Truck 13 had a turret on the bumper and a PPV on the tip of the stick they might have shaved 3 minutes off of the overhaul process…..maybe?