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Raw video: Four-alarm Philly fire with multiple collapses. Warehouse stored equipment for famed Mummers parade.

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A was reported fire yesterday afternoon at a warehouse at 2nd Street and Wharton Street in Philadelphia that was rented by one of Philadelphia’s Mummers organizations. The fire went to four-alarms The video above is from Rudy Thomas and the video immediately below is from phillyfirenews and includes the collapse of one of the walls of the structure. The third video also shows a collapse.

Here’s part of the description of the fire from where you will find lots of pictures by Ron Trout, Shawn Zacconi and Joe Kaczmarek:

B/C-1 had heavy fire in the rear of a two story building, 60×100. Companies had trouble gaining access to the building. Second alarm struck and all companies to evacuate the building. Command placed all hand service with heaviest water lines. Requested the third alarm struck. One civilian was transported to the hospital with smoke inhalation. The fourth alarm was requested, had extension into an exposure.

Sam Wood,

The warehouse also housed an auto-repair shop.

Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers said firefighters initially attacked the fire from inside, but the flames and smoke were too heavy. Several cars inside were on fire. The firefighters retreated.

“It was a good decision,” he said.

Ayers said there was “tons of fire (and) several explosions early on.”


A fire in South Philadelphia that started in a warehouse used to store cars caused heavy damage to a nearby warehouse used to store equipment for a successful Mummers group, destroyed a row home and left other row homes with smoke and water damage.

The four-alarm blaze began at 1301 South 2nd St. around 2:30 p.m. Officials say an elderly woman who lived in the row home that was destroyed was injured in the blaze and remained in stable condition Monday night.

The fire broke out near a warehouse that houses props and equipment used by the Fralinger String Band, a decorated Mummers group. The fire spread quickly to the warehouse and caused extensive damage to nearby homes.


A huge warehouse fire that erupted Monday might have destroyed elaborate props slated for use in the city’s annual New Year’s Day parade, event participants said.

Members of the Fralinger String Band said they were waiting to survey the damage from the blaze in a largely residential area of south Philadelphia. Firefighters were still pouring water on the building several hours after the first flames were reported, Fralinger Chairman Steve Coper said.

Several explosions were reported at the three-story industrial garage, fire department Commissioner Lloyd Ayers said. It took more than 100 firefighters almost four hours to get the blaze controlled.  



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  • Dmgdriver

    If anyone cares.. It is reported that the Mummers band props were largely undamaged in the fire…

  • Dickey

    I don’t understand why they were hooking up the hard suction hose to the hydrant. I have noticed that it is a common practice in many cities like Philly, Chicago, NYC, and other places. Why would you do that? I am familiar with using hard suction hose ONLY when you need to draft. If you pull a draft off a hydrant you will do damage. Is it a “that’s what we have been doing for years” reason, that is not a smart thing. Why not use a short piece of large diameter hose that is a lot lighter and easy to beef around? Maybe it’s just me…

  • 6fthook

    volume of water through 6″ hard suction vs 5″ LDH is by far superior. The intention of the SOP is to hook to the 6″steamer fitting. Hard sution is only used on multiple alarms and its intention is to get all the water you can from the system. With that many companies taking water from one area you can have significant water problems.

  • Anonymous

    as long as you stay above vacume you shouldn’t do any damage. if you start sucking after the guage is at zero is when you start sucking toilets dry…

  • BCFD Capt 35

    Anonymous, it won’t suck toilets dry but if there are minor leaks in the water mains in the area, drawing a vacum on the main will draw the now containameted in the ground around the leak into the main and can contaminate the water in the main. Just remember the water from the hydrants IS YOUR DRINKING WATER !!!