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Arrival video: NJ truck fire with a couple of blasts.

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Video from homer218 of a truck fire on Monday in a lot at 21 Empire Boulevard in South Hackensack, New Jersey. As with all vehicle fires these days there are more things than ever that go boom. Two small explosions are on this video at :25 and :51.

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  • SFC

    Wow! There were minor explosions going off and he forgot to wear his helmet or mask. It’s all about returning home to our families, especially this time of year.

    • Fire21

      Got my bottle, got chain link fence, got guard rail, got my hood…yup, I’m safe!! NOT!

  • Ol’ Asst Chief

    New ensamble: air pack with no helmet or mask?

  • Scott

    Typical car or truck fire, but as I said the other day on the pump house fire, what is the point of “packing up” if you’re not going to “mask up”? Might as well not even put the pack on. And then the one guy not even putting his helment on.
    Why even show up then? I’m getting tired of seeing so much complacency these days in regards to proper safety and personal protection. It’s more just laziness I think and no accountability.
    If you want to be a firefighter, then act like one and use everything provided to you. It’s not the 60’s or even the 70’s anymore. We are far more advanced now.

  • http://none Engine 5er

    You didn’t know you were going to a fire??? What does it take to put on helmet and fasten SCBA??? Two blasts while you are there and still no facepiece and you move in too close with that small under-pressured handline. It looks like you put on a hood?? Were you trying to protect your hair?? Brother, you got alot of other things to worry about.

  • Retired Chief

    There seem to be so many new technologies these days. I like the new lightweight invisible helmet.

  • D. Schaefer

    Whats wrong with these guys how many times have we noticed this. It takes 2 min to protect yourself.

  • EastCoastLt.

    Pack flopping around, waist straps floppin’ around, no hood, no mask, no helmet? Idiots…

  • My Mom

    That’s worthy of 3 days off without pay!!!!!!!!!

  • Boomer

    I guess full ppe is optional in south hackensack

  • 8truck

    Good example for the probie…..


    They say some folks don’t function very well when suddenly rousted at o-dark-thirty. I hope he at least has his bunker pants on frontwards.

  • cbj

    There is NO reason or excuse for such poor, unprofessional work. Where IS the officer? Please don’t tell me it is the lidless wonder. Besides the helmet, give me one good reason to stand directly in front of this total loss vehicle and approach. Placing the line in between the other exposed vehicles and using the reach would sontrol and extinguish the fire. How long before the reply “they do more fire in one day then most do all month” appears.

  • OldSutterOne

    One of the first jobs in NJ that did not have more buffs and photographers than Fftrs in recient memory!

  • really?

    YES the truck is on fire but ppe is priorety. Lets take an extra second and put the airpack on completly and put the helmet on your head……. People gotta starting taking a second and relaxing

  • Mike

    Typical NJ Volly Fire Department, guys running around so excited they can’t even get their gear on correctly, and the old senior citizen pump operator that takes a while to charge the line. They probably went back to the firehouse bar and high fived each other on what a great job they did.

  • IDLH

    Not surprised by the one guy not wearing his gear. Many underestimate vehicle cars and like some have already said, you don’t know what is in the smoke let alone the explosions.

  • Chris

    Whats the rush? Truck is already totalled, just take the extra 30 seconds and gear up fully!

  • Captain Retired NJ

    If Engine 1 got inside the fence why not the first due engine? The truck company got there first. Did they force the gate? Running a stream through a fence seems counter productive. And I love the new clear fire resistant glass helmet. The SCBA were just for show, or maybe counterweights so that when the lines were charged to working pressure, they didn’t fall down and go boom.

  • CLT_FF

    I-D-10T’s Seriously??? My 4 yr old knows better, starting to wonder about this NJ Departments…