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Helmet-cam video, fireground audio: House fire in St. Mary’s County, MD.

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Dispatch & fireground audio from ScanMD Fire & Rescue Solutions

This is helmet-cam and dash-cam video from the Hollywood VFD in St. Mary’s County, Maryland of a house fire Tuesday. Here’s the description Deputy Chief Bryan Riley posted on the Hollywood VFD website:

At 1423 hours Station 7, Station 2, Station 1, Station 9, EMS Station 79, and EMS Station 29 were dispatched to 26363 Mar-a-lee Ct. in Oakville for the House Fire. Engine 72, Engine 74, Truck 7, Rescue Squad 7, Chief, and Chief 7B responded on the call with a total of 15 volunteers. Engine 72 was first to arrived at 1428 hours finding a 2 story split foyer residence with fire showing from side “A”. The crew advanced a hand line to the structure finding fire on the first floor extending into the second. Truck 7 and Engine 74 arrived next with Truck 7 going to work opening up and deploying ground ladders to the structure. Engine 74 established a water supply for Engine 72 while Chief 7 arrived and established the “Mar-a-lee Command”. The crews made quick work of the fire and the assignment was reduced to the units from Station 7 and Engine 24. Crews remained on the scene completing overhaul and assisting the State Fire Marshals Office. All units cleared the scene and returned to quarters at 1616 hours.


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  • E1 LT

    Nice job.

  • Scooter

    Tex Book… GREAT JOB! 10 seconds to lay out from plug, 23 seconds to run the line & nice flake out, 46 seconds to get water, in the door at 1 min. OUTSTANDING! I hope a lot of the other video players that don’t show so well take note on this one. Is your company ready for Statter911? St Mary’s County 7 Engine was and they performed! STRIKE DA BOX! K

  • Lineman

    Nice push. Good to see a strong interior attack

  • Fire21

    Well done, St. Mary’s! Congratulations.

  • JustSayin’

    Way Cool.!!!

    Second Due Engine arrives and can report,
    “Heavy Steam Showing.!!!”

  • Vamp

    Outstanding! Good to see some departments still know how to fight fires.


    Nice work !

  • mark


  • Engineboss

    Great job guys… Nice to see an engine bring a water supply, pull hose, force a door, and have water flowing before the truck even gets there!

  • Anonymous

    I like how the SMIBs have more go than most of the other fiascos we see. It must be the DCFD Southern command !

  • commenter

    They did a good job getting in service. Notice that the lineman hit the fire from the yard first.

    A bumper turret would have been a little faster. Killing the flashover from the yard would’ve taken :15-20 seconds more and stopped the fire prior to entry.

    If they had been delayed somehow getting from the front door to the fire room they would’ve already done 90% of what they came to do. Opening the door makes the fire worse. Fortunately they weren’t delayed in this case.

    Enter low, stay low, leave low. That guy walking in was wrong.

    Since that guy walking in wasn’t doing anything else, he could have brought a fan instead of empty hands, and they could’ve waited all of 20 seconds to clear most of the smoke — saving any victims. In this case the fire was right there, and there were no obstacles, and the room didn’t flash, and no one was hurt. The other 90% of the time, a PPV attack would be faster.

    These guys arrived with a plan, and executed it well. (Except for the empty-handed guy walking in the smoke). Perfection would have been to have a better plan: Arrive quickly: Kill the Flashover; Size up the Building; Establish Command; Announce a Plan; Execute the plan – which 90% of the time should be Positive Pressure Attack from side A.

    Really though, good job on the guys from Co. 7. I assume they’re all volunteer. They did a better job than most career departments.

    • 8truck

      Would you stop already?

      • Anonymous

        Amen to that

    • Anon

      What is with you and bumper turrets in every single one of your posts? Are you a salesman that’s just read all the books or are you actually a firefighter?

      Anywho, GREAT job Engine 7, what a great knockdown

    • BH

      The lineman knocked the fire climbing the OUTSIDE of the building. He seems well-trained enough to know not to flow through the window.

      Can’t kill a flashover that’s already happened anyway. The room was free burning, in case you didn’t notice.

      • Commenter

        Sure you can. Or at least you can darken the fire without drawing the fire back to any victims overcome on their way out the front door.

        Conventional training is wrong. You can’t push fire. Everything gets better with water on the fire. Entry is ventilation, and draws the fire, smoke, and heat back towards the entry. You can put water on the fire fastest from outside — but you have to be ready to vent the heat and steam, and you have to be ready to move in and fully extinguish the fire from the inside.

  • X Engine 6 Captain

    Commenter, you sound a lot like the Foam Fairy, or the PPV Bozo. I think you enjoy saying stupid stuff. Thank God your retired and have nothing to do with putting your ideas into play.

  • fedup

    He didn’t hit the fire from the outside…he put a little water on the vinyl siding so it wouldn’t extend…big difference
    Excellent job

  • Bravo50

    Nice job, well done!!!

    That´s what I call fire fighting… Excelent deployment in a very shot time.

    Keep working like that. Hope you Dave post more videos from this VFD.

  • mdff

    Where are all the scab, tick, squirrel haters on this, surely must of done something wrong. The DCFD/aggresive influence runs deep in this part of MD. Pride, training and tradition also contribute, keep up the excellent work.


    Firemen doing fireman stuff; exactly what the taxpayers expect when they dial 911.
    Nice job, troops.

    Expect fire.

  • Dmgdriver

    Commenter, Maybe the engine crew should have waited for the truckies to show up. Then they could have rigged the stick and have had a truly effective surround and drown

  • Careerguy

    Career guys play a huge influence on this region.

    Southern Maryland volunteer stations have career guys from Fairfax, Howard, DC, Montgomery, Loudon, PG and more, and it shows.

    They bring their training and experience back home to protect their friends and family and neighbors.

  • smoke eater

    Good work for a company that does not see much first due fire and have that chance to make an initial attack.

  • Former Chief

    Nice job. Just curious on the supply line. Did they intentionally wait to charge it until the Truck got in? Or were they waiting for the second due Engine Co. to pick up the hydrant and pump it? Or, did it just happen that way? If I were using this video as a tool to train, I would mention possibly pulling the Engine a little farther past the house to give more room for the Truck and also moving the supply line to the opposite side of the road if time and personnel permits. Not like I haven’t done the same thing as they did over the years. We do get a bit busy sometimes. At the end of the day, this was a nice job by Firefighters who knew what they were doing.

    • Chief 7B

      This was a non Hydrant area that we would set up for a Tanker Shuttle Operation but none of the other tankers were used because of the quick knock down by the Engine Company. The Truck was the second unit to arrive followed by our Pumper-Tanker who supplied the Engine. Just a background of our Box Assignments for a Non-Hydrant Box: 4 Companies (2nd, 3rd,and 4th due companies run Pumper-Tankers or Tankers), 1 Truck, 1 Water Supply Unit, and 2 Ambulances. Thanks for all the good feedback.

      • Former Chief

        Thanks Chief. Not being from a rural area, I didn’t even think of that. Nice work by your people.

  • Mike

    Why are Maryland volunteers a 1,000 times better then Jersey and PA vollies?