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Helmet-cam video: First arriving ladder at two-alarm apartment fire in Newark, Delaware.

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Above is helmet-cam video shot by Firefighter Kyle Rice from Christiana Fire Company‘s Ladder 12 for Here’s the description with the video:

Christiana Fire Company’s Ladder 12 arrives first due at a two story middle of the row dwelling with heavy fire showing. With other companies arriving, Ladder 12’s officer and bar man make entry into the exposure units to conduct a primary search. With the search complete, they start venting upon the entry of the engine company.

Christiana Fire Company is currently being filmed by Dave Hernandez Photo LLC. for a web series entitiled, “Into The Smoke.” Although the camera crew wasn’t present at the time of the fire, Ladder Company 12’s Bar Man Kyle Rice provided the crew with this intense footage.

Below is neighbor video of the same fire.


Two people are hurt and 34 people displaced after a fire at a Delaware apartment complex.

The 2-alarm blaze happened around 2 a.m. on Wednesday at the Spring Run Apartment Complex on Hobart Drive in Newark, Delaware.

The News Journal:

A fire that gutted 12 apartments in three buildings east of Newark this morning routed 30 people who are being assisted by the American Red Cross, officials said this afternoon. One woman was hospitalized with injuries.

The blaze struck the four-unit buildings in the first block of Hobart Drive at the Hidden Creek Commons Apartments just before 2 a.m. Damage is expected to exceed $1 million, Assistant State Fire Marshal Michael G. Chionchio said. The two-alarm fire was accidental, he said.

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Thanks to Dave Hernandez for pointing us to the helmet-cam video. Above is more on his Into The Smoke web series.


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  • Former Chief

    Looks like some strong work trying to get ahead of a fire that had a good head start. Did the Ladder Officer have a TIC during the search? I didn’t see one unless I missed it.

    • Kyle R

      Yes he did, hanging from his right side, the visibility wasn’t that bad once we were inside so there wasn’t much need to use it for the search.

      • Former Chief

        Thanks Kyle. Nice work there.

  • Fire21

    Firefighter J. Hawk, fasten your air pac waist strap!

    Why do guys not fasten those straps? Do they think the 2-3 seconds to do it are too long? Do they think it’s too uncomfortable? I bet it’d be a lot more uncomfortable if that strap got caught in some big object about the time they were trying to evacuate the building!

    They’re there for a reason, folks, use them!!

    Yeah, those ladder guys did some hustling work, and stayed at it for a long time.

    • scba272

      I never used them either, never saw the need, however i agree unbelted can and will compromise one safety

  • Jimmy

    Hey fire slayer! Wear your waist strap, go on a diet, and move with a purpose! Thanks

  • Mike

    The helmet cam operator goes and tells the outside officer no extension, might want to poke a few holes before you say that. Further I’m tired of seeing rigs pull up and guys get out not prepared to go to work or looking confused as to what to do.

  • Crowbar

    Way too much time spent under a free burning lightweight roof truss system. That roof could have collapsed on them at any moment.

    • Anonymous

      I hope that is a joke. The free burning attics will burn away the lightweight truss. Nothing to fall other than a few burned up 2X4’s.

  • really

    Nice Video. Fire was put out from the inside of the one exposure, sure to get a few people upset. Balance was knocked with some large streams. Its what they do

  • BH

    Couple more lines on the upper floor with the and they might have gotten it, maybe.