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Raw video: Apartment fire in Bloomington, Illinois.

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More video here

Video from kingherodthegreat1 of an apartment fire today at 1412 Croxton Avenue, the Holiday Park Apartments in Bloomington, Illinois.

Bob Larson,

Bloomington and Normal firefighters battled an apartment building fire Friday and managed to save a dog at 1412 Croxton Avenue. The first fire company arrived shortly after 11am and found fire coming through the roof and called for all off duty Bloomington firemen while Normal firemen also responded. A reported of a juvenile trapped inside one of the apartments proved unfounded but firemen did find a dog that was crated in one of the apartments and rescued the dog who had an emotional reunion with its owner. Windy conditions also made fighting the fire difficult.

Mary Ann Ford & Lenore Sobota,

A Bloomington firefighter was slightly injured by falling debris, but no residents were injured in the blaze, which was reported about 11:15 a.m., according to Bloomington Fire Capt. Brad McCollum.

Flames were already coming from the roof of the two-story building when the first 911 calls were received, McCollum said. The fire appears to have started in an upper-story apartment on the west end of the building.


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  • Anonymous

    I would think the tower company would have at least thrown some ground ladders to the windows around the building rather than just sitting in the bucket and watching the interior firefight for a long, long time….

  • old man 1

    While i couldn’t see the front of the building what was the job of the tower? Was it positioned for egress? I agree with anonymous that ground ladders should have been placed around the building.

  • mark

    Well, having just received my KIC certificate as an early Christmas present, and despite being a Saturday AM, I wonder what the purpose is of having 2 firemen stand in a bucket for a good 10 minutes while at least 1 interior crew was working their butts off and not making much headway.

    As Anon stated, how about some ground ladders? How about dragging another line inside and helping the at least 2 inside make some headway instead of applying water from the outside with the truck pipe? Maybe a trench cut to prevent further fire spread in the atticcockloft?

  • John

    Apparently no communication…the elevated master stream is being applied and if you watch carefully the interior crew is still throwing water also…good way to make for alot if bad possiblilities…and yes no ladders on a top floor multi story building

  • Anonymous

    “We bought a tower, dammit, and we’re gonna use it!”

  • BH

    Not everybody has the manpower to throw ladders, especially when they’re looking at losing the whole building. They clearly wanted a quick transition from offensive to defensive operations, hence the two guys waiting for water in the bucket… They definitely opened up too early though. Maybe the interior crew didn’t get the message?

    • 8truck

      Only takes one to throw ground ladders.

      • BH

        The general area I live and work in has paid departments with 4-6 on a shift. Many cross-staff their ladders with ambulances. One department had 1 guy on their ladder truck for well over a decade, maybe two.

        My comment stands. Sometimes the manpower just isn’t there.

  • GaFireFWondering Why1

    We ride 2 on our truck or rescue and manage to throw a couple of ladders. How about one of them gets out of the bucket and helps the driver throw a couple since it appears he can’t do it alone.

  • Crowbar

    Nice work saving the dog. I am certain that was an enormous relief to the pet’s owners.

    A life saved is a life saved.

  • Robert Kramer


  • Anonymous

    6 Engines & 2 ambulances staffed with min of 3,2 ambulances with 2 each, plus lots of chiefs on scene. Now discuss…

  • Steve in NJ

    Hats off to the engine crews who were on the interior taking a beating trying to put the fire out and getting no obvious support from anyone on the exterior.

  • Ray B. Joliet Il.

    First rescue was performed along with interior attack while ladder setup was performed. Would you want a ladder truck throwing water from above where the roof is vented as you are coming in from below with interior attack. As for ladders not setup , if told one person inside and where that person is located why put up ladders if not needed. With most departments running with limited manpower ask yourself as a Fire Officer what were your actions to take -life, exposures and then fight fire. Can all these happen a once yes if up have manpower an equipment. Don’t Monday Quarterback the fire was put out and no life’s. lost.

  • Anonymous

    The prespective that this video is shot does not show what was really going on here. You can only see 10% of the entire fire scene and you can only see 1 crew. There were multiple crews working inside. The master stream ,on a fog pattern, was pointing straight down and never touched the building. The building was ground laddered.

  • Anonymous

    The perspective that this video is shot does not show what is really going on here. You can only see about 10% of the entire fire scene and you can only see 1 crew. There were multiple crews working inside. The building was laddered. The master stream that you see come on for a few seconds was on a fog pattern pointing straight down and never touches the building. You have no idea what assignments were made or what operations were already being performed.