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Raw video & radio traffic: Defensive operations ordered at Cumberland, MD house fire with exposures.

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This is video shot by cumberlandsmagic1005 on Friday morning of a house fire that spread to exposures in the 400 block of Grand Avenue in Cumberland, Maryland. Radio transmissions captured on the video indicate a little confusion in the move to defensive operations. At 1:42 you hear a rather animated message, “Bucket shut your line down, there are people in the building”.  The airhorns sound at 2:55.

Michael A. Sawyers, Cumberland Times News:

“We tried an internal attack, but had to back out,” said Cumberland Fire Chief Donnie Dunn at the scene. A steady wind of about 20 mph was the culprit that helped damage the second structure, according to Dunn.

Numerous companies were called to assist the battle of the blaze in a neighborhood with tightly packed houses. One fire hose was attached to a hydrant at Third and Race and stretched a block and a half via alleys and side streets to the fire scene.

More video Cumberland-Times News video from the fire here.

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  • Countyfirebuff

    Check out Countyfirebuff on Youtube. Spread the word. :)

  • http://denise mdff

    What is the tower doing?

  • http://denise mdff

    In the first 4 minutes.

  • OldCityCaptain

    Amazing! Arguing over the air. This is what gives volunteers a bad name….you want to be considered “professional”???? then you need to conduct yourself accordingly…..
    Come on Man!!!!!!

    • http://denise mdff

      What Volunteers, Cumberland is a pround IAFF, certified fire department. Acting unprofessional on any level gives everyone a bad name.

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  • OldCityCaptain

    I stand corrected…..and still say…….COME ON MAN!

  • Fire21

    Would loved to have seen some more angles on this early on to see more of what was being done.

  • Captain on scene

    Arrived on scene with confirmed entrapment per police report. Heavy fire on Side D in divisons 1 and 2 with exposure D(1)building involved as well. First engine crew on scene successfully rescued a woman that was trapped. She was treated an transported to the hospital and later flown to shock trauma. The clarify the confusion related to radio traffic the building was already ordered to be evacuated per command. Someone(under investigation)decided to resume interior operations with out telling command or other crews. So the evacuation was ordered a second time which is what you are seeing in the video. Hats off to the crew that made the grab! It’s a shame this is where the focus media attention is instead of the fact that a trapped occupant was successfully rescued from certain death by first in crews.

  • Warren

    Captain on scene, thank you! The local media did report the rescue, however most of the “experts” on this site only base their opinions on the videos posted here, and never do any other research.CFD does not have to apologize to anybody on here, after all, I’ve seen plenty of FDNY videos where they have “debates” on the radio.