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A must listen. Extreme courage under fire. Calm & deliberate radio transmissions from firefighters wounded in Webster, NY.

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NOTE: Due to the tragic news of the day we will delay the announcement of the contest winners.

phillyfirenews has posted the radio traffic from this morning’s tragic shootings in Webster, New York that took the lives of two firefighters and wounded two others. The audio is mostly a radio conversation between the two wounded firefighters, dispatchers and responding units.

The injured firefighters, Joseph Hofstetter, who is also a career firefighter with the Rochester FD, and Theodore Scardino, are amazingly calm, despite their serious wounds as they provide updates and wait for help.

Killed by the gunman are two other West Webster firefighters, Mike Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka.


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  • CLT_FF

    Very heroic, the calmness, the professionalism, the updates – these guys are heros. They maintained absolute composure when threatened with the toughest of situations. Bless them.

  • http://none Engine 5er

    Thank God for citizens coming to help!? Jesus, we better learn to save our own! “Hang tight brother” . . . is all?


    That we all could do so well in similar circumstances.

  • Edward M. Roche Sr.

    Prayers for the the souls of the dead and their families.

    Prayers for the wounded.

  • FireMedic1

    Unbelieveable and I must say I don’t know how the firefighter and dispatcher stayed that calm especially the firefighter seeing his buddies shot. I wonder why it took so long for PD to get to the firefighter who ended up being evaced by bystanders anyway, just curious as to the reasons.

  • Bud

    They are all heros

  • Dickey

    Man, what a calm, cool and collected hero. Sounded like he was trying to stay conscious by talking which is a good thing. He even had the presence of mind to give much needed recon to the responding officers. As a dispatcher myself, I would want to keep him talking so he does stay conscious and not focus on his own wounds. Balls the size of church bells, that’s for sure.

  • james

    my prayers out to the fremen and ther familys and would just like to say grat job 312

  • Marc

    The pain and suffering for these folks, their families, and the public safety profession in general is immeasurable and inconsolable. Rest in Peace, we will be there and we will always remember… First our kids, then our firefighters, and in Houston today a police officer… NRA, go hide under a rock… I used to be a fan – but enough is enough.

    • Just Sayin’

      Prayers for all involved.

      Hey Marc.. How about the legal system go hide under a rock.!!!!

      WHY was this guy on the street.??!!
      He MURDERED has Grandmother with a HAMMER.!!!
      Beat her to death with a HAMMER.

      He should have been in Jail until he died in the gas chamber 6-months
      after his conviction of MURDER.

      Hey Marc,
      Please remember that bad guys with guns (which is against state/federal law)
      are only stopped by good guys with guns.

      When seconds count the Cops are only minutes away, Marc.

  • thefyreman

    I can’t even imagine how long this must have felt from this firefighter’s standpoint… must have felt like HOURS… What a tremendous amount of courage and composure under such unimaginable conditions. Thoughts and prayers for the firefighters and the families of the firefighters involved in this incident.

  • Scooter

    Prayers for all the brothers and familys for this sad incident. Why was this prick out of jail in the first place. Kills his 92 year old grandmother with a hammer and does not get the death sentence or life in jail without parol? If so this would not have happened. Prayers again to all the brothers and faimly members. Strike Da Box! K

  • Matthew petty

    Prayers from a Baltimore city fire fighter. We are all proud of of your courage and sacrifice.
    I hope they caught the scum that did this.

  • Eric

    Prayers for all their families, as well as the 30 y/o female officer in Wauwatosa, Wi whom was murdered this morning on duty.

  • les

    start firing up the electric chair be done with these crazy frickin people!

  • Terry L. Raffield

    Terry L. Raffield & Family sends this message: Our prayers are with our Fallen Brothers our injured Brothers and all there Famlies and there Fire Family. Our Hearts are broken and sad.But as Firefighters our Faith will stay strong as I know all will rise above this terrible time. GOD & JESUS is the only answer.
    Freeport,Fl. Freeport Fire-Rescue

  • Phil

    I hate to politicize this but this case shows that guns are not the problem. The problem is an overcrowded and unfocused penalty system along with poor mental health treatment. No amount of regulations would have stopped this previously convicted murderer. Support harsh penalties for violent crimes, not strict restrictions for law-abiding citizens!
    But to the more important issue at hand, I pray for these heroes, their families, and all the families who lost homes due this monster and his cowardice.

  • markkk

    I think this guy would have had a lot harder time killing firefighters with a hammer..but then if the firefighters had sidearms they would been able to defend themselves..i would feel a lot safer if everyone had guns than if no one had guns..guns dont kill firefighters…or do they

  • 7House

    To be honest, I cant bring myself to listen to this. Early in my career we had a LODD and listened to the radio traffic of his final moments. To this day I cant listen to it. My thoughts are with the families of Tomasz Kaczowka & Mike Chiapperini. Also those of the brothers that were injured. As for all the gun & politic debating, save it for somewhere else, this isn’t the place.

  • (RJ) in florida

    This guy’s actions despite his wounds are nothing short of perfect. i could hear him slipping into deeper shock later in the communications but he kept on giving cool, no yelling information as best he could and this is going to be a teaching tape i’m sure

    i worked in bad areas and have been shot at but thank god never hit and i have nothing but praise for these brothers

    what angers and concerns me is will this spring a wave of copycats because if you respond to calls involving violence you are suceptable to this. i am not in favor or arming firefightes or EMS (but i wont take it off the table)

    the only criticism i have is the lack of cross communication ability between law enforcement and fire. i know from my experience as a dispatcher its a “they cant talk on our channel” thing because of turfuarding but thanks to modern systems we have overcome that where i am now but i think it needs a nationwide reexamination now because he ws giving out good tactical information the cops could have used

  • mark

    blame guns all u want it ant the guns its the sick basterds behind them bring back the dam death pentaly in every dam state kill the basterds hang them like they used to and get reid the dam news media thats what they want and thats what they geting and u dam rite i own guns try come get them

    • dave statter

      Yes, the news media is the problem. They created this. I have seen many of those reporters gunning down people. Some of the very people I worked with are mass killers. And even if they aren’t we should just give the death penalty to all those who report the news.

      Mark, I see you like to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution you support and which you don’t. The last I looked it wasn’t a choose one from column A and one from column B kind of thing. But I could be wrong. I cut a lot of classes.

      More and more these days with Facebook, Twitter and even this forum, the news media is us. Do you want to get rid of us?

      Isn’t it time the country just man up and stop looking for someone or something to blame for these problems? Look in the mirror. What have you done to help change things? Saying I got my guns and I am defending mine isn’t what a healthy society is about. Something tells me that may have at least been part of Mr. Spengler’s philosophy too (though I am not comparing you to that sicko).

      Please don’t take any of this as my position on guns or the news media. It is about my feelings on our constant need to find some easy target to blame things on rather than actually having to get off our asses and do something.

      Thanks. I feel better.


      • CHAOS

        Dave, I will continue to blame punctuation … or a lack thereof.

        Happy Holidays, Dave, to you and everyone at Statter World Headquarters.

        • dave statter

          You may have stumbled on to something there CHAOS. Best to you and yours and thanks, as always, for your support and input.

          • AbsoluteReality

            The GOD of the Bible has been kicked out of America.
            And we wonder why these horrors continue to happen.

            Yes Terry, GOD & JESUS is the only answer.

            “Despite what the political parties would like you to believe, the problem in America is not the politicians, it is the pulpits. I hate to break the news to you, but most of America’s pulpits are filled with cowardly men. They are a shame to the Christ they claim to serve.

            I am fed-up with what I see. How did we ever get such man-pleasing leaders?
            All that our fore-fathers held dear is being destroyed before our very eyes and hardly a peep from the pulpit.

            Where have these guys come from? What we need is a return of the Voice of God thundering through the prophets standing in America’s pulpits. Not the prissy purpose driven drivel passing as the Gospel today.

            The feminized-preachers of today cannot hold a candle to those who ushered in The Great Awakening which led to the American Revolution, and the abolition of slavery — two world-changing events spearheaded by the pulpit.”

          • dave statter

            Absolute Reality,

            First of all, Merry Christmas. I hope it has been a wonderful holiday for you and yours

            Second of all, God and Jesus aren’t the only answer to the Jewish fellow who runs this blog. But you have already pretty much told me I am going to hell anyway.

            That said, I am far from offended by your comments. Very little offends me. I will always defend your right to say it and to practice your religion.

            As you know, while I haven’t censored you or deleted these sermons, I respectfully ask that you take them to a more appropriate forum.

            I am assuming at this point, after you told me you would respect my requests, that you want me to cut you off so that you can be a martyr. Or maybe you are just pulling my leg with all of this considering almost all of your posts under three or four different names, and on various topic besides religion, are designed to get in people’s faces and agitate. As I said before very troll like. You must be joy to live with.

            We cover fire news here, not fire and brimstone.

            I don’t know about you but I believe in peace on earth and good will to men (and women). How about giving us a little peace and showing some good will toward me and those who read this forum?



  • Shhh…

    Happy Holidays Dave and family.

    • dave statter

      Thanks. Same theto you and all the Shhhshes.

  • firefighthero

    Well put Dave and Merry Christmas to you. Looking forward to another great year of STATTER911.

    • dave statter

      Thanks. Same there.

  • Bob Clark

    As a firefighter and a dispatcher listening to this recording really hits home and sends a chill down my spine. The firefighter and dispatcher on this call are both to be commended for staying calm, cool, and collected. May God bless you each and everyone who was involved that day, and to my brother firefighters and dispatchers, may God bless us each and every day.