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Must hear citizen commentary: They’re too slow. Too slow. Too slow. That was quick.

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Let me give a shout out and some Christmas love to the THE Fire Critic Rhett Fleitz. He did find the video of the day (what do they say about squirrels who don’t see so well?). You all know how much I love citizen commentary on these videos. Rhett  has discovered what will go down as a classic in this genre. Good job Rhett (to tell you the truth I didn’t even know Rhett was still blogging).

The scene is a house fire Christmas Eve in Corpus Christi, Texas. A woman’s voice is heard throughout talking to a man. She is a neighbor. The woman makes it clear from the start of the video she isn’t happy with the performance of the fire department. She mentions it a dozen times. Here are all her comments from the beginning of the video until 1:36:

They’re too slow. They’re too slow. They’re too damn slow. Those guys are really slow. They are too slow. They are slow as hell. That’s not the fire department, is it? They are taking forever, right?  Too long, they don’t even have their gear on. These guys right here don’t even have their gear on. They’re too slow. It’s already been over five minutes since I got out here.

Too slow! From this to this in 2:30.

By my view you start to clearly see steam around 1:30 on the video. The flames begin to die down and vanish by 2:25 or so.

At 2:31 the woman suddenly takes note that orange stuff has gone away but she isn’t exactly sure who is doing it. It slowly dawns on her it’s the firefighters:

Well somebody is putting it out because it went down. That went down already. Are they on the other side? That was quick. It’s gone already.

Amazing. Truly amazing.  

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Comments - Add Yours

  • VolFFinNC

    I guess until we jump out of the apparatus with hose-lines already charged and rushing down the front door we’ll always be too slow. Honestly I’d rather be “slow” and take the time to evaluate the situation to make sure things are safe for all my brothers and sisters on scene. Confirmed rescue of course is a different ball game where seconds do matter.

    • 8truck

      Maybe the operators aren’t required to wear their gear. It’s a common pratice in many departments.

  • Eric

    While I’m not going to agree with the “too slow” comments because we didn’t get a whole video from the beginning. I will have to agree with “they don’t even have their gear on”. I wonder what they were dispatched for? A medical alarm?

    • David

      Eric, considering all we saw was a few firemen in the foreground how can you criticize. We can’t see interior or on the opposite side to see what PPE the ones on the hoses ARE wearing. Maybe they were coming from another call, and for safety, didn’t dress with the rig in motion. Maybe they were there to set up rehab. I guess you “agreeing” with the obvious “firefighter of the year” narrator explains it all.

      • Eric

        Where was the criticism? My observation was that a fair amount of the firefighters onscene weren’t wearing their gear.(I only saw 1 walking up later in the video), the observation I made was also made by the commentator (which I simply agreed with). No criticism there. I then wondered what they were dispatched for because I simply didn’t know. As you stated they could have been out on another call and didn’t want to pose a safety risk by gearing up in the rig. Well I would have assumed once they got onscene they would have geared up then.

  • Fire21

    Sure wish some of these citizen commentators would join their fire depts so they could teach all the rest of us how things ought to be done!

  • 8truck

    Gotta love the uninformed citizens. It’s a good thing they disabled the comments on their video.

  • WCFD53

    Reminds me of the old SNL character, Emily Littela. ” why don’t these ‘fired men’ put some water on the fire…maybe that’s why they got fired…what’s that? the fire is out…never mind!”. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  • D. Schaefer

    Lady your brain is too slow.Go to this fire station and have the guys give you a little training.

  • Cappy

    Put a recruitment pamplet or a membership application in the first due engine and proudly try to distribute it to all that gripe and complain… explain to them that you really need them to be part of a volunteer outfit…. you’ll be amazed how many onlookers will shut up when encouraged to join up and pitch in to protect the community while firefighters are in the act of assisting their neighbors. Caution… be sincere because some may take you up on your offer!

  • Crowbar

    Further proof of my theorem: Speaking while recording video may reveal one’s I.Q.

  • Lt117

    She must be the leader of the neighborhood green line brigade! Stick her butt in there and see if she can do any better!!!!! What a troll!

  • enid0mom .

    I’ve seen dozens of videos where on-lookers are yelling about how slow the firefighters are, why isn’t there any water, etc.? Most never notice the hose(s) going in the front door. It must be hard to be a firefighter sometimes because when you are doing the most dangerous work and when you are doing the most good, it is out of sight of residents, neighbors, passers-by, etc. Until you come out of the building with a living pet; then all is forgiven.
    People seeing only the video of a fire and who are not experienced firefighters, or have not studied firefighting as I have, think they know what is going on from a single view of the scene. Like they don’t know it is 3-D, not 2-D.