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Radio traffic: Police department audio from ambush in Webster, NY.

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This recording by Radioman911TV (website here) combines both the fire department radio traffic (isolated here, in case you haven’t heard it yet) with the police department radio traffic. It’s also not condensed. It’s in real time with the time stamps posted on the screen.

While it can be a jumble to listen to, it does give you a perspective of what both departments faced during yesterday’s ambush that left West Webster FD members Mike Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka dead and wounded Theodore Scardino and Joseph Hofstetter.

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  • East of I-57

    For the love of god, why couldnt the police launch a rescue of the downed firefighter who needed to be rescued? I understand it was a dangerous situation but tell me there could not be some kind of heavy firepower amassed and an all out attempt be made. He laid there by himself way too long.

  • Lizard

    Perhaps I am missing something, but it does seem from the audio traffic PD was much more concerned with setting up a parimeter then they were with getting in and effecting rescue with, especially with known victims who were still alive and an active shooter.

  • Sally

    Careful…… You weren’t there.