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Raw video & fireground audio: Mayday at two-alarm apartment fire in Prince George’s County, MD.

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Video above by PGFD PIO Mark Brady of this afternoon’s two-alarm apartment fire in Greenbelt, Maryland that included a brief mayday. The firefighter operating on the roof who called the mayday was not injured. In the audio the mayday is at 12:20 and and is resolved almost immediately. At 22:54 command pulls crews out of 9133 Edmonston Terrace for a brief time to operate master streams.

Here’s Mark Brady’s description of the fire:

Firefighters battled a fire in a Greenbelt apartment building that required about 30 minutes to extinguish. At around 4:30 pm, Wednesday, December 26, firefighters were alerted to a fire at 9133 Edmonston Terrace in Greenbelt. This is a 2-story front/3-story in the rear garden style apartment building.

Upon arrival, firefighters found fire showing from the top two floors on the front side of the building. A civilian was rescued from his top floor apartment balcony in the rear of the building after retreating there for shelter.

A 2nd Alarm was sounded bringing about 50 firefighter/Medics to the scene.

Photo by Mark E. Brady, PGFD.

The fire grew in intensity and eventually extended through the roof before all personnel were evacuated. The bulk of the fire was then knocked down from the exterior before firefighters returned to the interior and completed extinguishment.

One firefighter declared a Mayday after becoming separated from his crew while operating in the building at the height of the fire. The firefighter maintained his location until he was located by other firefighters almost immediately. The firefighter was not injured.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported. All of the apartments in the building of origin are displaced as well from the attached building on each side. There is a total of 30 apartments in the 3 buildings with 21 that are occupied.

The cause of the fire is accidental and attributed to a malfunctioning furnace. Preliminary fire loss is estimated at $250,000.


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  • DB

    What kind of tags of those? You only mention the third due special service Truck 12 (CPVFD) and Greenbelt fire. Being from PG county I figured you would have tagged Berwyn Heights Fire Department because this is their first due, they were the first due truck. Branchville’s Engine 11 is also Spring Hill Lake’s first due engine and no mention? Or how about Beltsville 31 who made the grab? I get it Truck 12 had a brief mayday but still.. I’m not offended at all, these tags are just comical…

    • dave statter

      In five years of doing the blog this may be only the third comment about tags. But until now there was never a complaint about not being included in the tags. Well since you aren’t offended, I am not going to worry about it. Glad I could give you a laugh, but I am not sure why.

      Yes, I chose Berwyn Heights because they are first due. I was unaware that Truck 31 made the grab (didn’t register when I heard the transmission). To all my friends in Beltsville who feel slighted for not being mentioned, a thousand apologies.

      And maybe it softens the blow for those folks at Branchville that I did share their photo on Facebook about an hour after the fire started. I am sure they lost sleep over my complete insensitivity over this issue. How could I be so stupid?

      • 1st AlarmTanker Task Force