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Early video: House fire in Stockton, California.

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Here’s a late Christmas present for the KICs out there. Video from bereal2us of your favorite department in operation. This is a house fire in South Stockton on December 13. According to the description Engine 3 and Truck 2 were first in.

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  • Scooter

    Looks like a job well done… expected nothing less from the past videos I have seen from Stockton. push through the front door, roof crew up and going to work quickly. Be safe, don’t get beat to your first in, don’t let another company steal your job…. and of course…. Strike Da Box! K

  • Fire21

    By now, I’m sure the news has spread to all flames that when Stockton arrives, just surrender. LOL

  • PenguinMedic

    Good work as always by the Brothers in Stockton.


    Fire starts.
    Stockton FD arrives, goes to work.
    Fire goes out.

    It really is that simple.

  • Former Chief

    Stockton FD goes to work, fire goes out.

  • FOBS

    It’s California firefighters, doing what we do best.

    Strike up da box! K?

    It’s called first-in drills and basic firemanship and training everyday.

    I don’t know why more departments don’t try it.

  • Captain Retired NJ

    Good fire attack and vent. Hey videographer, turn the damn phone to the horizontal – so we don’t go blind trying to watch the action.

    • JustSayin’

      Sadly, you’re correct, Capt.

      While our west-coast Brothers seem more effective than say those of the NYFD
      or the other east-coast 1950’s Biggies, the videographers out west may need some
      additional training.

  • ukfbbuff

    Nice work Stockton!