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Alabama firefighters fired on during medical call. No one hit. Man arrested.

Phillip Earl Jones Jr. charged with attempted murder of firefighters.

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Woman arrested & home raided in connection with Webster, NY firefighter ambush



A suspect is in custody after allegedly shooting at firefighters responding to a call in Lake Cyrus early this morning (Thursday).

Fire officials say firefighters responded to a medical call at 4 a.m. When they arrived, a suspected fired shots at them.

Three firemen took refuge in the Lake Cyrus Country Club during the incident.


Phillip Earl Jones, Jr. was arrested for attempted murder after an altercation at his home in the Lake Cyrus Subdivision in Hoover.

Jones fired several shots as firemen entered the front door.

Responding police units took Jones into custody and transported him to Shelby Baptist Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released a short time later.  

Carol Robinson,

As firefighters entered through the front door, police say Phillip Earl Jones Jr. opened fire. The firefighters retreated to a position of safety, said Hoover police Capt. Jim Coker.  No one was injured by the gunfire.

Police on the scene took Jones, 45, into custody. He was taken to Shelby Baptist Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. He was then taken to the Hoover City Jail on an attempted murder charge, Coker said. He was later transferred to the Jefferson County Jail where he is being held on $30,000 bond. 

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Jay

    put the asshole in a fire suit and fire at him for a while. Sign me up, ill put a few rounds in him.

  • Janelle Grapes

    As a FF/EMT, why would someone want to fire a gun at someone who is there to help you? I think we should do like the old days….u get fired on, shoot back!

  • Curtis Brooks

    Sad to see that the USA is just as easy on criminals as Canada is in these situations. The man tried to kill innocent people who were trying to help him. If he walked into the Judges chambers and opened fire on some Judges sitting around a table I would bet he would not be out before his trial date! Come on Judge grow a pair and start to correct this shooting for fame before it gets any worse!

  • Liz Johnson

    This is what happens when the news puts the storys out there, I guess he was trying to copy cat the low life that did this a week ago and killed some fire fighters!!!! and he ONLY gets a 30,000 bond on him?!?!!!?? WHAT THE HELL????? SO HE CAN GET OUT AND CALL FROM A DIFF. ADDRESS AND MAYBE THE NEXT TIME KILL SOME FIRST RESP. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???????? my son is an EMT and these first resp. jobs are dangerous enough without thia CRAP!!!! KEEP HIM LOCKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS OUR FIRST RESP.

    • dave statter

      Yes. Guns don’t kill people news reporters do. Burying our head in the sand will solve these.

      • He

        I had to go back and review the text for the basis of your comment Dave. I agree with Liz Johnson, if the news stopped reporting on these type of incidents, they would just go away{insert sarcasm here}. I guess its also safe to say if the News stopped reporting on Homicide,Domestic Violence,Battery,Sexual Conduct with minors,Assault,Robbery,Computer Theft,Forgery,Identity Theft,and Drugs, they would all go away too!!!!

  • croaker260

    They need to stop posting the face and names of these wack-jobs. This is the only way their existence is justified in their minds….

  • Anonymous

    Well Dagum, gollie Gee, and aw shux WTH is going on i AlaTucky?

    • Rus

      Don’t you mean AlaNessee or AlaGia no where on any of my maps does Kentucky touch Alabama. Before you attempt to make fun of someone, have your facts right mr. Anonymous. You must be from New York City . What a yupiee

      • jon

        Yuk yuk yuk

  • Mack Seagrave

    It seems that the majority of the mass shootings that we are seeing in the U.S. are being committed by individuals who should have themselves been committed to a mental institution long before they were able to act (as many had shown obvious signs of severe mental illness). It’s most unfortunate that our country leaves the need to deal with mental illness far down on the list of priorities. Thank God that none of the Brothers were physically harmed in this latest horror show.

    • the cookie monster

      Yes Mack they were labeled as mentally disturbed after the shootings. You can’t go and lock up people that have problems! Society is the blame for all of this crap! The law makers make laws that support the corruption in government and we are left scratching our heads and asking why. Then you sit back and want to carry a gun to shoot someone because they make you made by not agreeing with you.I think any man that carries a gun is a coward and he uses a gun to solve his problems. Murder has nothing to do with mental illness. But it has everything to do with wicked people who wants to shoot someone because they have a gun. Gun Laws are every form of corruption!

      • jon

        You make no sense whatsoever. You blame individuals for conceal carry yet blame legislators for “corrupt” gun laws that do nothing but disarm citizens.

    • Andrew

      Yes, we have fallen woefully short when it comes to helping those with mental illnesses (or whatever euphemism we’re using this week). In the 60s and 70s, the thought was to “de-institutionalize” the patients, and re-integrate them into the community. We can see by now that that hasn’t worked, but — face it — with the fiscal problems we’re facing these days, no one is going to want a big tax hike to care for the mentally ill while the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet.

  • Mike

    It’s not the 30k bond that I fail to understand. It’s the fact that this a-hole was given bond at all.

  • the cookie monster

    Too many guns and the destruction of sanity is upon us due to lack of jobs, high prices of food,increase prices on education, the laws to protect the government officials who push laws to make the economy bad and to keep people poor. The deterioration of human kind began in the 60’s and has escalated due to greed and power from the wealthy and the intentions on making the United States a third world country. Look at the movie on Hulu Plus called The End of Starvation. This is a documentary about what has happened to our countries and it started with the United States. This film is an eye opener to every single one of us! Especially if you are a middle class citizen here in the US. I urge everyone to watch it asap!

  • anotherbullseye

    To those who want to blame the media for reporting on these incidents: please go back and review the comments on the Webster event. Several of our comrades were highly offended because they felt there was not enough coverage.
    This is a no win situation.

  • Anonymous

    Start putting guns in fire trucks and train FF to shoot back!

  • bcr

    the only picture that should be shown is the low life hanging from a tree and post those pics all over the internet and maybe someone might get the idea that if you do something wrong there is going to be consequences ……yea all you goody two shoes out there will say….that’s cruel and i say the way we have been training people ….it isn’t their fault is nothing but BS …no one wins and no one loses and nothing is your fault……….well this is what you get.

  • Texas Gordo

    (sarcasm font is not working on my keyboard – please read with tongue in cheek) I have often blamed the actions ruthless mass murdering dictators (and there are literally too many from past history and who presently hold power to name, start with Vlad the Impaler…Hitler…the entire clan in North Korea) on the level of attention and reporting our media gives them.

    (back to serious font)I am not sure that Hitler and the scum who followed him only came up with their plan because they read about the favorable news coverage given to other depraved individuals. I don’t know why some people are genetically hardwired to be born/develop into psychopaths, but unfortunately it seems as old as history. I’m happy to report that given the size and history of the USA, we have managed to limit most of those individuals to less than they might have hoped to murder. These problems seem to be as old as humanity, and the optimist in me thinks we will never be able to rid ourselves of these individuals, but only work at blunting and diminishing their destructive behavior.

    I continue to see a reason to be optimistic about our chances. As long as some volunteer still gets out of bed at dark 4:30, to answer a call to help a stranger/neighbor, the evidence points to this country being on the right track. I’ve always loved that Americans will literally give of their lives to save individuals they’ve never met. Americans are good at solving problems, they are good at working together to make it a better world for their children, and the children of individuals they will never meet.

    Battles are won, wars end in victory, and nations still stand on this earth, because some poor slob decided to make their stand and hold until relieved, I didn’t hear about any houses burning down after the shooting in NY because paid or volunteer crews refused to respond. The USA is a wonderful place and it is getting better.

    Dave, keep reporting the events of the day, a free and open press makes for a stronger nation, it boosts our Constitutional immune system.

    May this New Year be a safe one for all of you.

    • dave statter

      Good to have back Gordo. Happy, safe and peaceful new year.


    Dave, I like to count myself amongst those who feel that over the years the reporting of such horrible events, whether one-time or long-term, has motivated good folks to take stands to oppose such evil. I’m sure there has been more than one time that the awareness of others led to the termination of atrocities. Things left in the dark tend to fester and manifest.

    • dave statter

      Absolutely CHAOS.

  • Larry Shipe

    peolpe have to think people think about this guns dont kill people peolpe kill people their is alot copy cats out there. That has to stop.