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Must see video: Moscow plane crash on highway caught on dash-cam. Car hit by pieces of jet.

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From video description:

A passenger jet crashed into a highway after making a hard landing at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport. At least four people were killed and four critically injured, says the Interior Ministry. Officials believe the  cause could be pilot error. Two people were found dead at the scene of the TU-204 jet crash, while a 27-year-old woman died on the way to hospital.

The New York Times:

A Russian passenger jet overshot the runway at Vnukovo airport near Moscow on Saturday and crashed into a highway, killing at least four people, all of them crew members, the authorities said.

Amateur video of the crash obtained by the Russian news site showed the plane diving hard into a snowy roadway, sending debris flying into the path of passing cars. There were no injuries reported on the ground.


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  • Fire21

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!

    “Hello, insurance?…I got hit by a crashing airplane.” “Yeah, sure you did.”

    Thank God no fuel spilling onto traffic, and no fire.

  • AbsoluteReality

    WHAT ARE THE ODDS.???!!!!

    Plane Crash,
    Next To Roadway,
    One Car,
    Only one Large Item of wreckage with enough trajectory to reach the far-side of the roadway
    Hits the car DEAD CENTER

    No one injured but WHAT A STORY to tell.!!!

  • Puzzled

    Sombody is going to have to replace the foam in the seats on that car.

  • Blue

    Does every car in Russia have a dash cam? Thousands of wreck footage on youtube…….

    • dave statter

      It really is interesting. I have noticed that over the last two years.

      • AbsoluteReality

        Insurance Fraud is VERY Common in Russia …

        “When an accident happens, a dash cam will provide real proof of what took place. No need to worry about the other party changing their story when police arrive. The following video from Russia shows a simple accident where the person who caused the accident tried to blame the victim. Without the dash cam, the victim would have no way to defend himself.

        There are some unscrupulous people who will purposely cause an accident then blame the other party. They may try to extort money from the victim or fake injuries to collect payment from insurance companies. The following video shows someone backing into another vehicle on a busy highway, then attempting to extort $500 from the victim. Without the dash cam, he would have been out $500 plus damage to his vehicle.”

        • Blue

          Learn something new every day……….