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Dash-cam, helmet-cam, fireground audio: House fire in Carlisle, Pennsylvania where young firefighter suffered a heart attack.

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First of all let me wish you a happy, healthy and safe new year and thank you for the support you continue to give Our plan for 2013 is to continue to provide the best and most interesting fire videos available and relevant fire and EMS news. Make sure you “like” the page on Facebook where we have been providing links to additional material that doesn’t make this site and breaking news before we have a chance to post it here. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

Our first video for 2013 is from Carlisle, Pennsylvania (Cumberland County). SAT6767 posted it New Year’s Eve but it was from a house fire on Thornwood Lane on December 11. That fire received some attention because Firefighter Christopher Darhower, 29, suffered a heart attack due to a blocked artery. An interview with Firefighter Darhower three days later is below (sorry I missed this story when it occurred).

On a side note, looking at the original articles about the house fire, the headline in a local paper caught my attention because it gives the dog that died in the fire top billing over the firefighter hospitalized with trouble breathing. I like dogs too, but come on. Sorry to start 2013 off by ticking off dog lovers.

It wasn’t just The Patriot-News that thinks a dead dog trumps an injured firefighter (click here). Maybe my news judgment sucks after being away from it for a while, but I would put the firefighter first.

Anyway, back to the fire. Here’s the description with the video above:

Dash and helmet cam of a working fire in a one story single family dwelling with Collyer Mansion conditions. The fire was ruled accidental in nature. One firefighter injury (cardiac related) and the dog perished in the fire.

abc27 WHTM

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Comments - Add Yours

  • 8truck

    Have to be physically fit to perform our jobs at the highest level. For how many heart attacks we’ve been having these past few years you would think someone wiould impliment some kind of workout policy in every dept. All the big wigs have no problem throwing tradition out the window because it’s “dangerous” but yet they fail to tackle the #1 cause of LODD’s.

  • Scooter

    Prayers are with the brother for a quick and full recovery. Looks like the line was run in about 25 seconds and ready to go in just under a minuet. NICE JOB… also hope others will take notice of how the firefighters moved with Zip in their step… they were not walking and milling around like a lost cause. Glad to see a department make Pa. look good compaired to one of the last ones we saw on here from Pa. Strike Da Box and keep up the good work k

  • Anonymous

    I bet the chief had a heart attack watching 10 guys try to force the front door for 5 minutes.

  • Fire21

    8truck, I think you’re wrong. I believe that most depts in the country are doing something to alleviate the high rate if heart attacks and other life-threatening causes, such as cancer. We see diet and exercise suggestions (in some cases, requirements), designed vehicle safety, enhanced visibility, and mandatory SCBA usage, to name a few. A heart attack in a 29-yer-old is an anomaly. Granted, not all depts are meeting these goals, but I think most are.

    Glad Brother Darhower is healing, and I wish him the best in the future.

  • Puzzled

    Healthy eating, exercise, etc. are good, but we can’t change genetics. A 20ish year old having a heart attack is becoming more common. I’ve had 2 in the last year. I’m glad this one had a positive outcome.

    BTW, the #1 cause of death in the world is from… Cardiac Arrest. It may be brought on by heart attack, stroke, high velocity lead therapy, etc. but cardiac arrest kills you.

  • Dave LeBlanc

    How much of our cardiac related events are really a result of the Toxic Twins? While I don’t disagree about the fitness aspect, Hydrogen Cyanide is behind some of these events, according to the research and many places still are not prepared to deal with (ie antidote).

  • 95%er

    a wise chief once told me…”the only person you can truly control is yourself”

    guy on the video screaming and cursing about the line..chill out. it’s a just a fire.

  • SAT6767

    Darhower is doing much better an we hope he’ll be back much sooner than later. Genetics definitely played a huge role with his heart attack. We all took something from his heart attack and hopefully we’ll remain proactive.
    As for the door, you can’t force something very well with large, heavy objects blocking your way. The occupants never used the front door, they used the door in the breezeway between the house and the garage. Yes it kicked our ass because we were baffled initially, but we adapted and overcame. I hope people will use this video as a training tool because we identified things we can improve on the next “bread and butter” house fire.
    Stay safe.

  • CarlCarlson

    Was the guy screaming inside the one who had the heart attack? What was his physical condition during the fire?

  • SAT6767

    I was yelling inside. There was a search crew in a bedroom off of the hallway where the fire was growing in size. Yes I was getting pissed because the second line I wanted was not in position. Something that was discussed after and hopefully will not happen again. Should I have yelled? Others can debate that. Things happen in the moment.
    Darhower’s physical condition was good. He was on the knob, first line in. Did a great job getting a knock. He then went outside, took a break, and voluntarily came back in for overhaul. That’s when he started feeling bad.

  • 95%er

    understand and thanks for answering. my personal issue with yelling is that it raises everyone’s blood pressure and then people at the back of the line think something is going wrong up front.

    the late Andy Fredericks said it best…”when the garbage truck comes around the corner, they don’t get all excited when they see garbage out on the curb.”

    every time you get on the rig, expect it to be a working job and keep your control.