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Helmet-cams: House fire with exposure problems Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

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This is video (above and below) from RayEMT of a fire reported at 5:18 AM on December 18 on East Pimlico Road in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. It shows the view from two helmet-cams. Here’s an excerpt from the video description:

Command arrives and finds same conditiond and has expouser issues on the “B” & “D” Side. Engine 72 arrives pulles (3) 1.75″ lines One went to the “A” ,”B” & “D” side. There were  some water issues as there were no hydrant in the area. Crews had the fire under control in about an hr.

Everyone is going to Be monday morning QB. There is not one department that does things prefect. at The End as long as My Guys get home to there family and no on is injuried its a good outcome.

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  • 8truck

    That description is one of my pet peeves (final statement). I truly hope that isn’t the thought process of today’s fire service. “Everyone goes home” isn’t an excuse for poor tactics on the fireground. Not saying that’s what took place in the video. I see and hear that statement being used as an excuse for bad performances and I don’t believe that’s what Billy G intended. Just my two cents

    • CHAOS

      Yeah, kinda tough to sell it as a “good outcome” to the resident (aka taxpayer) when they lose everything. Maybe they can find someone else with a different description of “good outcome” next time they have an emergency.

      On another angle, after reading that excerpt that Dave provided, we can all take solace in knowing that school is starting back up after the break.

  • EastCoastLt.

    Can someone please tell WTF is going on in this video? This is like watching a Quentin Tarantino movie! Cameras all over the place…flash backs…flash forwards…repeats..different angles of flash backs..etc…….I have a headache

  • Little Joey

    Dear Santa,
    If your not back at the North Pole yet, could you possibly drop off a few things at the Little Egg Harbor Fire Department.

    1. Engine Company Ops class

    2. Fireground Communications class

    3. Portable radios that work, and instructions how to use them.

    Lastly, would you tell the guy in the Engine that made the order to ” Pull the Blitz line”, that was the right call. Too bad the crew didn’t want to follow the order.

    Thank you Santa,

    Little Joey

  • Engine Over Ladder Anytime.

    Oh Love Love how you guys Are so Perfect. So Yeah 2 homes were saved how is that not a good outcome? Did you see the house when they pulled up? There was nothing left of that house. But Im sureyou gys would have saved a wall and call that a save. Go back to all your job did you ever do anything wrong. Im sure you will tell Yourself No we did a Good Job. So dont bash them for what they have done. You werent hear during the Storm Sandy and you have no clue what they went though or are still going through in this town. So go look in the Mirror pat your self on the back and say Yeah I am Perfect I dont do nothing wrong. When I grow up I hope to be as stuck up as some of you!!!!!

    • J Hayes

      Engine Over Ladder Anytime, or would you rather I call you “RayEMT”. I have done many a wrong on the fireground, and have learned from each experience. You can do a good job while making mistakes,but when you continue to follow this pattern, someone is going to get hurt. I’m not bashing them for what they did, it’s the basic, A,B,C’s that were blatantly disregarded that stir my feathers. I call it holding people accountable. I will ask you this,,,, how long will you use Hurricane Sandy as an excuse for poor fireground operations. You can bet your ass that the Brothers and Sisters in FDNY never once used 9/11 as a excuse for poor fireground performance.

    • NJ FF

      I agree. From what I heard the city water system is still down since sandy. Thats why it took a while to get a good water supply set up .

  • EastCoastLt.

    Guess we know know what helmet cam video Engine-Ladder submitted lol

  • Patrick

    unable to open. states video is private.

  • BH

    Aaaand the videos are down. That didn’t take long.

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