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Stabbing victim transported in DC fire truck New Year’s Eve. Ambulances & medic units not staffed. Lack of planning & high sick leave use cited.

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Paul Wagner, Fox 5 WTTG-TV:

The D.C. Fire Department found itself in a crisis situation New Year’s Eve when more than a 100 firefighters called in sick. At least 11 ambulances went unstaffed and supervisors were forced to ask for help from Prince George’s County.

One man died waiting for an ambulance and a stabbing victim was transported to the hospital in a fire truck.

The Firefighter’s union denies it was behind a coordinated sick out and says the trouble New Year’s Eve could have been avoided if the department had staffed up as it did in recent years.

Ed Smith, the head of the union, says the department is choosing cost cutting over public safety.

That’s a claim the chief denies.

If you called for an ambulance in the District of Columbia New Year’s Eve you were likely left waiting for quite some time.

Multiple sources with internal department documents to back it up say ambulance crews were in constant motion crisscrossing the city trying to keep up with the demand.

On Lang Place Northeast, Fire Engine 30 transported a stabbing victim to the hospital because an ambulance wasn’t available. It’s highly unusual for a patient to be transported on a fire truck.

At a home on 44th Place Southeast it took 40 minutes for an ambulance to arrive from Prince George’s County for a man in cardiac arrest.

A relative says the man later died.

Chief Kenneth Ellerbe declined to point any fingers over the large number of firefighters calling out sick but admitted it was highly unusual.

“Today we have 26 people out sick” said Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe, “but it could be members waited because they have an option to use sick leave three times a year without going to the clinic, it’s called our minor illness program, New Year’s Eve, it could be our members wanted to be off or they were sick.”

Chief Ellerbe described the man power shortage as a challenge rather than a crisis and says he attempted to find replacements.

He asked the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety to waive the cap on overtime that prevents some firefighters from working extra hours.

“My understanding is he talked to the mayor and (City Council Chairman) Phil Mendelson” said Chief Ellerbe, “and there was an agreement that if we relaxed the cap we would do it for just this instance but as it turned out only two members took advantage of it so it doesn’t make sense for us to talk about those kind of things as opposed to just working together to make sure these things don’t happen again.”

Chief Ellerbe says when the department went looking for extra help New Year’s Eve 48 out of 50 fire fighters turned the department down.

It’s no secret the firefighters union and the Fire Chief have been at odds.

It was just about a year ago a room full of firefighters turned their backs on the Chief and walked out of a state of the department speech he had just given.

In 2010 the District put a law into place limiting the number of overtime hours a firefighter can work.

A law the firefighters union would like to see abolished.

The union says firefighters who want to work are prevented from doing so because of the law.

FOX 5 has obtained an internal document showing five medic units and eight ambulances needed for staffing News Year’s Eve for a total of 13.


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  • anonymous

    It mentions over 100 firefighters being out sick. How many of those employees off sick were EMS civilians? It makes it sound like it was all firefighters off sick, but with how many medic units were out of service or downgraded to basic transport units, a lot of the people who were off sick were EMS civilians and not firefighters.

    Of course, every holiday there tends to be so many people off sick. In the past staffing was never an issue on holidays. The ridiculous OT rule is a big part of this problem. If the firefighters weren’t restricted on working OT then this not an issue.

  • anonymous

    LRB lying again saying everyone was off on the Minor Illness Program (MIP). How many were off on annual leave, how many were off on sick leave (approved by a doctor at the FD Clinic), and how many EMS civilians were off as they don’t have to go to the FD Clinic when they call off sick.

    • Anonymous

      I just counted for you. 81 Firefighter 19 civilians and those on ALP do not count as unexcused absences. Have some damn pride in your job. Everyone of our members who called out sick should be ashamed. Members who thought they would be with their families were stuck at work. The OT law was a result of Dennis Rubin not the current chief. You say you want to be a fire fighter than be a fire fighter. We come to work no matter what.

  • anonymous

    How come we’ve never heard of anything like this occurring ever before in the 125+ history of the DCFD? It wasn’t until LRB shows up as the FEMS Administrator that this occurs.


    Things like this have never been an issue until now…let’s face it..the department is falling apart…from the maintenance of apparatus, lack of paramedics to the biggest problem plaguing the department…MORALE Who you ask is responsible for all of this ????…The Fire Chief..In our Order Book, it states the Department has a responsibility for the overall morale of the department….on a daily basis, the department seems to be going backwards under Ellerbe and the members are the ones in the trenches keeping the daily operations running…

    Maybe Mr. Wagner could focus on the big picture and do a story on the Fire Chief who’s only leadership qualities are vindictive in nature and blatantly retaliatory. We have members facing trial boards seeking their termination for petty and minor infractions (if that) and because of who they are, the charges are being trumped up even more, but we have a Fire Chief who was recently FOUND GUILTY by an arbitrator for retaliating against Local 36 Presidedent Ed Smith and what’s his punishment….NOTHING!!!!

    As long as childhood chum/buddy pal Vinny is Mayor of the District of Corruption, he’ll continue to think his appointee of FEMS is doing a stand up job and will let him carry on with his payback mentality leadership (for all that have done him wrong), make traffic stops of apparatus because of who’s inside of it to unexpected intimidating firehouse visits….The problems that exist today, did not exist prior to his arrival (maybe some), but a so called world class organization runs as such and doesn’t have staffing problems especially when it comes to major holidays…its called planning ahead…no 3 week Harvard course needed to figure this one out…So as long as the sack coat is pressed and there’s a full tank in the Tahoe to patrol the streets during the day, it will be business as usual and more negative stories will surface….Ellerbe’s tenure here has been embarassing and a complete disgrace towards the Fire Service…Good thing Karma doesn’t discriminate….


    Dave…i think my second comment was started from my phone but finished/corrected it from my laptop

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this clown show “Chief Ellerbee” is putting on comes go an end soon

  • Pipeman27

    Yes that’s it blame the firemen like always! We are the only ones keeping this ship from sinking. He only has himself to blame, his administration has created such a miserable envinronment to work in you can’t blame anyone for not wanting to come to work.

  • Brokenhearted

    This is what happens when you destroy the morale of the department, guys are less willing to sacrifice time with their families and more willing to actually use their sick leave when they’re sick. It’s never been a problem before because morale has never been this low before.

  • Brokenhearted

    Oh might I add something that Fox News missed. New Years Eve there were 12 total transport units out of service. Ellerbe’s plan for EMS redeployment calls for 14 total transport units to be out of service. I feel like this is the biggest flag that should’ve been raised on this issue.

  • Gil

    What they don’t understand certain people work overtime and others don’t, by choice. So the ones who would have worked were at their limit and the ones they called probably don’t work any overtime at all.

  • anonymous

    Let’s see…No pay raise in 6 years, No holiday pay for 12/24 when every other city employee received it, no time and half for overtime since 2001 even though its contractual and court ordered and the members are still waiting on retro pay due to them as a result. Only agency in the city on annual leave restriction. Only agency on an overtime restriction that limits amount of overtime a member can get. Members that were promoted have to wait for months to actually get paid for the rank which they serve and that’s assuming that human resources doesn’t screw up the promotion date or the proper step. And the list goes on…..not to mention all the BS that previous posters have stated. I cant imagine why nobody goes the extra mile anymore.

    BTW…Back in the day the department was proactive when it came to the holiday season, as battalion aides not “shining stars” would survey their respective battalions to see would who was not coming to work for Christmas and New Years Eve and find out who was available to work overtime well in advance and there never was an issue. This administration is clueless on every level!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad I left this department when I did…. Truly feel sorry for the brothers that have chosen to stick it out. Life everything else this too shall pass.

  • tipman49

    your not alone same stuff right up 95 in philly


    Anonymous….you about summed it up with the exception of….Fire Chief….its so easy a caveman could do it….

  • DCFD Officer

    City was a disaster without 12 EMS units, eerily predicting the doom that would occur if the Chief’s plan to eliminate 14 units overnight.

    It wasn’t “over a hundred firefighters” it was less than 90, less than a quarter of the over 400 scheduled to work. Not entirely surprising or unusual for a holiday night on the last day of the MIP period. Completely predictable. What caused the screw up was a combination of the overtime limitation act that keeps the handful of guys who will gladly work anytime from working – they hit their limit over Christmas. Also a factor – none of the other guys want to come in and deal with the poor treatment and poor management that is an every day occurrence in the department.

    The department hasn’t been able to meet staffing needs without MANDATORY overtime for weeks if not months. Pull on that string long enough, and the shirt’s gonna unravel.

    This was ABSOLUTELY a failure of management:
    1) anticipate vacancies due to a holiday at the end of the MIP period.
    2) manage for employee engagement and operational performance, rather than adversarially manage for cost control, increased local hires, and petty retribution for perceived past insults.
    3) heck, just keep doing what Rubin was doing, recruit and hire already trained Paramedics from the rest of the country to fill vacancies.
    4) Make New Years Eve, rather than New Year’s Day the holiday.
    5) Let people working overtime on a holiday earn at least time and a half, if not double time
    6) Comply with the multiple rulings that require time and a half pay for overtime work

  • QueenTeaLeaf

    Just let everyone die. Great policy. The whole FD will be outsourced in short order. Remember the air traffic controllers?

  • IL. Lt.

    anyone ever here of a force back list. We have a min. staffing level and if admin can’t get someone to work the OT the next guy on the list gets forced back. No staffing shortage! DUH

  • DC Volunteer FD

    I think Chief Ellerbe should look to his neighboring jurisdictions and consider switching to a combination system which would include the career staff and VOLUNTEERS!!! Obviously they are having budget issues and staffing issues. No better way to staff apparatus while paying next to nothing is to bring in volunteer firefighters. DCFEMS could do like PGFD and have VSU days at certain houses. The volunteers will come in for 24 hours to staff the engine and truck. The career staffing can then be utilized to fill positions of people who have called out sick on EMS units! I am sure Chief Ellerbe would get plenty of people willing to help out volunteering at DCFEMS. I know I would be more than willing to come ride an engine, truck, or rescue squad in DC for FREE!! What do you say Chief Ellerbe!?!?! Just send the word out you’re looking for some good volunteer firemen and I am sure plenty of already certified firefighters would be willing to come help out the citizens of DC! In addition to non-VSU days, there would be no need to reduce the number of EMS units at night with plenty of volunteers riding the fire apparatus. They could just move career guys to fill the positions on the EMS units!

    After all look at all the DCFEMS guys helping out in communities around DC. In PGFD a decent amount of DCFEMS firefighters staff apparatus on VSU days! Helping PG County save a bunch of money! They are also their on non-VSU days. But the fact they are helping PGFD cut back on overtime and allowing firefighters to fill in much needed spots where people called out has been a big help! In addition, the DCFEMS people who volunteer have assisted in cutting back OT hours while the jurisdiction imposes furloughs! Taking even more money out of the pockets of the career guys in PGFD and MCFRS when it has happened! Maybe even to save more money Chief Ellerbe can do furloughs after bringing in the volunteers!

    Last thing I will say is Karma is a Bi!@#!!! DCFEMS isn’t going to get much sympathy from most the people in the unions surrounding them! Good luck “Brothers!”

    • Pipeman27

      No thanks

    • Mark too

      There’s just too much to comment on in your post although one thing in particular stood out to me, so I’ll just ask this one question……….If the vacant positions are on the ambulances and volunteers would be there to help with staffing needs, then why should these proposed volunteers have to displace firefighters on fire apparatus to help out instead of filling in where the help is actually needed?…………….Oh, that’s right, volunteers don’t like riding on the ambulance.

      • xray

        OK there you have it, if this hasn’t happen before than it was a concerted effort by many to take off to embarrass and sabotage the department. Who loses in the end the citizens of course because there are those who dont give a f@@k about the community.Yes i am pissed off about this one because someone died in the midst of you playing games.I guess that statement goes out the window someone said we will come to work and serve the citizenry regardless of Chief Ellerbe.This is pathetic and you call yourselves firefighters. Here to serve and protect thats bullsh@t,your only here to serve yourselves thats it.I cant remember staffing ever being insufficient like that ever.The problem this time was not management it was the members plain and simple. Yeah thats it keep on fu@king your fellow brothers who have to hold and can’t go home to see there family. Why you ask? “anonymous” because no one likes change from their comfort zone. Members are crying because they want the department to go back to the way it was 2yrs ago.As far as im concern we need to keep moving forward because the department was in shambles during the last administration.

    • Anonymous

      Could just clean the whole floor and restaff with $10/hr employees. There were how many 1000’s of applications last time a class opened? I bet you could fill every riding position in the city with pre-trained staff from surrounding jurisdictions for $10/hr, 365 days a year.

    • Brokenhearted

      Can’t wait to see the lines of volunteers lining up to go on 18 ambulance runs a day. Nice try troll.

  • DCFD Officer

    DC Volunteer–

    You know your proposal is ridiculous, it makes you and, more importantly, the fine men and women of the surrounding jurisdictions look like whiners.

    If you want to volunteer in DC, show up at BCC, they run into DC every day. So does GWU’s GERMS.

    • Fire-guy

      I think it’s funny that the DC guys find the volunteer proposal ridiculous but when they want to come over to PG and play its all good. You don’t want volunteers coming into dc to push you on to the EMS units; don’t do the same to your “brothers” on the other side of the river.

  • OldSutterOne

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, and I’m sure that there is much improvement needed in the management of the DCFEMS. But in the end, its the people of DC who suffer the most. Don’t forget that they are your reason you respond to emergencies.

    • JustSayin’

      Right-on, OSO.

      It’s the public being shafted by the “public servants”.

      Of course, the Chief has his selfish reasons to shaft them.
      And the FF have their myopic “justifications”.

      But in the end, those who are to be served are being abused.

      The “public servants” … LOL
      Management and the Union should both be ashamed.


    @OldSutter….correct and no matter what resources we have to work with or the current state of morale, I can bet you not one single fireman thinks differently than what you just said.

    BTW PETUNIA/DC Volly….Volunteers have manned DC Firehouses during multi alarm fires (Kentland) and for LODD’s….As I recall not to long ago…think it was around 2006, the Northeast section of the city had a large watermain break which in turn tapped most of the hyrdrants in particular areas….GUESS who came to the rescue….THE VOLUNTEERS….from Loudoun County to Montgomery County…they came and were treated quite well…And don’t forget silly, the DCFD from time to time transfers into your neck of the woods….oh wait…maybe PG needs more vollies if we have to cross the boarder to help you out…this way you can stay home and cry to yourself in a drunken stupor how you were unable to work for a jurisdiction that had a 24/72 hour shift schedule….hehehehehehee

  • Jim

    Sounds to me like DC Volunteer has a point. It really can’t be called ridiculous if it is working in other areas. The dirty little secret in the fire service is many firefighters work on their off time as firefighters( part time or volunteering) for little to no pay or benefits while complaining about their full time pay and benefits. Staffing at many of these part time or volunteer departments is also much lower but these same people never complain.
    While the overtime issue doesn’t make sense, neither does the 100 people off sick. If the number sick is not 100 then the Union needs to get the correct number out there. In the end the public are the ones who suffer. In the court of public opinion we will lose if we are calling in sick while demanding overtime practice changes. Look at the recent posting on this site regarding Contra Costa and the recent Fire Chief magazine article. If we do not change this entitlement attitude the public will not support us and we will lose. I am not saying management doesn’t need to be scrutinized but make sure your house is in order before you do so. Just an outside view.

  • Just Say’n

    Failure of management?? Maybe but how about the moral failure of the 100 who banged out sick. Koodos to those who showed up knowing they were going to get their ass kicked. Just sayn.

    • Mark too

      Right, because it’s not at all possible that many of these people were actually sick. It’s inconceivable that people taking care of sick people in the middle of winter and the cold&flu season might get sick themselves. Yes, it’s possible that not everybody was truly sick, but to accuse all 100 of “moral failure” is ridiculous. Not upstaffing for a major event like New Year’s Eve that you know typically generates greater than normal demand for service IS A FAILURE OF MANAGEMENT!

      • Just Say’n

        Seriously, you really believe that. How many here who do this kind of work really believe that. If you really buy that logic, a hospital would never have anybody show up on any given day. My point is that those who banged out for what ever reason, left the rest holding the bag. Selfish, plain and simple.

        • Mark too

          Yes, I really believe that a portion of the “100” that called off sick, were in fact sick, injured or possibly called off to take care of a sick child or spouse. Call it selfish if that makes you feel superior, but using sick time when you are sick or injured (non-job related) is quite reasonable, even if it’s New Year’s Eve and your department’s management failed to properly staff for the predictable surge in responses. If you read my statement, then you should’ve seen that I acknowledged the likelihood that not all of them were truly “sick” as it’s widely known in all industries that workers sometimes use sick time when they aren’t actually sick. You accused all “100” of “moral failure” for calling off despite the fact that it’s more than reasonable to assume that some of them would actually be sick. Accusing a legitimately sick person of “more failure” for not reporting to work is simply offensive. The call offs may have left the other field personnel “holding the bag” as you say, however it was the administration that filled the bag with a big sh!t sandwich by not adequately staffing for the holiday.

          • xray

            Are you serious, because you cant be. We all know that most on this department utilize MIP previleges not because their sick,but just to be off. And this didnt just happen because Chief Ellerbe is here.You know like the vacation you wanna go on,or that party you want to attend. You people on here kill me not being real on this site. Call it for what it really is.This NewYears holiday was no different from the previous holidays. This was premeditated sabotage and all of you know it. Your not fooling noone but yourselves, we know what youre upto.If you dont want to come to work and help the community in their time of need, than you should leave and hurry up. We need people who are going to come to work putting aside their feeling s about management and put the citizens first. Atleast thats what I thought we were here for,but the post show otherwise. PATHETIC

          • DC Officer

            “This NewYears holiday was no different from the previous holidays. This was premeditated sabotage and all of you know it. ” – xray

            So, which is it. Have we been trying to sabotage the department during every previous holiday, or is this one different?

            1. We’ve had similar numbers of people call off prior to this holiday, and never put units out of service.
            2. These vacancies were known at 0700. Why were they still vacant at 1900? Regardless of cause, the department should be able to call in 26 people with 12 hours notice, otherwise how are we going to deal with a major incident.
            3. Certainly there were more than 26 people off duty who live in the District – since your hero Ellerbe seems to think only District residents care and can come in on short notice.
            4. Bottom line, the buck stops at the top. This was a failure of management.

        • xray

          Just saying you are 1000% correct,it isnt possible that 80,90 or what ever the number is that many members calling in sick(legitimately).Realistically maybe 5%,10 at the most actually had a legitimate reason to call in.There is a concerted effort by some here to do what ever they can to make us look bad.By running to the media for every thing that happens here,even if your the culprit.Part of the problem is that members are prohibited from taking leave OUTSIDE OF THEIR LEAVE PERIOD. We are afforded the opportunity to take leave,but it must be taken during your designated leave period.Thats only part of the reason we have serious attitude problems in our department as well as lack of dedication to the community. Otherwise callouts like this wouldn’t happen.At the same time i’m not saying members shouldn’t call out when you need to.Just dont do it because you want to embarrass the department at the expense of non coverage protecting the community.

      • Bill

        After over 25 years at DCFD we have NEVER upstaffed on any holiday except July 4th and Inauguration Day. Stop making excuses for selfish behavior. Our Union lost the high ground on this one. The media has called it a sick out. A man has died. No one but us is reading the crappy excuses on why we did it but us. I am retiring not because of LRB but because there is no pride in the companies, no leadership in the Union, but most importantly a 3% COLA waiting for me.

        • Hoof Arted

          If you’ve been here 25 years and there is currently no pride and leadership like there was when you came on, then you were a part of the problem. Leave.

      • Anonymous

        Does the Department offer Flu Shots for the members?

  • Mike DCFD

    The citizens of DC are not Suffering because we (the rank and File) treat them with care and compassion! We may not have a true Leader in charge of the department but the members do their very best on every call. If we have to wait for an Ambulance because they are understaffed,you need not worry, we are all trained to care for everyone and we will. Yes you should be transported quickly, but the fems Administrator does not want to hire EMT’s or Medic’s


    Hey Jim…maybe you can be the first one to volunteer and your first assignment can be to scrape the cheese off my nuts***k….kisses

  • Jim

    You know you have won an argument when the only thing the other side can do is make childish insults.

    • Bill

      Don’t sweat him Jim. He is the only person in the history of DCFD that management, Union, and members hates. Whatever you do do not call him names because he will cry and call his lawyer.


    Thanks Jim….most if not all of my comments are borderline 2nd grade mentality, so get used to it…then again, ignorant and uneducated comments like yours are well deserving of childish comments..

    • Jim

      Which comment?

  • Anonymous

    OK Enough said of the out of line insults and childish juvenile remarks. Hookman some of your speak of somewhat an intelligent person your comments about your personal body parts is an absolute disgusting out of line remark. Grow Up. The comments about Volunteers as part of DCFd Staffing is another shameful pathetic choice of ignorant comments. Ok it’s probably a fact Ellerbee has mismanaged and ignored the Public Safety aspect of what, who, why, when, how the DC Fire and EMS Staffing is supposed to be. For those who either speak of predjudice, and ignorance there is in place a COG Organized and (COG=Council of Governments) Mutual Aid concept for use at any given time. As far as Volunteers not liking to ride EMS units, that is a boat load of crap. Each Department including DC Fire and EMS has a Mandate that every person who is a Dedicated Uniform/Civilian Professional must Maintain EMT Status with Recertification. In Maryland and Virginia each respective has in place a Mandate for EMT compliance as a job requirement. Yes there are well Trained Volunteers in any Combination System. They receive the same EMT Firefighter Training as their Career Counterparts. Each Jurisdiction has a Training Facility, in Maryland there is also MFRI. Yes Volunteers do at any given day and time respond when called upon to assist DC Fire and EMS with Mutual Aid Support. The key element here is these Volunteers are providing Public Safety to the Tax Payers. ie; Kentland has been called upon to Transfer into DCFD Stations without hesitation. BCCRS has provided any Emergency Mutual Aid Responses into the District of Columbia needed. BCCRS has helped DC Fire and EMS by handling EMS Calls thus reducing the time of any delay within the District of Columbia. As far as to why the number of Sick Leave used this past New Years EVE there is but one person who knows and has the facts and knowledge as to why. it is the alledged Fire Chief ELLERBEE. His continued Behavior of cutting Public Safety for Saving and cutting into needed Budget
    Funds to ensure Staffing. He is doing nothing more than Padding his Resume to go before Mayor/Council to say “Look how much Money I saved” It is appalling and disgraceful how he’s ignoring the Taxpayers in the District of Columbia tothe absolute needed Public Safety Responses. Come on Ellerbee “Get it Together Now” “HELLO”

    • Mark too

      There is a distinct difference between requiring volunteer personnel to maintain an EMS certification in a Fire/EMS department (like the career staff) and them actually riding the ambulance.

  • Lt117

    Seems as if FEMS is collapsing on itself……..

  • What a joke (again, and again)

    1. If anyone called off sick then it would have been approved by the police and fire clinic AKA a DOCTOR (except for civilian ems who staff medic units and can call in sick whenever they want)

    2. Minor Ilness Program can be used for a doctors appointment, headache, toothache etc.

    3. When did it become the firemans job to ensure the shift is staffed properly? I thought it was the job of the people who walk around saying and I quote “do you know who I am” then scan the room, then look myself up and down in my uniform, then scan the room again.

    4. I dont think the Union endorsed a “sick off”. I dont think they would sponsor such a thing anyway. If they did sponsor one the administrator would know about it long before it ever occured bc a shining star would be sure to alert him.

    5. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that New Years eve is going to be busy as hell. Just like 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving eve etc. all which there are never enough units for either.

    This is a loosing battle anyway so Im not sure why I just wasted my time


    Yes…I agree that talking about my body parts is disgusting on a natiomal blog, but its I that lives with these parts, day in and day out…however, some of those parts are a site within themself….im sexy and i know it

  • JustSayin’

    WOW, Dave!!!

    2013 begins in a quite interesting way.

    But I guess being called a “troll” is better than being a “trollop”.

    Yes, I used the word “trollop” for this certainly cannot be a fireman speaking.

    Just realized I’ll be accused of being a troll for insulting trollops.!!!

    Oy Vey.!!!!

  • Stop Whining

    The difference between PG and DC is that the career staff in PG County was put in place to SUPPLEMENT the volunteers, not vice versa. The fact of the matter is you guys work in a combination system where a volunteer chief with 8 years of experience out ranks a Career Battalion Chief, you ride fire apparatus neither you nor your employer own, many of the DC firemen that volunteer in PG also live in PG, thus they are paying your salaries. You are also ok with running 2 people on a ladder truck to a house fire and not doing a damn thing when you get there. Stop pretending you’re a paid fire department and realize what you truly are in PG County.


    Yea they live in PG for free in the refugee camps they set up at firehouses. And “Stop Whining”? Really? All you DCFEMS do is complain about your fire chief and how he’s ruined your jobs and that he’s responsible for the poor morale. Well, he might suck, but 100 call outs in a single shift is inexcusable and a disservice to the citizens that you have sworn to protect. If you don’t care about your oath, then you get the fire chief you deserve. And that bullshit about showing up with 2 on a truck and not doing anything? We do more with 2 than most departments can with a full crew. And why is that only 2 show up in the first place? Oh yea, it’s because all of those volunteers that claim to staff their pieces are out circle jerking rather than doing what they say they will.

    • Hoof Arted

      So which is it: are they staffing pieces so you can’t hire more paid guys or are they only letting you go out the door with two because they aren’t there?

      • DCVFD

        For the last 3 years PG has been hiring like crazy. One of the reasons we have 2 man stations is that some volunteer companies have too much pride and claim ridiculous membership numbers when the amount of people that actually ride is way smaller. Their dislike of career guys and fear of loosing their clubhouses prevents them from effectively providing services to their communities. Look, PGFD is not fully career sufficient. Like someone said, we were brought on to supplement volunteers in 70’s. Times have changed. Some volunteer companies need to face the reality of their staffing shortfalls and consolidate houses. This would allow for adequate volunteer staffing and greater safety and accountability for the paid guys. Pride should not take precedent over public safety. I don’t know if that answers your question.

  • Bill

    I don’t think we have ever liked any DCFD Fire Chief. We gave all of them a vote of no confidence. Except for Rubin who left us with the OT Law that still haunts us today. But there is one person reading this who hated Rubin. Oh, and Donny Edwards. But someone snitched that he did not live in the city so he was gone before we could muster a vote. With that said do not use your dislike of management as a reason not to do your job. Keep in mind that when we chose not to do our job 100% everyday someone may die including yourself. This ain’t Walmart. Nobody really will care that 7 out 10 registers are closed.

  • Inside looking in

    One word. Ambulance. Let’s be honest. Folks were running from being put on it. It’s not the fire chiefs job to make people comes to work. The fire chief does not control the morale of the department. Morale is based what each individual brings to the table when he/she walks through the door in the morning. This agency has been plagued for years by inept managers at the helm. A chief who wants to move this agency forward for the better and make it better for the citizens and those who work in it will never prosper here. The chiefs job here is for resume fillers, and those seeking job titles.

  • JustSayin’

    THANKS for your 25+ years of service, Bill.
    May you have a long and healthy retirement.

    The Old Guard is leaving which will be among the final blows to DCFD.

    The me-me-me generation which has no inkling of “honor”, “pride” or “service”
    is now filling the ranks. We’ll see more and more displays of their slothful lifestyles
    attempting to be excused by blaming poor leadership.

    So very sad.!!!

  • xray

    For those of you who may read this,dont blame management for your short comings and non dedication. If you are truly here to serve the public than it wont matter who’s at the helm. We need members who really care and believe in public service. Not someone who would say “were not giving 100%” because you dislike the firechief. We need more officers to act like officers and start leading inside the firehouse as well as on the air.There is a break down in lower management as well (sgt-capt).Officers need to stop trying to win a popularity contest and supervise your personnel.The problem isn’t only at the top as some may think,it’s in the middle as well.

    • DC Officer

      XRAY – we as a society know what it takes to motivate and engage employees. FEMS Chief Ellerbe had done almost the exact opposite of what is generally known to drive employee engagement. I could go line-by-line down a list of engagement drivers and show examples, but most important, Ellerbe lacks the ethos and values to provide inspirational leadership to the members. It is no surprise to anyone in the know that DC Fire Employees are engaged or actively disengaged — and the fault lays squarely at the feet of Kenneth B. Ellerbe and his boss Vince Gray.


    Is leading inside the firehouse when a wagon driver snitches out to King Ellerbe, beer is in the fridge, then out of nowhere he shows up and just happens to open the house refrigerator….and oh boy there just happens to be beer in it…and then its determined this is such a serious offense we will give it a BFC conference and demote that BFC because King Ellerbe didnt get the decision he so desired….and from there the vindictive paybacks from the Rubin regime began…

    Ellerbe’s focus since day one was to destroy the pride and tradition that the 2 ninnies previously don’t believe the current membership has, but then again, we didn’t go from station to station or bring the pieces of apparatus to the shop to have company patches and DCFD removed…..guess that was a morale booster by the King huh Xray????

    Its also a morale booster to see the only ones on this job being disciplined for the smallest of things is white & hispanic fireman…..Can we name one African American on the job since Ellerbe got here thats remotely come close to any form of discipline? No! I get along fine with all my co workers no matter their race, however, I cannot believe for one second that the FEMS Chief does…..If you need an example just look at Lt. Davis who’s still facing a court date for 4th degree burglary and a few other charges and her incident was covered up until her crimimal charhes were posted on thewatchdesk and more importantly
    ..why she’s at work in a full duty status….however, the books don’t allow someone facing charges such as the ones she’s facing that call for her to be anywhere even close to being at a firehouse on a full duty status….guess thats another morale booster for the troops, especially when King FEMS told everyone that things were gonna be fair and transparent for all and that everyone would be on a level playing field….seems a bit lopsided to date…

    Guess the other morale booster is having apparatus pulled over because of who’s in it to unannounced station visits by the King himself….

    If the obvious isn’t clear to a few on here that a large majority of one race is under the Kings watchful eye, then you missed the last Council hearing and the testimony of the PFF’s President give testimony about the King and EMS im the department…..i think a four year old could have put together a clear and intelligble statement than that clown….if we put ems into our public school system, that will cure all of the problems….its special people like this and others that get hidden their whole careers, because they’re inept at doing this profession…Apparently, the Prez of the PFF’s wants more slow speaking unintelligble beings like himself to save DCFEMS….

    And i gather the other morale booster is the inability of King FEMS to grow up and amd stop acting like a child who needs to give paybacks because the previous Chief (yeah, who i couldn’t stand either) picked on him…Well he did to me to, however, I moved on….but its this juvenile type behavior thats created a hostile work atmosphere and the reason why L36 can’t negotiate in good faith on a contract….guess were just a bunch of crybaby kids because we can’t have our contract or our DCFD back…..imagine what every DCFD LODD fireman would say who laid their life down for the same organization the King stripped away…..

    Well for the followers of the King or the cowards afraid to do the right thing, because you’ll be at the Kings mercy….don’t worry, you’ll be remembered when the Kings gone….and the cycle will continue…

    • xray

      Hook,if ya going to put out info make sure you have the right facts. Your statement that only white or hispanic members have been sent to the gallows is far from the truth.I know of several “black” members who have been put on charges and received penalties.Just because you dont know or not privy to somethings doesnt mean its not happening.One thing for sure charges for all members are down compared to the last asministration.We can’t ill afford members to be insubordinate no matter how valiant they believe the cause is in their mind.When discipline breaks the machine breaks down.Hook I dont think you’ll ever be satisfied with any chief let alone most on the job.As long as there are firechiefs there will always be some or many who dont agree with his/her policies or management style.Depending on who you ask critique of ones management style is very subjective.Just like the previous administration there are those who believed moral was good and everything was all swell in Shultzland.It’s obvious you abhor the firechief and that is your perogative.But you mean to tell me taken away the letters dcfd is going to give you a bad attitude.Surely your beef with the chief goes purely below the epidermis.Yes the current chief tenure wont be forever.There will be another one inline to applaud or bash depending on what side of the fence your on. Get use to change my friend you of all people should know that, it’s apart of life as we know it.Xray out.


    Oh and one more thing since the last few commenters have accused 100 or so, of not being sick without having any factual information to go on, other than your distorted beliefs….So with that said, why hasn’t this NYE issue been a problem in the past ????……because management planned ahead of time for this…..our we to say that when a person uses his MIP priveleges in the middle of May versus NYE, they aren’t sick and are jeopardizing the residents and visitors of DC on purpose…..I doubt one single individual thought by using the MIP or SL, they were purposely making a statement or were trying to make a statement….

  • Food For Thought

    Here’s a little something to ponder.

    1. Regardless of how many employees (across the boards) take off, there are many solutions to filling the vacancies rather than placing them out of service. (ie. mandatory OT, or recalling off duty personnel)

    2. Also, some employees had put in for overtime and when they called inquiring about said overtime were told that the department was just going to place units out of service.

    Take this information as you will. Should a 100 call out? Probably not. Is this the first time it has happened? No, and no one was forced to work unless they wanted to and all units were properly staffed. Staffing falls directly onto the Chiefs, it is their responsibility to maintain personnel. The question that should be asked is, Who’s decision was it to place those transport units out of service?


    Xray…you’re absolutely right….maybe I’m the odd one out, but yes, I won’t be happy nor will I stop doing my thing to expose yet another inept person who’s repsonsibility as a leader,is the overall MORALE of the Department….that’s in the Order Book my friend..

    So you say there’s less people being disciplined compared to the previous regime and that many blacks are and have been placed on charges… can type those words all day long, however, they mean nothing without factual information to back it up. Example…Do you keep sending a special report for endorsement up the chain of every command until you get someone to concur with the charges, when everyone else’s endorsement required nothing to be done…see that’s the disparity right there…maybe I should correct myself and say, because I don’t have first hand information nor have I heard from my reliable sources, any black fireman being subjected to the unfair and unjust discipline that white fireman have been subjected to under Ellerbe. Its one thing to discipline someone under the rules and regulations, but when you go beyond them and create your own unique rules depending on the person, then my faith in fairness and transparency goes right out the window. If you think demoting a BFC to Captain, because you didn’t like the outcome of the incident your snitch at E9 alerted you too, is fair and transparent, then I want what you’re smoking….that one incident started the train wreck of discipline under Ellerbe who would be subjected to it…If that particular incident was so so serious, it would have been sent to a Trial Board…Don’t you agree Xray ????

    It seems that you’re one of these people that believes today, you’re protected and immune from the types of things the Rubin regime had done to the membership, but feel since Ellerbe is here, there’s this overwhelming sense of relief from those incidents happening to you, but not so much for the white folk…Remember, I believe the biggest complaint people like yourself had about Rubin when it came to discipline, was the fact that blacks were only subjected to unfair discipline…Well as I recall, I believe I was too….and last I checked, Im as white as my walls….And let me reiterate once more, I’m just pointing out the obvious that I see and that my mentality is not that of black, white, chinese etc..I look at my co workers as people and if I don’t get along or don’t care for a particular person, its because of the person, not because of their race….plus, most people know I carry a brother card…

    So if everything that’s gone on since Ellerbe’s arrival in DC isn’t obvious to you, well its clearly obvious to me….I call em like I see em….It disgusts me beyong belief, that a grown man in the position he’s in, can carry himself the way he has..Don’t target a large majority of the white fireman, because you associate them to Rubin and believe ALL were protected under him and Schultz, and that all worshiped his leadership style….that’s just not the case…Under Ellerbe, the white fireman is under the microscope 24/7 and they dare not wear white socks to work or forget his middle initial when typing him a special report, because that’s what’s important to pulling E13 over whenever you can, because of the officer on the piece, because that’s what’s important. Ya feeling me…

    So don’t have this mentality or try to substantiate anything your trying to tell me, by bringing up what happened during the previous regime, because its irrelevant to what’s going on today. If you’re one to sit back and watch the “It’s payback time for the Rubin & Schultz regime” leadership style of Ellerbe, then you’re part of the problem that exists today….

    I have no problems with change, as each leader will bring in such, whether we the members like it or not, but the continuing cronyism and payback mentality that keeps carrying over from one chief to the next, is unacceptable to me and has long as my voice is in working order, I’ll continue to express myself and how I personally feel.


    One more thing Xray…..what should Ellerbe’s punishment be for this ?????

    It’s only fair that he be subjected to the same punishment he’s sought out for so many during his stint as FEMS Chief right….Then again, he probably wouldn’t be the Chief if Gray didn’t run his known SHADOW CAMPAIGN….

  • xray

    Hook, I guess i will end this convo by saying we’ll agree to disagree with some of our view points.But the bottom line is members shouldn’t come to work or take off because your trying to make a statement.Put the people (community) you serve first before anything,after all that’s why were here I hope. X is out on this one.


    That’s apart of having discussions, whether on here or elsewhere, not everyone will agree. However, your implying that 100 or so members of the department were not sick and were trying to make a statement.

    How would you feel if next time or everytime you called off sick, maybe we should scrutinize and label you not sick and order you to report to your work assignment ASAP. I don’t believe you can back up your comment, that ALL members on NYE were making a statement, so that a citizen or visitor in DC would not be able to receive help when they called 911….that is absolutely assanine to say..

    • xray

      Its a given that MIPs will increase during major holidays ie..
      Xmas,New years,Thanks G… Lets face it thats 3x’s we are guaranteed to be off if one choose to do so. It’s a fact that members will do what they have to in their quest to be off.No secret that F/F’s want to be off to celebrate with their families like everyone else. I have no problem with that,but the issue is if there was a planned sick out by some in an attempt to sabotage staffing.Either way public opinion is swinging towards a possible sickout as reported by a news station.Even if thats not the case we as public servants cannot afford to lose confidence in the community.They need to know if they call we will be there in a timely manner delivering the best medical/fire care we can provide.I believe members are putting too much energy as to who’s at the helm and their management style.Just come to work do the best you can do and than go home.We are losing the battle in the court of public opinion of our past and recent shananigans.Yeah I know i’m in the streets of DC after hours answering inquiries about the plight of our dept.For the dedicated members continue coming to work doing your best,dont let who’s at the top affect your morale and committment.We took an oath of office and declared we would perform our duties to the upmost of our abilities.Just ask yourself who are you here for?

      • ha

        answering inquiries about the plight of our dept. xray, our new PIO. oh, boy!

        • xray

          Yeah thats something you wouldnt know any thing about or interest you since your not part of the community.@ ha

          • Hoof Arted

            If “ha” pays federal income tax, that immediately makes him more a part of the community than the 40% OF THE DISTRICT RESIDENTS ON WELFARE.

            And it’s “you’re” not “your”. But that wouldn’t interest you, you’re too busy as a communications expert for the department.

          • ha

            wrong again xray….as usual.

  • Anonymous

    “Either way public opinion is swinging towards a possible sickout as reported by a news station.Even if thats not the case we as public servants cannot afford to lose confidence in the community”.

    TOO LATE!!!!!

  • xray

    @ Ha,my bad i meant to say how we are viewed by the community you probably could care less,is that better.

  • welcome to our world

    Wow Xray Ive been on vacation came back and your blowing up the spot on here.Dont worry I totally understood you when you said you were answering inquiries. To translate Xray is saying when he visits barbershops,grocery stores,local hangouts ect.peeps are asking whats up with the dept. @ Ha for the record PIO would give the watered down version,not straight from the hip.By the way X how have you been?.Give me a holla

  • welcome to our world

    @ Hoof Arted, that is the most rediculous statement I’ve ever read on this site. “If Ha pays federal income tax,that immediately makes him more part of the community than 40% of the district residents on welfare”. You’re not a wanting contributor to the district through your federal tax dollars.If you reside in the district than your part of the community, otherwise your just a tourist working part time.

    • Hoof Arted

      No, he is probably not a “wanting contributor” as you put it. But he is tourist with a JOB in the community. And his tax dollars from that JOB allow the people of the city to be a part of a community without actually having to do anything but collect money from hard working tourists.

      Your definition of “community” is a little bit shaky as well. Do you define a community on the sole basis of where one resides and decide to discriminate against anybody who thinks there might be a better place to live or raise a family (aka thinks differently than you do)? Sounds racist to me.

      • xray

        @ HoofArted,since my layman term of community doesnt convince you maybe these will

        According to
        Community- a social group of any size whose members RESIDE in a specific locality.share govt and often have common cultural and Historical Heritage.

        World English Dictionary states
        1.the people living in one locality. 2.a group of people having cultural,religious or other characteristics in common. 3.people living in one locality.

        Yes HoofArted,as I stated a community is people who RESIDE in one location (i.e.)Washington,DC city limits.You know like the boundaries you learned in probation (east capital,north capital ect…If you dont live in the city your not part of the community.Nothing racist about that, its a fact if you don’t live here you are not part of the community.It’s amazing when someone makes a statement you try to come back and invalidate what they said,as thou your speaking the gospel.

  • xray

    Welcome to our world thats some funny sh@t “tourist working part time”. I like that. So “Ha” anyone that pays more per dollar in fed taxes on their paycheck has more of a stake in your community. Glad this bullsh@t you all put on here only makes since to you.Because it damn sure doesnt make sense to anyone who lives here. Back yard backwards thinking.


    There you go again with your statement of a planned sickout….that’s absurd and not one fireman on the department, no matter what the hostile work conditions are presently, would jeopardize the lives of people to make a point…And since you keep mentioning it Xray….put up the evidence and stop with your accusations, as the public doesn’t care that you side with the minority of the department….So try and see if you can answer these 2 questions…

    1. Explain why this situation on NYE has never occurred prior to 1-1-2011 ?

    2. Explain why people are constantly being held over against their will on any given day of the week and why this has never been a problem with previous administrations ?

    Don’t give me your one sided opinion…give me facts…I’m all about facts….the citizens need to know this too…

  • xray

    I think you already know the answer to that question and so do the citizens. As a matter of fact I know you the answer. An what majority are you speaking of?. Where is your proof to back up that statement since you say you deal with facts. Did you take a poll?.Because I never got one.

  • xray

    Hook you got alot of anger in you I think you could best channel that into something positive. If you really want to know the answers to the questions you ask me,go to the source.He has an open door policy.As a matter of fact why dont you do that and come back on this forum and let me now.Better yet you can call me.

  • xray

    “and let me know”

  • Ya man

    People always use Dave their MIPs for the days they want to be off because with the leave restriction you can’t be off to do thing ls with you’re family travel things of that nature. This is nothing new. Management dropped the ball period point blank. It’s their job to make sure the dept. is staffed accordingly. This problem had never happened before because management always prepared early for people being off during the holidays. If the situation was that bad, and they couldn’t find staffing, we do have a call back policy which is in the books for such times where you need people. What was our fearless leaders choice, forget it just put the units out of service I’m not worried about staffing the dept. Great decision chief!! Another prime example of this administration dropping the ball is calling down whole battalions to get new IDs for inauguration. At one point you had the whole 4th, 2nd and 1st battalions all at the school standing in line for hours trying to get last minute Pics for IDs that the secret service will recognize while no units were left to protect those 3 battalions. Another great job of planning. I mean it only happens every 4 years right!!! The department is being run in the most inefficient manneri have ever seen. Look at the pec situation, the # of medics who have left . I could go on all day about his stuff. Apparatus not being repaired, but you can go to the shop so we can remove all DCFD stickers . Sorry you can’t get a new seat I. The tiller cage, the shop is horrible. Oh yeah and the dept still hasn’t issued coats for members to keep warm in the winter. But guess what when the bell rings we do our job, and we do it well. It’s not a race thing because I’m black and many of us feel the chief is all wrong for this dept. we gave him the benefit of the doubt, and he did what everyone said he would do. Be a vindictive arrogant, incompetent chief! Period point blank.

  • Anonymous

    People always use Dave their MIPs for the days they want to be off because with the leave restriction you can’t be off to do thing ls with you’re family travel things of that nature. This is nothing new. Management dropped the ball period point blank. It’s their job to make sure the dept. is staffed accordingly. This problem had never happened before because management always prepared early for people being off during the holidays. If the situation was that bad, and they couldn’t find staffing, we do have a call back policy which is in the books for such times where you need people. What was our fearless leaders choice, forget it just put the units out of service I’m not worried about staffing the dept. Great decision chief!! Another prime example of this administration dropping the ball is calling down whole battalions to get new IDs for inauguration. At one point you had the whole 4th, 2nd and 1st battalions all at the school standing in line for hours trying to get last minute Pics for IDs that the secret service will recognize while no units were left to protect those 3 battalions. Another great job of planning. I mean it only happens every 4 years right!!! The department is being run in the most inefficient manneri have ever seen. Look at the pec situation, the # of medics who have left . I could go on all day about his stuff. Apparatus not being repaired, but you can go to the shop so we can remove all DCFD stickers .


    Your answers are quite typical of a person who cannot engage in conversation, because you lack the mentality to provide honest and realistic comments. You lack anything close to reality, because you’re in this coveted amd protected world umder Ellerbe….You think he’s a great leader, however, both black, white etc., think he’s a vindictive, intimidating coward of a leader. A 6 year old could act more mature than tje levels this imbisul stooped too and continues to stoop….You believe these are the best times for seone like yourself and feel comfortable with this type of leadership….You’re probably one of few that harveled in seeing the paybacks Ellerbe has stooped to, because he just can’t let go of the past and why he was treated as such….leaders lead and rulers rule…are you intelligent enough to differenciate the two….I assume you can’t, because you consistently dodge the obvious questioms asked of you and rather would ignore those questions to ask me questions of where i can find the answers….Why…because you’re dumber than the days long…..Ill give you one last opportunity to answer one question and ill answer truthfully, any ? you might have…With that said, WHAT SHOULD CHIEF KENNETH ELLERBE’S PUNISHMENT BE FOR BEING FOUND GUILTY OF RETALIATION TOWARDS L36 PRESIDENT ED SMITH….surely you have an opinion of this since you’re a member of L36…..

    • xray

      I dont know whether to take you serious or not. Kinda reminds me of Mitt Romney how he flipped flopped on the issues.At one moment you were defending the chief like no other as I and many recall.Now that your back your like a ravenous dog with rabies.Surely as the world turns your probably going to step on your crank again.For some reason you dont know when or how to pick your battles,so that makes you a fool.As for your question thats not for me or you to decide.You have a problem with authority that has been your problem in the past we both know that.Its going to be your down fall again.What are you trying to do get back in the fellas good graces by proving your mettle bashing the chief.Like I said I dont know where you stand because you have flipped to the point,no one knows what side you will end on.You need a vacation take some time off and go reflect on somethings really.


    Excuse me for my typos as i wrote my last comment on my tiny phone….

  • xray

    We are done with this convo Hook, until the next subject stay out of trouble and keep ya nose clean. Xray out.

  • welcome to our world

    No Hoof Arted, nothing racist at all behind it. Just like your statement of the 40% of DC residence who dont pay taxes.What was behind that?. Point I was making was that people of the community reside within the city limits. Theres no discrimination going here, you have a job in our great city and i’m sure you dont live here.Which personally that doesn’t bother me as long as you care about the people you serve.


    Xray…you were out about 10 comments ago, so I don’t understand why you keep coming back…Obviously I irritate you….As far as Chief Ellerbe goes, yes, I did believe in him and to a degree, supported him and made that vocal on thewatchdesk at times….I supported him at first, ONLY because I put the rumors about him to the side, because I’m the type of person who bases opinions about a person not on what others say, but what I know of personally.

    When I first got to know him, it was HE that messaged me on thewatchdesk, as I DID NOT reach out to him. From there I began to have routine conversations and share information, due to being shafted (though in different ways) by Rubin&Co. At that time, did I once believe I could or couldn’t trust him or that I could consider him a friend. Well, I pondered the thought, but never gave it an answer. I would say our communication was mutual and that I did not see him as an enemy of mine.

    I think just in my comments alone here, you can figure out (hopefully), why I came out in my usual way to expose what type of person Ellerbe is. I had no problems with what he did with Rubin’s 2 former AFC’s, though I thought he’d terminate them,because they’d been in their positions wrongfully and got away with it…. However, when the rest of his childish intimidating and vindictive behavior started to surface, which started with the beer incident to Alvarado’s incident to the whole dismantling of DCFD….sorry homie…I jumped off his bandwagon…maybe I held on longer than most, but I tried to put the rumors to the side, due to them being just that and without anything to back them up.

    Maybe you sat back and enjoyed and by the sounds of things, still do, I on the otherhand grew up to treat people fairly and even when I’ve been done wrong, I don’t take the revengeful and retaliating approach to get back at that person or persons…not the way I raised mysef…and yes..I pretty much raised myself while you were still being spoon fed and given your binky…as I’ve said before, maybe its where I got my kahonnies and I am the way I am…but don’t tell me I disrespect authority….You want respect…then F****N earn it…don’t make up your own rules and go on a vindicive and retaliatory quest, then hold me to the rules & regs that you’re not following…YA FEEL ME…see Im not a suck ass and if you’re the type of person that will stand idle when you see wrongdoing, then continue to curl up in the fetal and watch it go down. I on the otherhand, will not.

    You and a handful of others think I have a problem with authority..however, I respect any and all people, until disrespected. It amazes me the people (most of them are retiring because of the clown in charge) you respect the most, naturally deserve it, because they theirselves had a reputation in the department as being fireman and not cowards….However, the hardest people to get along with in the FD, are the ones who after 15-20 years on the job, still can’t perform their job and have zero ability to handle the most minute ordeal that goes on in the firehouse….they know what’s in the books and if the books say it, well then your gonna type, because I lack common sense or the ability to think outside the box…

    In my short career, I can tell you that 99% of the time, I kept my mouth shut and let things pass, but I also am not 25 years old and I know right from wrong. A few years ago, I had to stand up for myself, when the organization I paid dues too, did not (do not feel this way today). Whether you agree or disagree, I did what I had to do and as you can see, I came out on top. So, if you think im going to fail again, that’s still your rightful opinion, however, I don’t do things to purposely get myself in trouble and when authority comes a knockin and they want to play games….guess what hoss…I’ll be ready. Have fun and enjoy the show….

  • welcome to our world

    Hookman that was touching,I think the Xman sheded a tear. Seriously thou you need to find a different path if seek change in the department.The route your seeking isn’t one of purity.Maybe the union I don’t know. Trimm the hard edges and maybe just maybe you could be useful. Cut out the disrespetful rhetoric and challenge your foes the right way.


    Thank you Petunia for the wonderful advice and taking a moment of your evening to think about me…After reading your comment, you’ve inspired me to do no less than what I’ve been and continue to do…In a few years though, give me a shout, I might need someone to be my fulltime caddy when I retire….until then, keep your eyes focused on the path of life you’ve chosen and ill continue to walk proudly down the one I’ve chosen and am quite comfortable with ok….kisses…HOOKMAN

  • welcome to our world

    Ok Hookette,I’ll keep tabs as well as the score. You know they say God looks out for fools and babies.Continue walking that path you so graciously think is right.I really believe you’re not aware of your actions.You need to stop for a second take off your helment,and look around.Maybe you’ll smell the roses in time,but I think you haven’t learned your lesson.Till the next time watch out for debris and obstacles in the road ahead,it gets bumpy when you drive with bad shocks Ya feel meh!

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