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Bail-out in Delaware. Picture captures firefighters making rapid exit from fire in Townsend.

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Above is one of a series of pictures from the Odessa Fire Company website of a fire on Friday afternoon at 201 Main Street in Townsend, Delaware where two firefighters had to bail-out from the second floor.

Excerpt from Odessa Fire Company website:

Rescue 26 arrived on scene to find Heavy Smoke Showing from a Two Story Multi-Family Dwelling. Crews from R-26 discovered Fire in a 1st Floor Apartment with extension to the Second Floor and Attic. A firefighter from Odessa and Townsend were advancing a hoseline through a second floor window when conditions deteriorated rapidly and they had to bail out of the second floor window, no injuries were reported.


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  • Scooter

    Good picture showing why a lot of ground ladders need to be raised… you never know and going to get one if it is not there will be too late.

    Hope the brothers are ok. Strike Da Box! K

  • Curly from CT

    This is why it’s much more risky taking lines over ladders vs. controlling & using the interior stairs to acces fire on floor #2. It is very possible in this senario, the fire on floor 1 was not adequately controlled prior to lines going into floor 2 via ground ladders. Controlling the interior stairs is key. If there is any question whether the fire is sufficiently darkened on floor 1, Leave a radioed firefighter on the stairs when crews go above (preferably with a hose line). He/she can give the “heads up” if conditions begin to worsen below.