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UPDATED – Helmet-cam: House fire in Delaware County, PA. Additional video added.

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UPDATE: We have added additional early video from the fire. Thanks to David LeBlanc at for alerting us to the video.

Video above from OneNineTruck aboard Lansdowne Fire Company Truck 19 at a house fire early New Year’s Day in Yeadon, Pennsylvania (Delaware County). The fire was reported just after 3:00 AM on Lincoln Avenue.

Excerpt from Lansdowne Fire Company website:

Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital  Paramedic Pete Bochanski (who is also LFCO Rescue Lieutanant) was driving in the area and discovered the fire.  Lt. Bochanski was able to rescue the homeowner who was trapped on the porch roof prior to the arrival of fire units.  Chief 16-9 (DiIenno) requested a second alarm prior to arrival due to heavy fire conditions reported by EMS units on scene.  Truck 19, staffed with six, arrived first in and was greeted by fire throughout the original fire building, rapidly spreading to the adjoining twin.  Crews simultaneously began a search of the adjoining twin to ensure all occupants were out, and began preparing for master-stream operations.  Pipeline 19 arrived shortly thereafter and secured  a hydrant and supplied Quint 3’s ladder pipe.  A third alarm was struck by Command for ember control due to a large amount of embers falling several blocks east and north of the fire location.

Timothy Logue,

“It took a little while because there was a bit of a language barrier, but the paramedic (Pete Bochanski of Mercy Fitzgerald) eventually convinced him to jump,” Diienno said. “He was probably 15 feet off the ground and the paramedic, who’s a pretty big guy, caught him.”

The second scare occurred a short time later when 49 Lincoln Ave. became unstable while seven firefighters from Darby and Sharon Hill were on the second and third floors of the adjoining home.

“They were doing a good job holding it off (47 Lincoln), but I could see the conditions were deteriorating. And I pulled them out just before the roof collapsed,” Diienno said. “It was such relief when I saw the firemen come out of that house. If I had kept them in there a minute longer, we would have had firemen trapped.”

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Scooter

    WAGON PIPE ! strike da box! K

  • oldironsides

    Perfect example of what is wrong with the majority of the US Fire Service these days. To many things to point out. One thing is certain though, it doesn’t matter if you have 15 guys on scene or 60 (as it appears in this video) if they aren’t willing to do what needs to be done. Fire got out of hand quickly, all because of some few early, critical mistakes. Oh well, back to my man cave and MASH reruns.

  • Fire21

    Nighttime helmet cam…I couldn’t see enough to determine anything!

  • OldCityCaptain

    What stands out to me is that a million + dollar ladder truck sits in front of the fire building. SITS IDLE in front…..they must have been there to carry the graham crackers and marshmallows for the SMORES……they must have been waiting for the chocolate bars to be delivered before doing anything……
    COME ON MAN!!!!!

    • PAEngineGuy

      What did you expect the ladder company to do? by the looks of it, it is a dry ladder truck. And if even if they set their ladder up a little faster, what good was it going to do with out water established to it?

    • CHAOS

      2005 100′ dry ladder … “million + dollar ladder truck” … really??

  • Firefox

    Outfawkinrageous. Blasphemous. Try harder? Try at all? Your own guy calls in the job. You fawkin know its working before you get on the rig. You call for a second alarm. Then you get a parade of rigs in the block and nobody has a charged supply line? What were they expecting? An air support drop from the Philly airport? 9 minutes, at least, before i hear an engine pumping. Really? This is the best we canmdo in 2013? Take out the living person and this was a one task job……water on the fire. No complicated strategic or tactical concerns. Water on fire. Stop fire. Have we lost all sense of our usefulness to the community? Bet nobody missed a meeting to plan out those cool rigs. Plan how to use them a little better.

  • Cappy


    Water supply???? Five rigs on scene early and little water moving.

  • 95%er

    Fire21, what more do you need to see? Shall we draw a picture for you?

    • Fire21

      Well, in my haste, I missed watching the 2nd video. Not sure how I missed it, but only watched the 1st and 3rd. After watching the 2nd, all I can say is C’MON MAN!!

  • Putz48

    Unfortunately in this country this is the norm, and believe it or not it will get worse… budget cuts etc.. lack of communication… the dependability of the fire service is going downhill and fast and you have your government to thank for that! Good Job Obama!

    • 95%er

      i voted for Obama. twice. WTF does he have to do with bread and butter fire ops? did he tell the engine company chauffeurs of the first 3 engines to negate their duties to obtain and secure a reliable water source? did Obama whisper in the ear of the IC and lull him into believing that orange and red glow was cotton candy, not fire raging in a wood frame neighborhood? Tell me in some form of less-Putz like status WTF Obama did in THAT neighborhood to predict/alter/control that outcome? (this oughta be good…i’ll wait by the puter for the reply)

  • cappy

    The Norm… really!

    Some simple get some water on the fire doctrine would do wonders. Three well placed booster lines early on would have made things a whole lot better on this scene. No water supply…. dumping the tank water from several rigs on scene would be a start. Theses guys give understaffed, underfunded, unmotivated, undertrained, very little experience guys a blackeye. I hope the video was somehow misleading as to what actually happened on scene.

  • cbj

    It makes no sense, but it seems like some are going backwards in time. Instead of two piece engine company’s like the wagon ad the pump, they are all ‘wagons’. without water supply, hose, staffing and pumps are useless. tanks are (obviously) limited. IF (and I believe it to be so) this is a hydrant are, there is NO justification for failure to secure the FIRST IN engine with a positive water supply. Clearly a 500 or 750 tank won’t make a dent in confining or controlling this amount of fire. From the start of the video this house is gone, totally with absolutely nothing to ‘save”. Yet there is ample personnel wearing the firefighter costume who are either wandering aimlessly, or wasting time and effort with hose lines that are without a doubt of too small capacity. And someone actually speaks of “3 booster lines” ? Wasn’t that what they pulled in South Carolina at that furniture store? There many intelligent minds in our profession who are well known and highly published who are trying to convince those who live in their own world far removed from reality that the mindset of those who don’t understand the importence of getting an initial water supply and using large volume lines for large volumes of fire are becoming an infectious plague in our business.

  • 8truck

    Company 19 is good at what they do. Their other videos speak for themselves. These guys were assigned as the truck and they stuck with it. They performed a brief search until it was called off and OVM duties. The blame goes on the multiple engine companies who didn’t grab a supply with fire showing. Not much you can do when you don’t have any water.

  • PAEngineGuy

    I 100% agree with both 8truck and cbj, Company 19 is very well at what they do. We have seen this in the past and they seem to be trained well and extremely progressive, which is what makes an excellent department. There is not much to really attack them for in this video other then maybe being in the collapse zone. But everyone is guilty of doing that on just about every fire. The “booster lines” talk is total nonsense. I am not even gonna go into that topic. End of story, first in engine should of without a doupt established water supply. By listening to audio of this fire, it sounds like a second in engine dropped a butt for another engine to pick up and continue to the hydrant, while a third in engine established their own water supply and hooked it up the Truck19. Atleast the third in engine found themselves a hydrant. Why did the first two engines bypass that hydrant? Who knows, but we all were not there to fully 100% critique it to that extent.