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Raw video: Dog rescued from icy Wildwood, MO pond.

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Monarch firefighters staged a frigid water rescue on Saturday, saving a dog who had fallen through pond ice in Wildwood.

Fire Marshal Roger Herin said the crew was called to the 400 block of Pine Bend Drive around 2:45 p.m.

Herin said a dog named Gretchen was found submerged in icy water about 60 feet from the shore.

Eureka-Wilwood Patch:

Monarch’s Fire Marshal Roger Herin said the dog, Gretchen, was found to be approximately 60 feet off shore in water beyond the ice.

“Firefighter/Paramedic  Chris Marshall crawled out on the ice, went into the water, grabbed the  dog and slid back on the ice, saving the dog’s life,” said Herin.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Scooter

    Job well done…. Strike Da Box! K

  • Fire21

    Yup, good job. Ya gotta wonder if the drowning man in Illinois might have been saved if a suited rescuer had gotten to him sooner.

    • Mark too

      I think it’s pretty obvious that he stood a better chance to survive if someone had gotten to him sooner. This video is not even a minute long so do we even know how long it took the rescuer to reach the dog? Was it more or less time than it took in Illinois? I wasn’t able to view the full article, so maybe it provided that information. Regardless, I don’t think you can draw much of a comparative conclusion about the two. This one was successful, but I’m sure we could find a video in which the would be rescuers became “victims”.

  • Crowbar

    Nice work. A life saved is a life saved.

  • WillMega06

    @Fire21: I was thinking the same thing! Things that make you go hmmm!