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Helmet-cam: House fire with firefighter receiving electric shock in Colwyn, PA.

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Helmet-cam video from OneNineTruck as Rescue 19 from the Lansdowne Fire Company arrives at a December 30 house fire in Colwyn, Pennsylvania (Delaware County). As the firefighter walks up a firefighter who received an electric shock is brought out and an order comes to evacuate the home. A second firefighter suffered smoke inhalation.

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Helmet-cam video from OneNineTruck. Here is the other one from New Year’s Day.


Two firefighters were injured, one through electric shock, while fighting a fire in Colwyn, Delaware County Sunday night. 

The blaze broke out around 6:40 p.m. at a home on the 200 block of Walnut Street.

Officials say a Darby firefighter was shocked by an electrical wire, but will be okay.

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  • Agates1272

    This is exactly what happens when you don’t secure the utilities. That should be the FIRST thing that’s done prior to making entry. Regardless of whether it’s done by a truck crew or the first in engine, it takes all of 20 seconds to pop the meter and drop the breaker. It’s firefighting 101. Glad the brother is OK.

  • BlitzFire

    What’s wrong with drivers these days? More and more videos are being showed where the scene is as day as the night….WHY? You have generators and lights on your rigs for a reason, let your brothers and sisters see what they are doing!

  • Fire21

    A friend of mine got shocked at a mobile home fire. He called to the officer to disconnect the electricity. After getting shocked a 2nd time, he yelled at the officer to shut off the electricity! They had pulled the meter on the first try, but didn’t notice that the homeowner had installed a jumper wire behind the meter to bypass it. A simple act of stealing power almost resulted in a firefighter injury.

    We will shut off the main breaker, but due to a meter exploding once when our guys pulled it, we no longer remove them. We call the electric utility and let them do the deed.

  • Harry Rampe

    Find the main breaker.DO NOT PULL the meter.The reason is some meters are called transformer rated.This means they do not actually shut down the electric,but only register what is going through the wires.You could still have unlimited voltage and amperage going to the building

  • Dickey

    We haven’t pulled the meter in years, as instructed by the power company. Pulling the meter doesn’t shut off the power in most cases. I have seen firefighters get hurt pulling the meter and getting shocked. Just as dangerous, if not more dangerous to pull the meter than to shut the main breaker off as soon as you can. In my area, the power company usually responds directly to the scene in about 20min and pulls the breaker at the pole.